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leave the impress of his bill on the old tinct isolation that I begin a very exciting man's trousers. He is a fighting bird, ride. this “ Hoodlum," and wages a merry con- In coming out to the “works I have test with his master, in the thick of which leaned from the cab-window, and admired the marauding jays swoop down, blue and many a separate effect of forest scenery-impudent, and carry away more than their the green festoons of moss, droopingshare of the meat. Jack Junior's branched cedars, upright old firs, the lure short-lived trouble is forgotten. He

of green growing from the black roots of dances ecstatically about on the track, and an overthrown giant, wonderfully shallow the world of loggerdom looks on and roots stretching a far circumference; this, laughs.

and much more have I seen. But now all This exciting review is hardly over is changed. The pace rushes the trees when a shrill whistle is heard. We are to along the roadside into one swift, passing leave Camp 4” on the yarding-engine, whole. I see nothing, feel nothing, but “Skookum," bound for “Camp 5.

Camp 5.” So myself in the grip of a monster, all unwe go down to the platform in front of controlled,—the engineer may be overthe cook-house, and from there, when the board, for all I know,-ahead of us the engine has switched in the “empties” and dizzy pitch of the downward grade, behind coupled on to the loaded cars, we get us the logs transformed into huge batteraboard and are soon out of sight of hospi- ing-rams, hurtling along in vindictive pritable “ Camp 4” and the friends we have suit of the power that has torn them from made there.

their strongholds. A race it is, however, A telephone message has been sent to that ends in a very few minutes. We do the foreman of “ Camp 5," and he is

not bound off into the woods in a somerawaiting us on the landing. This foreman sault of steam, nor do the logs overtake is young, smiling, and pleasant-faced, and crush us into infinitesimal bits. Inwith a Canadian flavor to his words which stead, we draw decorously up on the landa half-dozen years in the West have failed ing, and when the young foreman assists to eradicate. We walk across the landing, me to alight I see the fat, squat engineer and examine the “ Tollie," a locomotive

a locomotive whom I have pictured going over-board used for hauling logs from the donkey to far up the road, calmly oiling a piece of the landing. Being built especially for machinery and placidly puffing away at logging-camp use, it has various adapta- a pipe he lighted before the trip began. tions that give it rather an odd appear- For my own part, I am inclined to feel ance. The boiler extends through the cab,

that I have come bravely through a trying the engineer's seat being on one side the ordeal, and I wait for words of commenbarrier, and the fireman's on the other.

dation. Alas for vanity! The ride, after It is a most unsociable arrangement, all, is but an every-day affair with these which I test when the men have resumed loggers and their femininity. “A brisk

little run!” volunteers the foreman in work by a brief occupancy of the fireman's seat. The ride out to the donkey is any- moving the first prop from my edifice of

the most ordinary of tones, thereby rething but a smooth one, the track making self-gratulation, and the whole structure no more pretensions to excellence than

topples to ruins as he unconsciously condoes that of the “Walking Dudley.” But

tinues, “But you should have ridden on it is only on the return trip that I realize

the cowcatcher or tender to get the full its possibilities in the way of jolts.

sweep of it. My cousins nearly always My friend, attended by a surveyor and

take the outside—any place that offers a -cruiser of the logging company, has gone foothold." His cousins,—those ubiquito inspect a much-lauded bunch of timber. tous bloomer girls again, lithe of form, The foreman goes back to the camp with and iron-nerved. Where, I wonder, if me. He, from his position beyond the they had played cicerone, would I be now? tender, is as invisible to me as is the “Do they ride much?” I query, with engineer on the other side of the dividing a backward glance at the grade up which .boiler. Hence, it is with a feeling of dis- the engine is again toiling.

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“Well, they are only out here during landing, grouped and single, coming in their vacations, but they are around a from work. Then, fairly by the switches, good deal then. They know quite a little with the camp sinking out of sight, willing about an engine. Anyway, they can make arms materially increase our speed. The one whiz,” smiling a little over some past air rushes by our ears with a breezy coolescapade. And I resign myself to consider ness, and extra wraps are comforts no my ride the matter-of-course affair it so longer despised. This touch of cold is not clearly is in my companion's eyes, and the only change sunset has wrought. The skillfully conceal a shudder as we pass on encircling wood grows wilder. Lonely and

. our way close to those logs in whose grim vast it lies about us in depths of lurking inertness lurks such an awful power.

