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priated by a special vote of the City Council; hence the necessity of applying to the Council for additional means, if from any cause an Original Appropriation falls short. The additional means thus asked for can only be furnished by an authorized transfer from some existing appropriation which can spare it, or by a specific loan. In this manner the City Council retain a knowledge and control of all the expenditures, as none can be made unless an appropriation for the same is expressly authorized by them.


Statement in detail, under appropriate heads, of the Expenditures made on account of the CITY OF BOSTON, during the financial year 1871–72, by the several Departments, Boards, and Committees of the City Government, including the payments of interest on the debt of the city, and the amount paid the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the City of Boston's proportion of the State Tax.

The year commencing with the first day of May, 1871, and ending

with the last day of April, 1872.

Additional Supply of Water. Payments on account of surveys and plans for the purpose of securing a new source of supply of water. The Legislature of Massachusetts, session of 1872, have authorized the City of Boston to obtain water

from the Sudbury River and Farm Pond. Salaries: -- Joseph P. Da

vis, Engineer, froin Nov. 22, 1871, to April 1, 1872, at $5,000,

$1,791 66 Assistant,

293 34 Assistance from City Engineer's Department,

135 65

$2,220 65 Travelling expenses, printing, and rubber boots,

82 16

Total for Additional Supply of Water, as per item

No. 5 of Treasurer's account,

$2,302 81

Advertising, etc. (See Appendix.) Advertising City Council notices, and

others not chargeable to any particular appropriation,

$2,808 75

Carried forward,

$2,808 75

$2,302 81 $2,808 75

$2,302 81

Brought forward,
Newspapers for the several offices, not

chargeable to any special appropria

tion, State Atlas for Mayor's Office,

119 00
12 0

2,939 75

Total for Advertising, etc., as per item No.4 of Treas

urer's account,

Payments to three individuals for annuities allowed

them by the City Council at various times, on ac-
count of widening streets, and for other considera-

tions, Per item No. 1 of Treasurer's account.

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Payments to the various Volunteer Militia Companies

for rent of Armories, as required by Laws of the State, and other Militia expenses. (The State reimburses the City at the rate of $300 per annum for Infantry Companies, and $600 per annun for

Cavalry and Light Battery Companies.) To the several Infantry and Cavalry

Companies --- not located in city

buildings — for rent of armories, $13,524 20 Allowance for rent of Head-quarters

for First Brigade, First and Ninth Regiments, and First Battalion, M. V. M.,

1,250 00 Allowance for gas to all Companies,

including those occupying armories in the city buildings,

676 18 Repairs and alterations, gun racks and fittings,

1,393 82 Repairing and furnishing armories

owned by the city, including water rates,

348 14 Band of music for escort to visiting militia,

200 00 Care of Armories in Faneui! Hall,

41 00 Expenses of Committee on Armories,

of 1871 : Refreshments, $549 80 Carriage hire,

45 00

594 80

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Carried forward,

$18,031 14

$5,752 72

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Continuation of payments on account of the construction of an Avenue from Broad Street at Rowe's Wharf, to Commercial Street at Eastern Avenue.

$113,057 54

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Land and other damages,
Paving and grading, viz. :-
Stone blocks and edge-

$51,622 33 Beach gravel,

17,153 85 Laborers,

16,264 52 Contractors, for paving work,

13,802 95 Teaming,

9,979 50 Brick and sand,

6,039 83 North River flagging,

5,719 00 Wharfage, and wharf rent, 3,289 10 Alterations and repairs of

platform and sidewalk, 2,554 86 Stone chips, oyster shells and salt,

1,949 20 Wood paving and lumber, 1,022 74

129,397 88

875 00

Contractor for removing earth, for re

linquishing part of contract, Extension of water pipes, auction ex

penses, printing and advertising, Engineering and expenses,

386 10
160 00

Total for Atlantic Avenue, as per item No. 3 of

Treasurer's account,

243,876 52

Carried forward,

$267,875 68 Brought forward,

$267,875 68

Back Bay Bridges.
Payments on account of building iron bridges with

stone abutments, over the Boston and Albany Rail-
road track, Huntington Avenue, and the Boston
and Providence Railroad track, West Newton

Contractors, for abutments,

$39,350 00 Engineering, including expenses,

500 00 Superintendent of construction, at $5 per day,

80 00

Total for Back Bay Bridges as per item No. 11 of

Treasurer's account,

39,930 00

Bells and Clocks.

Ringing seven bells in different parts

of the city to denote the hours of

the day,

$700 00

640 00

100 00

Winding and regulating all the Public

Gas and lighting the illuminated clock

on the Williams market house, cor-
ner Washington and Dover streets,

including care of the same, Gas for illuminated clock, corner Dud

ley street and Shawmut avenue,
Repairing clocks,
Tower clock on Presbyterian church,

Meridian street,
Repairing towers and bells, car fares,

printing, and small items,
Expenses Committee on Bells and

Clocks, of 1871: Refreshments,

$122 85 Carriage hire,

6 00

15 26 643 05

566 00

76 33


128 85

6 70

Of 1872: Refreshments,

Total for Bells and Clocks, as per item No. 6 of

Treasurer's account,

2,876 19

Carried forward,

$310,681 87

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