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May, Rev. Samuel J., Syracuse, N. Y.,
Meadville Theological School, Meadville, Pan,
Meriden Britannia Company, West Meriden, Conn.,
Michigan State Library, Lansing, Mich.,

University, Ann Arbor, .

University Library,
Milan, Italy, Municipality of, ,
Minnesota Historical Society, Saint Paul,
Moore, Emery N.,
Moore, George H., Librarian of the New York' Historical

Society, New York City,
Moore, Jonathan F.,
Morse, Edward S., Salem,
Morton, Hon. Ellis W.,
Morton, Mrs. W. T. G., Wellesley,
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, South IIadlcy,
Mullen, Wm. J., Philadelphia, Pa., 2 newspaper cuttings,
Muller, Frederick, Amsterdam,
Munday, Eugene H., Philadelphia, Pa.,
Munsell, Joel, Albany, N. Y.,
Nabant Public Library,
Nashua, N. H., City Library,
Nation, The, Publisher, New York City, 129 numbers of

National Association of Wool Manufacturers,
National Library of Greece,
National Transition Moonly Voice, The, Publisher, Tren-

ton, N. J., 14 numbers of periodicals,
Nelson, Thomas and Sons, New York City,
New Bedford Public Library,
Newburyport Public Library,
Newcomb, Jolin,
New England Farm Agency,
New England Female Medical College,
New England Hospital for Women and Children,
New England Society, New York City,
New Jersey Historical Society, Newark,
Newport, R. I., Young Men's Christian Association,
Newton Free Library,
Newton Theological Institution, Newton Centre,
New York, City, Board of Commissioners of Public Parks,

Board of Health,
City Mission and Tract Society,
Mercantile Library Association,

Young Men's Christian Association,
New York State,

Chamber of Commerce,
Library, :

Lunatic Asylum, Utica,
Nichols, Hon. George, Northfield, Vt.,
North Bridgewater, Town Clerk,
North Carolina, University of, Chapel Hill,
Northern Home for Friendless Children, Philadelphia, Pa.,
North Reading, Town of, .

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Nottingham, England, Committee of Free Libraries and

Nowell, Cyrus, Portland, Me.,
Noyes, Lewis E., Abington,
Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio,
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Ga.,

, , Ohio State Library,

University, Athens,
Ourt, Andrew J., Philadelphia, Pa.,
Owen, G., 2 maps.
Paine, George T., Providence, R. I., i map.
Paine, H. M., M. D., Albany, N. Y.,
Paine, Prof. T. O., Elmwood,
Pawcatuck, R. I., Library Association,
Peabody Academy of Science, Salem,
Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Md.,
Peabody Institute, Danvers,
Peck, George W., Cincinnati, Ohio, 15 numbers of peri-

odicals, 2 autograph letters,
Peckham, Rev. Joseph, Kingston, 16 numbers of period-

Peirce, Prof. Benjamin, Cambridge,
Peirce, Prof. James M., Cambridge,
Pennsylvania. Board of Public Charities,

Institution for the Instruction of the Blind,
Peoria, Ill., Board of Trade,
Perkins, Charles C.,
Philadelphia, Pa., City of,

Apprentices' Library Company,
Board of Health,
College of Pharmacy,

Library Company,
Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N. H.,
Pittsburgh, Pa., Mercantile Library Association,
Poore, Hon. Ben. Perley, Washington, D. C.,
Porter, J. K., 22 engraved plans.
Porter, Noah, D. D., President of Yale College,
Portland, Oregon, Library Association,
Post and Co., Cincinnati, Ohio,
Preble, Capt. George H., U.S. N., Charlestown,
Preussischer Provinzial-Verein für Blinden-Unterricht, Kö-

nigsberg, Prussia,
Protestant, A,
Providence, Ř. I., City of,


City Solicitor,
Pumpelly, Prof. Raphael, Harvard College, Cambridge,
Purdie, Henry A.,
Putnam, Charles G., II. D., 483 numbers of periodicals

, Putnam, G. P., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Putnam, 'Mrs. M. Lowell,

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Quincy, Miss E. S.,
Quincy, Hon. Josiah, 4 broadsides, 1 plan,
Rantoul, Robert S., Salem,
Reading. Trustees of the Public Library, :
Reale Istituto Lombardo di Scienze e Lettere, Milan,
Reavis, L. U., St. Louis, Mo.,
Redpath and Fall, 6 numbers of periodicals.
Reed, John H.,
Reinwald, Charles, Paris,
Rhode Island. Board of State Charities and Corrections,

- M. W. Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons,

Richardson, William L., M. D.,
Ripley, Henry J., D. D., Newton Theological Institution,
Robbins, Chandler, D. D.,
Rockwell and Churchill,
Rolfe, William J., Cambridge,
Ross, James, Madison, Wis.,
Rowell, George P., and Co., New York City, 1 number of

a periodical,
Rowlands, Walter,
Royal Astronomical Society, London,
Royal Geographical Society, London,
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England, 1 chart.
Ruppaner, Anthony, M. D., New York City,
Russell, Mrs. Edward,
Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J.,
Sabin, J., and Sons, New York City, 8 numbers of period-