darkness. From somewhere at our right, A few hundred feet to the right of the answered from the left, sounds the weird landing lies “ Camp 5.” It is built on low hoot of the night-owl, “To-wh-o? Toland, and there being few houses outside wh-o-o? To-wh-0-0-0-?" And if extra of the necessary camp buildings the wraps are comforts, thrice comforting is village-like effect of “ Camp 4” is lacking. the noisy clank of the handcar and the A trestle commands the entrance. Loiter- close proximity of the packed humanity on ing across this into the precincts of the its narrow platform. camp, we are joined ere long by two I shout something like this thought to Sisters of Mercy, dressed alike in trailing the foreman, and immediately, with his black robes, with spotless white bands voice rising with the handle-bar, dropping about the face and a gleam as white at again with its fall, he relates a story of a their wrists. They are from Olympia, cougar that has been seen about these where a branch of the order is established. woods of late. I have had my credulity Twice a year two of the resident Sisters tested too often during the day to believe come out to the camps to canvass their his fearsome details in their entirety, and hospital tickets. The two who have joined Sister Benedict evidently believes not at us but now have been in the

camps several all, for she raps out decisively, “Ah, these days, coming this afternoon from the loggers! They will have their joke." grading camp above “ Camp 5.” We have Whereupon ensues a derisive laugh, and an interesting hour together, full of their the foreman, dropping the handle-bar experiences with the loggers, and our which has punctuated all his utterances, quartet is still in session when my friend

falls to mopping his heated face. returns from his timber inspection. We “ Headquarters” glows cheerily as we had intended going back to Head

approach it from the twilight, and the quarters ” on the last trip of the “ Skoo- * glaring-eyed, nine-foot” cougar having kum,” but our young host urges us to failed to make away with any of our party remiin and have supper with him, after

of seven, we still are seven when we draw which he promises to take us down to the

up in front of the office. office on a handcar.

In accordance with instructions teleThis plan being adopted, the “Skoo

phoned from “ Camp 5," our team stands kum” runs in and out again, while we, all unmindful of its coming and going,

ready for us. Urged on by thoughts of are in the cook-house. Supper, ostensibly

the lengthy drive yet before us, we betake

ourselves directly to it, while the Sisters an early one, prolongs itself unduly. Sister Benedict's deep contralto finally go towards the dwelling-house. warns us of the lapse of time. Sister As we drive away into the shadows, I Benedict is nothing if not business-like,

hear a girl's clear voice calling, “ Over and stepping from the cook-house we find here, George!” and, looking back, my last that her reminder has come none too soon.

view of "Ileadquarters ” sees it snug and The day is closing in fast, and shadows lie cheerful, with the moon's new crescent thick in the gloom of the woods. Without tilted above the dusk of the tree-tops, and more delay the men get the handcar on our young foreman crossing the disthe track, we place ourselves on it, and mantled tennis-court on his way to those the ride begins. Slowly we move at first,

all-round athletes—his cousins, the meeting the loggers on this side of the bloomer girls.

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N THE Order known as THE NATIVE rations for the Fourth of July celebration, SONS OF THE GOLDEN WEST, Califor- a call was issued to the native sons of the

nia has a very notable organization, city to assemble for the purpose of organicharacterized by young blood, state pride, zation. They participated in the parade boundless enthusiasm, and a vigor of which celebrated the birth of the Republic, thought and purpose which both illus- their procession being headed by an old trates the energetic spirit and serves the stuffed bear decked in the national colors honor of the lusty young commonwealth —the red, white, and blue. A few days that fronts the Sunset Sea.

later, July 11, 1875, constitution and byIt was as early as 1869 that General laws were adopted and officers elected for Winn, who was Grand Marshal of the the permanent organization. Fourth of July parade in San Francisco The young society adopted an annual that year, conceived the idea that the na- programme of parades for Washington's tive lads should participate in the demon- Birthday, the Fourth of July, and Admisstrations of that occasion, and that they sion Day, and forthwith appeared as an should at once effect some form of perma- organization in the streets of the city on nent organization. But California had


September 9th of that same year—since then enjoved only nineteen vears of state- which time they have not failed to particihood, and the native sons of a suitable age pate in the parades of that anniversary. were only a handful, and the project was The success of this original society soon dropped. Even in 1875 the Great Register stirred up the enthusiasm of young Caliof San Francisco showed the enrollment of fornians elsewhere, and branch parlors only 295 persons of native birth; and in

were formed, Oakland taking the lead, in that year, in connection again with prepa - December, 1877, followed by Sacramento,

in March, 1878. In September of the latter year the Grand Parlor was instituted, and since that date the order has grown rapidly, issuing 208 charters, and having now a membership of 15,000. The passing of time has brought it about that the children of those who founded the order, and grandchildren of the Pioneers, are being received into membership and appear even in its roll of officers.

It was in connection with the parade of September 9, 1875, mentioned above, that the Native Daughters were first heard from in the presentation of a flag for the Sons to salute, and thenceforth carry as the expression of their spirit. But it was not until September 11, 1886, that the young women of California birth, and residing at Jackson, Amador County, organized themselves into Ursula Parlor, No. 1. Native Daughters of the Golden West. This order has also grown rapidly, numbering at present nearly 4,000 members.

Their Grand President, Mrs. Emma Gett, The City Hall Dome Was Brilliant states the object of the order to be “the

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