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Brewer, Thomas M., M. D.,
Bridgeman, Alfred, and Son, New York City,
Briggs and Brother, Rochester, N.Y.,
Brighton, Town of,

Holton Library,
Brinckle, J. Gordon, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Brinton, D. G., M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.,.
Briscoe, J. J., Executor of, West Surrey, England,
British and Foreign Unitarian Association, London,
British Museum, London,
Brookline Public Library,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Mercantile Library Association,
Brown, Prof. George W., Baltimore, Md.,
Brown, J. C. J.,
Brown, Orren L.,
Brown, Rev. S. Ř., Yokohama, Japan,
Brown, William M.,
Brown University, Providence, R. I.,
Bryant, H. W., Portland, Me.,
Buccellati, Dr. Antonio, Pavia, Italy,
Buck, David,
Buffalo, N. y. Board of Trade,

Bunker Hill Monument Association, Charlestown,
Burbank, Edwin C., Medford,
Burgess, George, London, Bequeathed by Sir Anthony C.

Burritt, Elihu, New Britain, Conn.
Burroughs, Rev. Henry,
Buswell, Edwin S.
Butler Hospital for the Insane, Providence, R.I.

Buteux, Rev. S.,
Campbell, Loomis J.,
Capen, Barnard,
Capen, John,
Capen, Nahum,
Centro, Robert R.,
Chamberlain, David,
Chandler, Horace P., 24 numbers of periodicals,
Chandler, Col. J. G.,
Chapman, George A.,
Charlestown, City of,

Public Library,
Cheever, David W., M. D.,
Chicago, Ill., Board of Trade,

Medical College,

Reform School,
Christern, F. W., New York City,
Christian Register Association,
Cincinnati, Ohio, Mercantile Library Association,

Public Library, 5 maps,
Claghorn, James L., Philadelphia, Pai

, Clapp, Herbert C., Clark, Henry G., 'M. D.,


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Clark, William A.,
Clarke, Rev. Dorus, D.D.,
Clarke, Edward H., M.D.;
Clarke, M. E.,
Clarke, Robert, and Co., Cincinnati, Ohio,
Collar, William C.,
Collins and M'Leester, Philadelphia, Pai, 4 numbers of

Colton, G. W., and C. B., and Co., New York City,
Columbia College, New York City,
Conant, Caleb A.,
Coolidge, Algernon, M. D., 45 numbers of periodicals, 10
Cowdin, Elliot C., New York City,
Cowley, Charles,
Crestadoro, A., Ph. D., Manchester, England,
Crosby, Sumner,
Cupples, Joseph G.,
Curtis, Hon. George T., New York City,
Curtis, Thomas W., Quincy,
Cutter, Charles A.,
Dalton, John C., M. D., New York City,
Dana, Israel T., M. D., Portland, Me.,
Dana, Hon. Richard H., Jr.,
Danforth, John, Lynnfield Centre,
Davis, Hon. J. C. V., Washington, D. C.,
Davis, Mrs. Paulina W., Providence, R. I.,
Davis, Thomas W., 13 engraved plans,
Dennet, William H.,
Derby, George, M. D.,
Detroit, Mich., Public Library,
Deutscher medicinischer Verein, 4 numbers of periodicals,
De Voe, Edwin, Charlestown,
Dexter, John H., 1 engraving,

Dexter, William S.,
Dix, Miss D. L., Washington, D. c.,
Doliber, Thomas, .
Donahoe, Patrick,
Dowse, J., Jr., Sherborn,
Drowne, Rev. T. Stafford, D.D., Brookline, N. Y.,
Duane, William, Philadelphia, Pa., 1 lithograph,
Duren, Elnathan F., Bangor, Me.,
Dux, Gustav,
Eastern Railroad Company,
Eclectic Medical College, New York City,
Edes, Harry H., Charlestown,
Eliot, John F., 16 broadsides,
Elliot, J., Wolverhampton, England,
Emerson, Hor. George B., 86 numbers of periodicals, i
Emigrant Union, San Francisco, Cal.,
Espinassous, Alphonse d', Salinelles, France,
Essex Institute, Salem,
Estes, Edwin C., Brooklyn, N. Y.,

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Evans, Mrs. Lucy D., Duxbury,
Everett, Percival L., 77 numbers of periodicals,
Fall River, R. I., Public Library,
Fielding and Son, 4 framed photographs,
Finotti, Rev. Joseph M., Brookline,
Fisher, Theodore W., M. D.,
Fitchburg Railroad Company,
Flügel, Ďr. Felix, Leipzig, Germany, 12 numbers of peri-

Foote, Rev. Henry W., 2 numbers of periodicals,
Ford, William E.
Forstemann, Dr. 'E. W., Dresden, Saxony, ;
Foster, Joseph, Portsmouth, N. H.,
Franklin County Agricultural Society, Greenfield,
Frazar, Mrs. W., Duxbury,
Freke, Henry, M. D., Dublin, Ireland,
French, Jonathan, 13 plans of real estate,
Gaffield, Thomas,
Galveston Texas, Mercantile Library,
Gannett, Rev. William C., 193 numbers of periodicals, 59

maps and broadsides, and 1 engraving,
Garrison, Wendell P., New York City,
Genealogical Registry of the United States, New York City,
General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, N. York City,
General Theological Library,
Genin, John N., New York City,
George, W. S., Lansing, Mich.,
Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Ga.,
Gilman, Arthur, Lee,
Gilman, John H.,

