Coronation: A History of Kingship and the British Monarchy

HarperCollins, 2005 - Broj stranica: 556
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The definitive history of Coronation and the Royal Family, from acclaimed writer Roy Strong. What is the finest sight in the world? A Coronation. What do people talk most about? A Coronation. What is delightful to have passed? A Coronation.' HORACE WALPOLE, 1761 As a boy of sixteen, Roy Strong watched the grand procession carrying Queen Elizabeth II to her coronation. The spectacle was considered the greatest public event of the century. But now, so many years later, many people have little notion of what a coronation is and are unaware of the rich resonances of the ritual, or its deep significance in terms of the committal of monarch to people. This book is the first of its kind - a comprehensive history to set each coronation into its political, social, religious and cultural context. The story is one of constant re-invention as the service has had to respond to all the changes in fortune of the monarchy or the country,

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King and Priest
Kingship and Consent
Sacred Monarchy
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Roy Strong is High Bailiff and Searcher of the Sanctuary of Westminster Abbey.

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