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Everything grows; irrigation (crop insurance), costs only 62 cents per acre.

$31,000,000.-Produced in Fresno last year. That means over $600 per capita; INVESTIGATE. Unparalleled chances for men of large and small means.

Women and girls earn large wages.

Pleasant employment during the raisin and fruit packing season.

For full information and literature address FRESNO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, or any of the following firms:

Jonsen & Henderson, Real Estate, 31-32
Fiske Building.

Fresno Realty Syndicate, Forsythe Bldg.
Shepherd & Teague (Real Estate).

Plerce & Anderson (Real Estate), 1152 J St.

Pearson's Realty Exchange, 1944 Tulare St.,

Laguna Lands, Ltd., Laton, Cal.

Fresno Consolidated Canals, Fresno, Cal.
Frank H. Short, Attorney-at-Law.

Fresno Land and Improvement Co., Inc., McKel-
vey & Carver, Mgrs. 1036 J Street, Fresno.
Kittrell & Willes, Real Estate.

S. C. Lenhart, 1144 J St., Fresno.
San Joaquin Abstract Company, 1156 J St.
Fresno County Abstract Company, 1459 K St.,


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Remittance may be made by draft, post-office or Wells, Fargo & Co.'s money orders, or coin by express.

Office Hours-10 o'clock a. m. to 3 o'clock p. m., except Saturdays to 12 o'clock m. and Saturday evenings from 6:30 o'clock p. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. for receipt of deposits only.

OFFICERS-President, N. Ohlandt; First Vice-President, Daniel Meyer; Second VicePresident, Emil Rohte; Cashier, A. H. R. Schmidt; Assistant Cashier, William Herrmann; Secretary, George Tourny; Assistant Secretary, A. H. Muller; Goodfellow & Eells, General Attorneys.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS-N. Ohlandt, Daniel Meyer, Emil Rohte, Ign. Steinhardt, I. N. Walter, J.. W. Van Bergen, F. Tillmann, Jr., E. T. Kruse and W. S. Goodfellow.

MISSION BRANCH, 2572 Mission street, between 21st and 22d streets. For receipt and payment of deposits only. C. W. Heyer, Mgr.

RICHMOND DISTRICT BRANCH, 432 Clement St., between 5th and 6th avenues. For reIceipt and payment of deposits only. W. C. Heyer, Manager.


"Best Value" Ledgers Pay

B-V. Ledgers hold first rank because of proven superiority-they are decidedly the most economical.

These New Ledger Binders represent an advance on anything yet brought out-even in the B-V. line. Aluminum Lock, Metal Hinge, Special corners at binding end and Automatic Mechanism make it strongest, handsomest, most convenient Binder extant.

All B-V. Loose Leaf Devices combine in fullest degree practicality, durability and high quality.

B-V. Service represents the seasoned experience of nearly a fifth of a century. It is the unique distinction of this concern to have originated the loose leaf System and maintained leadership in this field ever since.

Ask us how we can help you. BAKER-VAWTER COMPANY CHICAGO Dept. 26 NEW YORK


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How would you like to receive a solid silver Tiffany tea-spoon; finished in the newest style, a beautiful French gray, marked with the Tiffany crest in addition to your own initial, and packed in a Tiffany box, shipped to you direct from the Tiffany factory.

We have been exceedingly fortunate in arranging with the celebrated jewelry firm of Tiffany Company of New York for a distribution of solid silver spoons, and every woman who would like to own one or more pieces of Tiffany product now has the opportunity within her reach.

We don't recall a single instance where any other publisher has been able to announce for his patrons a distribution of this kind, and we are sure that our offer will meet with tremendous popular approval.

If you wish to obtain one of these magnificent spoons of Tiffany workmanship all you have to do is to send us five subscriptions for Paris Modes. This is an unparalleled opportunity to obtain a supply of fine silver from a manufacturer whose goods are standard and recognized as standard the world over. Any of your friends will subscribe for Paris Modes if you explain to them what you are desirous of obtaining and further tell them how much pleasure Paris Modes gives you. The subscription price is only fifty cents a year, and if you will call attention to the features contained in Paris Modes you will experience little, if any, difficulty in obtaining the required number of subscriptions to secure one of the spoons which this announcement describes.

The renewal of your own subscription from the date of its present expiration will count as one, so all you have to do to complete the requirements of this offer is to induce four of your friends to each give you 50 cents for a subscription to Paris Modes or get two of your friends to give you $1.00 apiece for a two-year subscription. Send these to us with your own renewal and the solid silver spoon will be shipped direct to you as mentioned above.


34 West 24th Street, New York City

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