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8. F.

051 QVM Seth v.30


Adobe Houses
..... Alfred V'. La Motte ......

Pictures by Dixon.
Admiral of Airships, An.......

.Elwyn Irving Hoffman...

141 Pictures by Dixon. Alaska......

George Davidson

429 Nlustrated from Photos. Alaska by Land and Sea.......

Lincoln Cothran, M. D. 1. The Voyage and the Natives.....

195 II. A Trip to the Interior......

347 Pictures by Dixon and from Photos. Alexander Baranof.

..Arthur Inkersley.......

9 Illustrated from Drawings by Boeringer, Helen J. Smith, and Ruth Becker, and from Photos. Annals of the Upper Valley..

. Agnes Crary. 1. Introductory and Orgetorix..

164 II. The Rival Undertakers..

225 III. Her Special Providence.

343 IV. The Story of a Short Story.

423 As Talked in the Sanctum......

..Rounsevelle Wildman...

5 Banker of Nations, The.......

Alexander M. Reynolds.......

207 Drawing by Dixon. Book Reviews:

Advanced Music Reader, The, (Ripley and Tapper,) 383.- America and Americans, 475.-- At the Gates

of Song, (Mifflin.) 287. Bacon's Essays, 472.- British Central Africa, (Johnson,) 565.— Bulletin, No. 12, State-Mining Bureau,

(Cooper,) 188. Camp and Cottage, (Sproull,) 476.— Cap and Gown, (Knowles,) 287.-- Captains Courageous, (Kipling,)

567.- Change, A, with the Seasons, (Cumming,) 95. - Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection, (Poulton,) 95. — Choir Invisible, (Allen,) 187.-- Christian, The, (Caine.) 469. - Christianity and Idealism, (Watson,) 285.- Colonial Free Lance, A, (Hotchkiss,) 474.--- Corporation Finance,

(Greene,) 93. Die Journalisten, (Freytag,) 95.— Drawings by Remington, 566.- Duchess, The, of Malfi, (Webster,) 94. Echoes of Halcyon Days, (Lesser,) 475.-Elementary Drawing, (Elizabeth Moore Hallowell,) 189.- Eng

lish Paraphrase, An, of Horace's Art of Poetry, (Abby Osborne Russell,) 95. – Equality, (Bellamy),

472.—Every Man in his Humor, (Jonson,) 94.-Eyes Like the Sea, (Jokai,) 187. Farrian System of Penmanship, (Farr,) 477.--Fifty Songs of Love, 287.-- Fifty Years of Masonry in Cal

ifornia. (Sherman,) 288.–First Book, A, in Writing English, (Lewis,) 189.–First Book of Physical Geography, (Tarr,) 189.–For the Country, (Gilder,) 475.- Fragments of My Soul and Winter's, (Laura M. Smith-Greer,) 286.-Fragments of Roman Satire, (Merrill.) 476. - French Revolution, The, (Car

lyle,) 191.
Gadfly, The, (Voynich,) 566.-Guesses at the Riddle of Existence, (Goldwin Smith,) 382.-Guide to San

Francisco, (Doxey,) 191.
Hilda Strafford, (Beatrice Harraden,) 92.--History, The, of California, (Hittell,) 471.--History, The, of

the Lady Betty Stair, (Molly Elliott Seawell.) 473.— Homer's Odyssey, (Chapman,) 472.- Houseboat,
The, on the Styx, (Bangs,) 285.- How to Keep Young, (Dorothy Quigley,) 383.-Hugh Wynne, Free

Quaker, (Mitchell.) 568.
Immigration Fallacies, (Chetwood,) 94.-Incas, The, (Groesbeck,) 287.-In Childland Straying, (Carrie

Shaw Rice,) 286.-In My Lady's Name, (Moulton,) 94.-In the Tideway, (Flora Annie Steel,) 477.

Introduction, An, to Geology, (Scott,) 476.-Itinerant House, An, (Emma Francis Dawson,) 188. Language Pamphlets, (Lange,) 477.–Laying the Hero to Rest, (Doyle,) 476.--Lazarus, (Cleve,) 383.

Life of Horatio, Lord Nelson, (Southey,) 94.--Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women, (Hub

bard,) 95.
Mayor vs. Council, (Brazeau,) 186.-Missions, The, of California, (Laura Bride Powers.) 190.--Monsignor

De Salomon, (Bridier,) 470.-My Lord Duke, (Hornung,) 191.-My Studio Neighbors, (Gibson,) 565.
Old Gentleman, The, of the Black Stock, (Page,) 191.
Parent's Assistant, The, (Maria Edgeworth,) 474.- Pennsylvania Reader, The, (Goho,) 288.—Phroso,

(Hope,) 187.-Physics for Grammar Schools, (Harrington,) 288.-Poems by Emily Dickinson, 190.-
Poems by Johanna Ambrosius, 287.-Port, The, of Missing Ships, (Spears,) 95.---Practical Mining and
Assaying, (Johnson,) 93.—Prelude, The, (Wordsworth,) 94.--Presidents of the United States, 383.-
Princetonian, A, (Barnes,) 94.-Prophets, The, of the Christian Faith, 285.- Public School Arithmetic,

(McLellan,) 477.-Pursuit of the Houseboat, (Bangs,) 285.
Quiet Road, A, (Lizette Woodworth Reese,) 189.-Quo Vadis, (Sienkiewicz,) 185.
Regeneration, 474.-Rosemary and Pansies, (Rue,) 476.

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