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Pemberton Fund. - This fund comprises bequests made to the City of Boston, from 1760 to the present time, from " A. B.,” Daniel Oliver, Margaret Blackader, Alice Quick, Anne Wheelwright, Mary Ireland, Benjamin Pemberton, Martha Stevens, Mrs. H. Driscoll, William Breed, Samuel Elliott, John Coffin Jones, Mary Belknap, "A Citizen of Boston,” and anonymous. The most important, however, of the bequests, was from Benjamin Pemberton, Esq., whose will was proved June 25, 1782; and for that reason his name has been given to the fund. The income of this fund is to be expended, at the discretion of the overseers, in semi-annual payments to the poor of this city.

Boylston Education and Relief Funds. - These funds were from a bequest by John Boylston, who died in London, England. His will was proved June 12, 1795. One portion of the bequest is ordered to be paid to "poor and decayed householders of the Town of Boston, not under fifty years of age”; " persons of good character, and reduced by the acts of Providence, not by indolence, extravagance, or other vice." The other portion to be applied to the "nurture and instruction of poor orphans and deserted children of the Town of Boston, until fourteen years of age.”

Mason Fund Was a bequest from Jonathan Mason, by will dated July 15, 1798, interest to be paid annually to the chaplain of the almshouse or workhouse, interest to be added until one is appointed. The interest is now paid semi-annually towards the salary of the Chaplain of the House of Industry.

Dexter Fund - Was a bequest from Samuel Dexter, by will dated May 7, 1811, for supplying firewood or coal to such objects of charity as not supported in the almshouse, though sometimes relieved by the Overseers of the Poor.


Jeffries Fund Was a bequest by David Jeffries, former Town Treasurer. Will dated January, 1786. Income to be applied to the purchase of tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar, for the refreshment of those persons, who, in the providence of God, are, or shall be obliged to seek refuge in the almshouse, after having lived reputably, but always giving preference to the pious poor.

Fifty Associates Charity and Searstan Charter House, are funds contributed by Hon. David Sears, for the relief of

the poor.


[One-third of the Board is chosen annually by the City Council.

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The Board meet on the first Monday of every month, at their office in Charity Building.

The Overseers of the Poor are likewise incorporated as a Board of Trustees of John Boylston's and other charitable funds, left for the assistance of persons of good character and advanced age, " who have been reduced by misfortune to indigence and want."


Investigation and Relief. Messrs. Lincoln, Amory, Fabyan, Crane and Temple.

Finance and Accounts.

Messrs Parker, Little and Cruft.

Employment and Settlements.

Messrs. Amory, Blasland, O'Brien and Temple.

Messrs. Little, Buckley and Cruft.

Temporary Home.
Messrs. Buckley, Allen and Fabyan.


Messrs. Amory, Buckley and Parker, and the Chairman of

the Board, ex-officio.


Chairman and Governor,

.F. W. Lincoln. Directors, Messrs. Lincoln, Buckley, Little, Blasland and

Allen. Treasurer,

Otis Norcross. Clerk and Recorder,

John Pratt.


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