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Seated from left-Mary Ann Cohen, Carolyn Miller Parr, Howard A. Dawson, Jr., Chief Judge Thomas B. Wells, Arthur L. Nims III, Herbert L. Chabot, and Stephen J. Swift

Standing front row from left-Renato Beghe, John O. Colvin, Robert P. Ruwe, Joel Gerber, Laurence J. Whalen, and James S. Halpern

Standing back row from left-Michael B. Thornton, Juan F. Vasquez, David Laro, Carolyn P. Chiechi, Maurice B. Folex Joseph H Gale and I Paige Marvel

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Senior Judges recalled to perform judicial duties under the provisions of section 7447 of the Internal Revenue Code:

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Seated from left-D. Irvin Couvillion, Daniel J. Dinan, Peter J. Panuthos, John J. Pajak, and Norman H. Wolfe Standing from left-Lewis R. Carluzzo, Carleton D. Powell, Stanley J. Goldberg, Robert N. Armen, Jr., and

John F. Dean

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