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No. III.

[Dr. Johnson's portraits,—referred to in page 353.

The note on Dr. Johnson's portraits being incomplete, the editor is obliged

to Mr. John Murray, junior, for considerable additions to the list, which are distinguished by brackets.]

Date of

Date of painting.

Engraver's name.

engraving. [Prior to A miniature, painter unknown, which belonged to Mrs. Johnson, now in 1752. the possession of Dr. Harwood. See preface, p. xiv.

First engraved for this edition, size of the original E. Finden 1830

A three-quarter face to the left (in an oval); he is dressed in what was styled a seven story wig, and holds a pen up to his eye. The likeness apparently taken before any of Sir Joshua's portraits



any man.

No artist's name or date] BY SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS. [1756. I. Mr. Boswell's picture; sold at James Boswell's sale for seventy guineas.

Dr. Johnson in an arm chair, seated at a table with writing materials ; pen in
his hand.]
4to. for first edition of Boswell's Life J. Heath.

1791 Ditto 8vo. for 8vo. edition of ditto

J. Baker.

1791 (This picture has been repeatedly engraved for various editions of this work. [Before II. Now in the Marquis of Stafford's collection. Side face, to right, eyes 1770. almost closed, without wig ; showing the nervous habit to which he was ad.

dicted, when unemployed, of moving his hands up and down before him, with
the fingers extended. It was of this picture that he said, “ It is not friendly
to hand down to posterity the imperfections of

Sir Joshua is said to have had in his mind this attitude and the abstracted
expression of Dr. Johnson's countenance, when he painted the Soothsayer
Tiresias in his large picture of the Infant Hercules.
Folio, mezzotint, very fine

James Watson. 1770 8vo. Mezzotint for Sir Joshua's works

S. W. Reynolds. 1773. An etching of the head only, from a copy of this picture by Ozias Humphrey

Mrs. D. Turner.]
III. Mr. Langton's picture, now at Gunby, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire,
the seat of Peregrine Massingberd, Esq. Mr. Langton's second son.
Sheet mezzotint, very fine

W. Doughty. 1784
Line, prefixed to Dictionary folio

T. Cook.

1787 Ditto to Dictionary 4to.


1787 (Small ditto to Bell's Poets


1787 Oval

For the Rambler, oval, small size

John Hall. 1779 Oval, prefixed to first ed. of Lives of the Poets T. Trotter. 1779 4to. prefixed to Dictionary

J. Heath

1799 In stipple

Schavionetti 1809 4to. prefixed to Dictionary

W. Holl.

1814 A very excellent line engraving for the Dict. published by Robinson

W.C. Edwards. 1828 Ditto, smaller




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8vo. mezzotint for the works of Sir Joshua

S. W. Reynolds.]
IV. Mrs. Piozzi's picture, now in the possession of Watson Taylor, Esq.
Three-quarter face, to left, holding a book up to his eye.
In an oval 8vo., for Murphy's ed. of his works J. Hall.

1787 [Ditto


I. Fittler
Ditto, face to the right

Ditto, 12mo, for Cooke's Poets


1799 Prefixed to his works, 1823

W. T. Fry.

1816 V. Duke of Dorset's picture at Knole, now Lord Plymouth's; a copy of

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No. II.]

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[BY BARRY. About Full face, finished only as far as the shoulders, and copied into one of the 1781. large pictures now in the room of the Society of Arts in the Adelphi. The

original sketch was sold at Barry's sale to Mr. Manson for 30 guineas.
Engraved in line 4to size

Anker Smith 1808
Ditto, 8vo. with specimens of Dr. Johnson's
signature at different periods of his life


1829) BY OPIE. Three-quarter face, to the left. Engraved in an oval, prefixed to Dictionary folio

J. Heath

1786 [Do. 4to.

Folio Mezzotint

C. Townley 1792
[Three-quarter face, to right, holding a book I. J. De Claussin 1813]

BY MISS REYNOLDS. A miniature. This portrait did not please Dr. J., who styled it “ Johnson's grimly ghost.”]





A miniature.

Drawn by

Date of name

engraving. [Head in a small oval T. Trotter T. Trotter

Profile in oval, to the left,
without wig


1784 Whole length, in the dress worn by him on the journey to the Hebrides, with his stick, folio



* Brother of Mr. Townley, of the Commons, an ingenious artist, who resided some time at Berlin, and has the honour of being engraver to his Majesty the King of Prussia. This is one of the finest mezzotintos that ever was executed ; and what renders it of extraordinary value, the plate was destroyed after four or five impressions only were taken off. One of them is in the possession of Sir William Scott.—BoswELL. [It is probable that these four or five were merely early impressions taken off from the same plate, the dedication to Mr. Boswell, which distinguishes them, having been erased after they were printed. J. MURRAY, JUN.)


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[Side-face, to right, the countenance haggard, and exhibiting marks of decay. This was probably the last portrait for which Dr. Johnson sat; it was finished a short time before his death T. Trotter T. Trotter 1786]

[Do. prefixed to Harding's Shakspeare; drawing belonged to Dr. Farmer



1792] Side-face, to right

J. Harding


1782 Medallion, profile to left, with wig, prefixed to the Dictionary F. Bartolozzi Bartolozzi

1785 Ditto for Sharpe's Johnsoniana Do. G. Murray

1820 A wood-cut, on the title-page of Sharpe's edition of this work, in 1 vol.


Thompson 1830 (A smalloval, profile to right N. Gardiner N. Gardiner 1786 8vo. profile, to right P.S. Lambourn P. S. Lambourn

Profile, to left, prefixed to
Unknown J. Taylor

1756 For “ Lavater's Essays on Physiognomy," in which Johnson's countenance

is analysed upon the principles of that fanciful writer. 1748. [A view of Tunbridge Wells, in which Dr. and Mrs. Johnson are introduced ; the figures very small. See vol. i. p. 68. Loggan

1804 A whole-length, in a cocked hat, ruffles on the hands, holding a stick behind his back

Not known There is a whole-length figure in Cambridge's works, 4to., drawn and engraved by Besland.]

BUST BY NOLLEKENS, [1781. Never cut in marble; the first cast from the mould is now the property of Hon.

Agar Ellis. Without the wig; the flowing hair which hangs down the neck copied from a beggar, whom Mr. Smith states to have been called from the street to serve as model.

After a drawing from the above Ab. Wivell W. T. Fry 1815]



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In St. Paul's; the first monument ever placed in that building.

Repeatedly engraved.
There are also several seals with his head cut on them, particularly a very
fine one by that eminent artist, Edward Burch, Esq , R.A.; in the possession
of the younger Dr. Charles Burney.
[Copied and engraved by


1797) Let me add, as a proof of the popularity of his character, that there are copper pieces struck at Birmingham, with his head impressed on them, which pass current as halfpence there, and in the neighbouring parts of the country.

[In this list are enumerated, it is believed, all the original portraits of Dr. Johnson, but only the most remarkable of the engravings taken from them. The valuable and interesting collection of Henry Sniedley, Esq. in which will be found almost every print of him which has been published, contains more than one hundred distinct plates, which have been executed at different times.

An illustrated copy of Boswell's Life, belonging to Mr. Smith, of the British Museum, in addition to numerous rare impressions of portraits of Dr. Johnson, is embellished with views of all the houses in which he resided ; many of them drawn by Mr. Smith himself. J. MURRAY, JUN.]


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