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Crosses High Sierra, Great Salt Lake by Daylight CHICAGO IN THREE DAYS

Electric lighted-Fast Flying Cross-country Train
-Luxuriously Equipped. Pullman Drawing Room
Stateroom Vestibuled Sleeping Cars.

Careful and attentive dining service. Parlor Ob-
servation Car with Library and Cafe, Ladies'
Reading Room, Gentlemen's Smoking Room.

Daily News Bulletins, Latest papers and Maga-


If You Have



sign and mail this coupon to

MAGIC FOOT DRAFT CO., Dept. 1234 E Jackson, Mich.

Name Address

Return mail will bring you a $1 Pair of Magic Foot Drafts to try Free. Read below.

Upon receipt of above coupon we will send you by return mail, prepaid, a regular $1 pair of Magic Foot Drafts, Michigan's Great External Cure for Rheumatism of every kind-chronic or acute-Muscular, Sciatic, Lumbago, or Gout. No matter where the pain or how severe. Then, and only after you have given them a thorough trial and are fully satisfied with the benefit received, you can send us One Dollar. If not, you pay nothing. You decide and we take your word.

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Morgan & Wright Tires are Good Tires

Scores of motorists who are THIS YEAR using Morgan & Wright Tires as EXCLUSIVE equipment on their cars were converted to them during the latter part of last season. They replaced one or more of their worn-out casings with Morgan & Wright's and carefully compared for the balance of the year, the service they gave with that given by other makes.

Without doubt you will need a new tire or two to finish out this season. Put on Morgan & Wright tires and watch them closely. It will show you a simple method of cutting down your car maintenance bills for NEXT year.

You can get them of most any good dealer at the same price you are asked to pay for other kinds.



300 rooms each connecting with bath. Built, equipped and conducted to please the really critical. Every convenience known to modern hotel keeping. Circulating ice water in each room. Excellent restaurant. Prices moderate. Metropolitan service.

G. C. LARM, Manager

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the Discoverer.

Brooks' Appliance, the
modern scientific inven-
tion, the wonderful new
discovery that cures rup-
ture, will be sent on trial.
No obnoxious springs or
pads. Has automatic Air
Cushions. Binds and
draws the broken parts
together as you would a
broken limb. No salves.
No lies. Durable, cheap.
Pat. Sept. 10, '01. Sent
on trial to prove it. Cata-
logue and

blanks mailed free. Send
name and address to-day.

C. E. BROOKS, 1655 Brooks Building, Marshall Mich.

Hale's Honey

of Horehound and Tar


The Voice


Sold by Druggists

Pike's Toothache Drops
Cure in One Minute

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