Sabine, John D., Washington, D. C.,
St. Louis, Mo. Board of Public Schools,

Mercantile Library Association,

Public School Library,
Sakellarios, D. Z., Athens, Greece,
San Francisco, Cal., Board of Supervisors,
Savage, Edward H., Chief of Police,
Sawyer, A. W., D. D., Wolfville, N. S.,
Searle, Frederick A., 1,100 play bills.
Seaverns, Joel, M. D., 265 numbers of periodicals,
Selwyn, Alfred R. C., Director of the Geological Survey

of Canada, Montreal,
Sewall, Miss Eunice D., Vassar Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.,
Shattuck, George C., M. D., 37 numbers of periodicals,
Shepley and Co., Fitchburg,
Shimmin, Mrs. Charles F.,

Shoe and Leather Record, The, Editor,
Silas Bronson Library, Waterbury, Conn.,
Slack, Mrs. Mary R. F., Brookline,
Slafter, Rev. Edmund F.,
Smith, Alfred R., London,
Smith, Charles C.,
Smith, Edward, Superintendent of Schools, Syracuse, N. Y.
Smith, William B., New York City,
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C.,

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Snow, Edwin M., M. D., Providence, R. I.,
Société Franklin, Paris,
Society of Antiquaries, London,
Society of Arts, London, 46 numbers of periodicals.
South Carolina, University of, Columbia,
Spaulding, Rev. John F., Erie, Pa., .
Sprague, Henry H.,
Springfield, Iii., Board of Trade,
Springfield, Mass., City Library Association,
Stansbury, Charles F., Grand Master of Masons of the

District of Columbia, Washington,
Stedman, C. Ellery, 1. D., 263 numbers of periodicals,
Steele, James G., San Francisco, Cal.,
Steiger, E., New York City,
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.,
Stevenson, Miss Hannah E.,
Stoddard, Charles,
Storer, Horatio R., Jr., M.D.,
Stratton, Henry B.,
Strout, James C., Washington, D. ci,
Sullivant, Joseph, Columbus, Ohio,
Sumner, Hon. Charles, 28 broadsides, 4 newspaper slips,
Sunday Times, The, Publisher, .
Sykes, Joseph,
Tennessee, School for the Blind, Nashville,
Tenney, Rev. E. P.,
Tewksbury, M. W., Fall River,
Thayer, Miss Caroline C., 31 numbers of periodicals, i

Thayer, Rev. R.,
Thayer, Gen. Sylvanus, South Braintree, 3 charts, 6 MSS.,
Thompson, N. A., and Co., 187 plans of real estate in
Thornton, J. Wingate, 1 engraving.
Ticknor, Mrs. George,
Tiffany, John K., St. Louis, Mo.,
Tobey, Hon. Edward S.,
Toledo, Ohio, Index Association,
Townsend, George A., Washington, D. c.,
Trask, William B.,
Trumbull, Hon. J.'H., Hartford, Conn.,
Tufts College, Medford,
Turner, Alfred T.,
Tuttle, Charles W.,
Tyler, W. P., 1 plan of Chicago.
Tynemouth, England, Borough of, Free Public Library,
Union Theological Seminary, New York City,
United States. Bureau of Education,

Bureau of Navigation,
Bureau of Statistics,
Census Office,
Coast Survey Office, 4 charts,
Department of Agriculture,
Department of the Interior, 2 broadsides, 1 map,

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United States. Department of State,

Library of Congress,
Military Academy, West Point, n. Y.,
Naval Observatory,
Office of the Chief Engineers,
Patent Office, 2 circulars,
Quartermaster General's Office,
Signal Office,

Surgeon General's Office,
Van Name, Addison, Librarian of Yale College, New

Haven, Conn.,
College, Poughkeepsie

, N. Y.;
Vauchez, Emmanuel, Paris,
Veazie, W., 1 plan.
Vermont. "Dairyman's Association, št. Aibans,

Historical Society,
Vick, James, Rochester, N. Y.,
Villard, Henry, 18 maps and broadsides,
Walker, A. R., and Co., 1 broadside, 3 plans,
Walker, Gen. Francis A., Washington, D. C., .
Waltham, Town Clerk,
Warren, Hon. Charles H., 109 numbers of periodicals,
Warren, Hon. G. Washington,
Warren, George Willis,
Washburn, Hon. Emory, Cambridge,
Washburn, Frank T., Milton,
Washington and Lee’University, Lexington, vai,
Watertown. Free Public Library,
Webster, Warren, M. D., U. S. A., Fort independence,
Westermann, B., and Co., New York City, 3 numbers of

Western Lunatic Asylum, Staunton, Va.,
Western Reserve College, Hudson, Ohio,
Western University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh,
Weston, Town of,
Westphal-Castelnau, Alexandre, Montpellier, France,
Wetzel, Rev. H., Woodstock, Va.,
Wheeler, William A., 37 numbers of periodicals,
Wheildon, William W., Concord, 118 broadsides,
Whipple, Charles K.,.
White, Horace, Chicago,
White, James C., M. D., 43 numbers of periodicals,
Whitney, Rev. Frederic A., Brighton,
Whitney, James L., 4 numbers of periodicals, 2 broadsides,
Whitney, Prof. William D., New Haven, Conn.,
Wilder, Hon. Marshall P.,
Willcox, E. S., Peoria, Ill.,

Villiams, Henry W., M. D.,
Williams, J. Fletcher, St. Paul, Minnesota,
Williams, Major J. Otis, 19 numbers of periodicals,

Williams Review, The, Editors, Williamstown, '9 numbers

of periodicals. Wilson, Hon. Henry, Natick,

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