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The Honorable Edward Everett was President of the Board from 1852 to 1864; the late George Ticknor in 1865; and William W. Greenough, Esq., from 1866 to the present time.

The Board for 1852 was a preliminary organization; that for 1853 making what is called the first annual report. It consisted of one alderman and one common councilman, and five citizens at large, till 1867, when a revised Ordinance made it consist of one alderman, two common councilmen, and six citizens at large, two of whom retire, unless reelected, each year, while the members from the City Council are elected yearly.

Jackson, P. T., 1864.

APPLETON, THOMAS G., 1852, 1854-5. | Keith, James M., 1868-9.

Allen, James B., 1852.

Barnes, Joseph H., 1871.

BIGELOW, JOHN P., 1852 to 1868.


Bradlee, John T., 1869.

Bradt, Herman D., 1872.

BRAMAN, JARVIS D., 1868 to 1871.
Brown, J. C. J., 1861.
Carpenter, George O., 1870.
Clapp, William W., jr., 1864-5.
Crane, Samuel D., 1860.
Dennie, George, 1858-9
Dickinson, M. F., jr., 1871.
Drake, Henry A., 1863.

Erving, Edward S., 1852.

EVERETT, EDWARD, 1852 to 1864.

Frost, Oliver, 1856-7.
Gaffield, Thomas, 1867.

GREEN, SAMUEL A., 1868 to 1872.


Harris, William G., 1869.
Haynes, Henry W., 1858.

Ingalls, Melville E., 1870.

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MORTON, ELLIS W., 1870 to 1872.
Munroe, A. B., 1854

Newton, Jeremiah L., 1867.

Niles, Stephen R., 1870.

Pease, Frederic, 1872.

Perry, Lyman, 1852.

Plummer, Farnham, 1856.

PUTNAM, GEORGE, 1868 to 1872.

Reed, Sampson, 1852-3.

Sanger, George P., 1860.

Sears, Philip H., 1859.

Seaver, Benjamin, 1852.

SHURTLEFF, NATHANIEL B., 1852 to 1867.

Story, Joseph, 1855, 1865-6.

TICKNOR, GEORGE, 1852 to 1866.

Tyler, John S., 1863, 1866.

Warren, George W., 1852 to 1854.
Washburn, F. L., 1857.

WHIPPLE, EDWIN P., 1867 to 1869.

Wilson, George, 1852.

Whitney, Daniel H., 1862.

Wilson, Elisha T., 1861-2.

Wright, Albert J., 1868.

Whole number, 56; citizens at large in small capitals, two of whom, Jarvis D. Braman and Weston Lewis, have also represented the City Council.




Gentlemen, — Under the will of the late Caleb Fellowes, the undersigned were invested with a trust, whose purpose is to establish a library, and erect a building for it, within half a mile of the Rev. Dr. Putnam's church. The will provides that forty thousand dollars shall be spent in the purchase of land and in the erection of the said building. The available fund now amounts to about fifty-four thousand dollars, and the excess over that appropriated for the land and building we are required to invest as a fund, the income of which shall be available for the purchase of books; and to this will be added, when the building is completed, a further sum of about thirty thousand dollars, which will then be paid to us by the executors under the will of the late Mrs. Fellowes.

We deem it for the interest of all concerned that the advantages of these funds shall be joined with such others as may accrue from the provisions to be made for the benefit of the District of Roxbury, in the way of a Branch of the Public Library.

To that end we respectfully request that we may be allowed a hearing before the appropriate committee of the City Council; and further request that the Trustees of the Public Library be invited to attend.

In behalf of the Trustees of the Fellowes Athenæum,



IN BOARD OF ALDERMEN, December 26, 1871.

The Committee on the Public Library, to whom was referred the foregoing communication from the Trustees of the Fellowes Athenæum, having carefully considered the subject, would respectfully recommend the passage of the accompanying order.

For the Committee,


Chairman pro tem.

Ordered, That His Honor the Mayor be authorized to sign, seal, and deliver the Indenture (a copy of which is appended hereto) between the City of Boston and the Trustees of the Fellowes Athenæum in Roxbury, for joint action in the establishment of a Branch Public Library, for the territory now comprising Wards 13, 14 and 15.

This Indenture between the City of Boston and the Trustees of the Fellowes Athenæum in Roxbury, a corporation duly created by law, witnesseth:

That, whereas the said trustees hold certain funds under the will of Caleb Fellowes, late of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, deceased, in trust, to lay out and expend forty thousand dollars upon land, and a building to be erected thereon, within half a mile of the meeting-house of the first religious society in Roxbury, to be used for an Athenæum for literary and instructive purposes for the benefit and pleasure of the inhabitants of said Roxbury and of other worthy persons who may visit that city :

And in further trust, to keep the remainder of said sum over and above said forty thousand dollars, constantly and safely invested, and to expend the income thereof, half-yearly forever, in purchasing and supplying books and periodical works for the said Athenæum.

And whereas it is expedient that the City of Boston should establish in that part of said city called Roxbury, and formerly the City of Roxbury, a Branch of its Public Library:

And whereas, the said city and the said trustees can accomplish the purposes of said Athenæum and of said Public Library more effectually in conjunction than separately, and have accordingly agreed upon a method of co-operation so as to bring about a union of the resources of the two institutions:

And whereas, in order to furnish the needful accommodations for the united institutions, it may be necessary for the said trustees to expend somewhat more than forty thousand dollars upon land and building, and in that case they will be obliged to treat the surplus as an investment of which the income is to be applied for the purchase of books as aforesaid:

And whereas, upon the completion of said building, the said

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