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Assisted by Cuticura Ointment. For preserving, purifying and beautifying the skin, scalp, hair and hands, for clearing the complexion, for itching, scaly scalps with dry, thin and falling hair, for minor eruptions, rashes, itchings and irritations, for sanative, antiseptic cleansing and for all the purposes of the toilet, bath and nursery, Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are unrivaled.

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Depots: London. 27. Charterhouse Sq.: Paris, 10, Rue de la Chaussee d'Antin; Australia, R. Towns & Co., Sydney: India, B. K. Paul, Calcutta; China, Hong Kong Drug Co.; Japan, Z. P. Maruya, Ltd., Pokio; So. Africa, Lennon, Ltd., Cape Town, etc.; U.S.A., Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., Sole Props., 3 Columbus Ave., Boston.

Post-free, 32-page Cuticura Book, an Author on the Care and Treatment of Skin and Hair.

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The Melville Clark Piano Company are the originators of the 88-note player piano and the pioneers in that line of industry. For eight years the Apollo enjoyed a monopoly in this field and thousands of these instruments were sold before any other 88-note player was put on the market. No 88-note player piano is original unless the namc MELVILLE CLARK


All other manufacturers of 88-note player pianos must follow. They

appears on the fallboard. cannot lead.


There is NO OTHER PLAYER PIANO IN THE WORLD whose pneumatic fingers touch strike the piano key as they are struck by the greatest pianists. The logic of the situation is this: the human touch in the MELVILLE CLARK APOLLO PLAYER PIANO secures the same delicately graduated expression that is obtained by the human touch in manual playing. The human mind is the guiding power back of the player piano operator as well as of the pianist. 11 that intelligence is rightly used, the same sensuous expression is the result in one case as in the other.

The human touch that secures the distinctively human expression is the most prominent trait in the Melville Clark Apollo-Piano.


Other important features are THE ADJUSTING AND TRANSPOSING DEVICE, that changes the music to any key; THE 88-NOTE RANGE, that

the entire piano keyboard, and THE SELF-ACTING MOTOR that prevents the inartistic effects sure to follow any sudden change in the tempo.

These superior phases in Apollo Player Piano construction give the Apollo a specific value and make it the most desirable player in the world for the musical home.

Send for illustrated catalogue.

Melville Clark Piano Company,

512 Steinway Building, Chicago.


The West Coast of Mexico


A Country Open For American Occupation


Great coastal plain from Guaymas to Esperanza. Light rain fall. Irrigation by canal and river inundation. Crops: GARVANZO, WHEAT, CORN, BEANS. Coarse farming

Ample rainfall, sup

plemented by canal in large areas on the deltas of the Yaqui and Mayo

and inundation systems rivers-center of new American colonization. Climate

for alfalfa, sugar cane and that of the temperate zone-35 to 100 degrees. Dry

garden truck. Watered by the air and cool nights. No insect pests. River-made

great Fuerte and Sinaloa alluvial soil. Annual crops Garvanzo and Wheat.

rivers. All the semi-tropical pro

ducts, with sugar cane, alfalfa Semi-annuals, Corn, Beans. Vegetable and truck

and corn as leaders. Sugar and algardening along the high-line canals. Garvanzo

cohol industries. Fibre growing with and grains irrigated by inundation at flood

cordage and hemp factories.

Great periods of rivers. This is the great granary

areas in cultivation with many towns for Mexico. Wheat to-day worth five dol

and pueblos and some American colonies.

Two trunk line railways and the great lars per 100 pounds, and the Yaqui delta

port of Topolobampo. This district five capable of forty bushels per acre. Pres

hundred miles nearer


great Middle

West markets of the U. S. than is Southern ent supply coming from British Colum

California. Climate delightful, tempered in the bia. Send for list of Yaqui and Mayo

winter by the Japanese Current; modi

fied in summer by the trade winds. river lands.

The great garden spot of the West


Our BAJONEA Colony

in the center of the best of Sinaloa, near to railway at Los Mochis, and the port of Topolbampo, adjoining great German colony, surrounded by great haciendas of sugar cane, corn, alfalfa, with three large sugar factories within short haul. 10,000 acres subdivided into 100 acre lots and selling at $12.50 per acre. All level and all good. You may safely make your investments here, and your home and ranch right here. We own this property and can make terms to suit you. Write for further information.

Pan-Pacific Coast Company

531 Byrne Building, Los Angeles

Sail Tropic Seas

include the

New York---New Orleans S. S. Line

in your itinerary when planning your trip

to New York

Two sailings weekly between New Orleans and New
York. Costs you no more than for an all rail trip.
Elegant Accommodations, Suites of Private Bedroom,
Parlor and Bath; Staterooms, Library, Smoking
Room, Baths, Promenade Decks, Excellent Cuisine.

RATES-By rail to New Orleans, Steamer thence to
New York, including meals and berth on steamer.


ROUND TRIP-$144.40


Write or see agents

Southern Pacific

Ticket Offices Flood Building,

Market Street Ferry Depot Third & Townsend Streets Depot 13th AND FRANKLIN STREETS, OAKLAND

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Let there be no misunderstanding! You neither agree to purchase my typewriter after trial nor to obligate yourself in any way to purchase. You make no first payment-no deposit-you pay no express charges.

This is a "show me" age, and I want you to find out for yourself, as hundreds of other shrewd business men have found out, just how superior the Fox Visible Typewriter is to every other typewriter on the market. I want to give youat my expense — the actual proof that your own eyes and common sense will vouch for.

This is the way I sell typewriters. Don't you agree with me that it is a fair, honest, "square deal” way?

I do not belong to any trust and no one dictates to me at what PRICE I shall sell nor on what TERMS I shall sell. It's no joke to successfully sell typewriters in competition with a big trust, and I have simply got to build my typewriter better than the others—not merely "just as good"-or I wouldn't stand the ghost of a show in competition.

My typewriter will substantiate every word I claim for it in my advertisements, and is the most durable and highly perfected Visible Typewriter in ihe world. Aside from the extreme durability of the Fox Visible Typewriter it has as many automatic features as can be found on all other makes combined. A two-color ribbon, back space key, tabulator, speed changeable instantly from regular to high, detachable platen, five different interchangeable carriages, autom ic ribbon verse. Oscillating ribbon movement, detachable ribbon reels, line and margin locks, adjustable type-bar hangers, stencil cutting device, and absolute visibility. WILL YOU DO THIS?—Let me appeal to you as a fairminded business man to at least be friendly enough to give me a chance to "show you"-at my—what I have. All I want you to do is to fill out the attached coupon and send it to me personally. Send for my catalog anyway.




Free Trial Order


19.... W. R. FOX, President, Fox Typewriter Co.,

4811-4821 Front St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Dear Sir-Please arrange for a free trial of a Fox Visible Typewriter at your expense-not mine-without any obligation on my part. I will returi: the typewriter to you within ten days, if I decide not to purchase it.




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