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CALDWELL MANUFACTURING CO., 37 Jones St., Rochester, N. Y
Sold by the leading Hardware Stores

Income Real
Estate Bonds

Paying 7%

We have taken $50,000 worth of bonds on an Apartment Building. This building is now paying 11 per cent net.

The security is twice the amount of the bond issue. The Income is two and one-half times more than the interest and principal of the bonds Bonds paid serially $1,000 every six months and no portion of security released.

We are not a Bond Company. We are Contractors and need the money in our business, and will sell the bonds at a bargain. Write today for complete information.

Here is a rare chance for you to buy highgrade securities bearing an excellent rate of interest.

Correspondence solicited from private Bond


The Merrill Corporation

324 Dearborn Street

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A Highway of

It goes by your door. Every Home,
every office, every factory, and every farm
in the land is on that great highway or
within reach of it. It is a highway of
communication, and every Bell Telephone
is a gateway by which it can be reached.

Millions of messages travel over this highway every day. In the great cities they follow one another like the bullets from a machine gun, and over the wide reaches of the country they fly with the speed of shooting stars.

The Bell service carries the thoughts and wishes of the people from room to room, from house to house, from community to community, and from state to state.

This service adds to the efficiency of each citizen, and multiplies the power of the whole nation.

The Bell system brings eighty million men, women and children into one telephone commonwealth, so that they may know one another and live together in harmonious understanding.

A hundred thousand Bell employees are working all the time on this highway of communication. Every year it is made longer and broader, and its numerous branches are more widely extended. Every year it is furnished with a larger number of telephone gateways and becomes the means of greater usefulness.

The Bell Long Distance Telephone will meet your
new needs and serve your new purposes. It means
- one policy, one system, universal service.
Every Bell Telephone is the center of the System.


Every Readers Choice

Overland Monthly with Housekeeper, Mother's Magazine and Home Needle

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The First Gun in a

Revolt Against Leisure

Class Ideals of Education.

Editor To-Morrow Magazine

"Expert breeders and trainers of horses permit their own children to fade and die for want of applying the knowledge they have but do not use.

"Owners of Angora cats, who know how their pets have become beautiful as the result of but a few generations of intelligent selection, do not dream of the wondrous results were the same law applied to their own race."

"The world thoughtlessly overlooks the principles employed by Burbank and other successful hybridists, not realizing that each discovery has its corresponding application to the human species."

"Man has not yet started to live a minddirected, reasoned-out life."

Our Entire System of Education is Wrong. Dear Mr. Sercombe:

"Correct Thinking" is to me the most universal and unsectarian book I have ever read. "Correct Thinking" is extending in all directions the gospel taught by Darwin, Huxley, Tyndal, Haeckel, Spencer and Whitman, for the enlightenment and general benefit masses. It is the Savior promised.

Respectfully yours,

of the


25c. the copy. Five Copies, $1. $15 the hundred. TO-MORROW PUBLISHING COMPANY.

139 E. 56th St., Chicago, III.

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ONLY $1.

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A Perfect Time-
Keeper. Calling
the Hour and the
Half-Hour. Nearly

Two Feet High, 14 Inches Wide, in
Solid Walnut Case.

The Inlaid Woods of Ash, Ebony and Mahogany Ornaments are put together with minute care.

You never had such an opportunity to get so beautiful and useful an ornament for your den or your home-on such easy termsmail us $1.00 for one year's subscription to COMMON SENSE, afterwards you may pay $1.00 a month for 8 months, which completes the payments on both the clock and the magazine.

Common-Sense Publishing Co.

Dept. 75,

91 Library Court. Chicago

One-quart water pitcher, six half-pint glasses, 14Inch Beveled Mirror.

THIS GENUINE CUT GLASS WATER SET is unsurpassed for its distinctive character. Positively guaranteed in every particular. Order quick-allotment is small. Send $1.00 for one year's subscription to COMMON-SENSE MAGAZINE. Afterwards you may pay $1.00 a month for eleven months, which completes the payments on both water set and Magazine. Our object is to introduce the Magazine into every home. Address Dept. 75.

Common-Sense Pub. Co., Chicago, Ill.

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are flowing in from all points
of the compass, concerning the


evening newspaper on the Pacific Coast.


Fearless, Independent Editorials. Readable, Reliable News Items




Tribune Bldg., 8th and Franklin Sts., Oakland

Largest evening paper on the Coast

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One of the most successful hotels on the Coast is the Hotel Manx and its repute under the management of Mr. G. C. Larm has been extended all over the country. Mr. Larm himself is almost as well known as his hotel and he is known from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He is one of the prime movers in organizations having the welfare of the hotel men at heart and he is well known in business circles. The Hotel Manx is a splendid building containing 300 rooms, each connecting with bath. There is circulating ice water in every part of the house and every possible convenience. The cafe is a feature of San Francisco and it is the rendezvous of the elite. The Hotel Manx is situated in Powell Street at O'Farrell, San Francisco.

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