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feet high, will provide for about 35,000 volumes, making the capacity of the floor about 50,000 volumes. The altitude of the room renders it possible, when required, largely to increase its capacity, by galleries or intermediary floors.

Waiting-room. This is divided by a rail into apartments for adults and youths, and while but one record of borrowers is kept, the books can be delivered over either end of the counter to visitors on either side of the rail. The wall space back of the counter is to be shelved for the books most often in demand.

Reading-room. Public access to this is had by the staircase in the tower, but the official access is by the winding staircase connecting the space behind the counter with the Librarian's room. The rear wall has windows (not shown in the plan), through which the public can have oversight of the main library floor. The anteroom over the Trustees' room can be used for storing the accumulating numbers of periodicals before binding, and as a writing room for students, and for the showing of illustrated works.

NOTE. Since the above was written, the Metropolitan Horse Railroad Company, having purchased the land bounding the Library lot on all sides except the street side, and purposing to erect stables thereon, the Trustees of the Fellowes Athenæum have deemed it advisable to sell to the same corporation the lot on which the building was in progress. Another lot has not at this date [Aug. 10] been secured.


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