M. D., Loweli,
Gould, Prof. B. A., Córdoba, Argentine Republic,
Grand Commandery of Knights Templars of Massachusetts

and Rhode Island,
Gray, Hon. John C., 78 numbers of periodicals,
Gray, W. H., St. Louis, Mo.,
Great Britain, Commissioners of Patents,
Green, J. Orne, M. D.,
Green, Rev. Orion,
Green, Samuel A., M. D., 5 broadsides, 1 newspaper,

print, 1 bookplate,
Greene, Rev. J. S. C., Brookline,
Greenleaf, A. W., Newburyport,
Greenough, William W.,
Griffin, Prof. Nath. H., Williamstowni,
Griscon, R. D., Reading, Pa., 1 newspaper, 2 circulars,
Guild, Curtis, and Co.,
Guild, R. A., Providence, R. I.,
Haitian Embassy, Secretary, Washington, D. C.,
Hale, Hon. Charles, Washington, D. C.,
Hale, George S.,
Hanover, College, Hanover, Ind.,
Harding, William P.,.
Hart, Charles H., Philadelphia, Pa., 3 engraved portraits,
Hartford, Conn., Young Men's Institute,

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Harvard College, Cambridge,

Class of 1864,
Museum of Comparative Zoology, 2 plates,

Peabody Museum,
Haskell, Daniel N., 18 numbers of periodicals

Haskins, Ralph, 1 plan,
Hatch, Samuel, and Co., 64 plans,
Haverford College, Haverford, Pa.,
Haynes, Prof. Henry W., Burlington, Vt.,
Heinzen, Karl,
Henry, Prof. Joseph, Smithsonian Institution, Washing-

ton, D. C.,
Higginson, Col. Thomas W., Newport, R. I.,
Hill, C. H., Washington, D. C.,
Hill, Hamilton A., 6 broadsides,
Hillard, Hon. George S.,
Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society,
Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y.,
Hodges, Rev. Richard M., Cambridge,
Holland, Rev. Frederick W., Cambridge,
Holmes, Prof. Oliver W.,
Homes, Henry A., Albany, N. Y.,
Horton, s. D., Cincinnati, Ohio, newspaper cutting,
Hyren, Frederick,
Illinois College, Jacksonville, Iii.,
Indiana Inst. for the Education of the Blind, Indianapolis,

State Library, Indianapolis,

University, Bloomington,
Institution of Civil Engineers, London,
Iowa Hospital for the Insane, Mount Pleasant,

Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Council Bluffs,

State Historical Society, Iowa City,
Ivey, Herbert, London,
Jarvis, Edward, M. D.,
Jefferson, Daniel,
Jeffries, B. Joy, M. D., 1 broadside,
Jeffries, John, jr.,
Johnson, Edwin F., New York City,
Johnson, W. Forbes, Dublin, Ireland,
Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenchaften, Munich,
Kaiserliche Königliche Geologische Reichsanstatt,' Vienna,
Kansas Institution for the Blind, Wyandotte,
Keep, N. C., M. D., 666 numbers of periodicals,
Kehrhahn, Ernest,
Keith, James M.,
Knight, Albert M.,
Kongelige Bibliothek, Copenhagen,
Kongelige Nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab, Copenhagen,
Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitet, Christiana,
Landreth, David, and Son, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Lane, Thomas W., Manchester, N. H.,
Lawrence, Abbott, 19 numbers of periodicals,
Lawrence, Hon. William Beach, Newport, R. I.,
Lawrence, William C.,

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Lawton, Miss Antoinette,
Lee, W. M., Baltimore, Md.,
Lenox, James, New York City,
Leonard and Co.,
Leonard, M. Bloomfield, M.D., ioo numbers of periodicals,
Liberal Christian, The, Publisher, New York City,
Lincoln, Henry W.,
Literary and Historical Society, Qucbec,
Little, T. H., Janesville, Wis.,
Little, Brown and Co.,
Liverpool, England, Free Public Library,
Livingston, Charles F., Manchester, N. H.,
London, City Mission,

Library of the Corporation
Lord, Rev. Charles E., Easton,
Loring, Hon. George B., Salem,
Loring, John G., 1 oil painting,
Lothrop, Daniel,
Louisville, Ky., Library Association,
Lovering, Prof. Joseph, Cambridge,
Lowell, City Clerk,

City Library,
Lyman, Benjamin S., Philadelphia, Pa.,
Lynn, City Clerk,
McCarter, Charles B., Washington, D. C.,
Maccarty, William, West Roxbury,
McCleary, Samuel F.,
Macé, Jean, Paris,
Mackellar, Smiths, and Jordan, Philadelphia, Pa.,
McMichael, Ilon. M., Philadelphia, Pa.,.
Magee, Henry F.,
Maine, Superintendent of Common Schools, Augusta,
Mallory, Wheeler, and Co., New Haven, Conn.,
Manchester, England, Free Libraries,
Manchester, N. H., City Library,
Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, New York City,
Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio,
Marquette, Miss Lydia,
Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore,
Mason, Erskine, M.D., New York City,
Massachusetts, State of,

Agricultural Society, Amherst,
Board of State Charities,
Bureau of Statistics of Labor,
Eclectic Medical Society,
General Hospital,
Historical Society,

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Institute of Technology,
Medical College,
State Normal School, Bridgewater,

Temperance Alliance,
Matthews, Nathan,
May, Miss Abby W.,

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