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History of the Founding of the Uni-
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Poem. By Fannie Herron Cooke.. 693


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January, 1902.



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HAVE Dr. David Starr have gained great favor at the University Jordan's authority for it of California, more especailly since the that the trappings and advent of President Benj. Ide Wheeler,

ceremony of the old Eu- who did much to make compulsory the long to a dark age, and that it is the

gorgeous annual commencement parblessed privilege of modern education to ade through the campus, graduates and shake off the gold tape and useless rit- faculty appearing in caps and gowns, and ual that characterize the great Conti- each wearing the distinctive silken hood nental seats of learning even to this of the doctor of laws, medicine or philday. We all have profound respect for osophy, the master of arts and the bachethe educated common sense of the Presi- lor of arts. dent of Stanford University, and give due Only second to this in solemn imprescredit to his part in infusing into the siveness is the laying of the senior class institution at Palo Alto the progressive plate, which occurs during commence. spirit of the age, yet it seems

ment week at Stanford. This to an extent a practical refu

beautiful ceremony was inaugutation of Dr. Jordan's theories

rated by Stanford's pioneer that the very university over

class ('95), who caused to be which he presides should be

laid into the pavement of the leaning more and more every

quadrangle a bronze plate bear. year toward ceremony and par

ing the numerals of the class. ade, and that the collegians,

The “'95 plate" was set into a however grounded in scientific

square directly in front of Tore and utilitarian learning,

where the Memorial Chapel now manifest a yearning for display

stands, and each succeeding that at times equals that of the

class ha followed the custom medieval founders of the mir

by planting a plate in a line

with the original square. ToAt the University of Califor

day the short row of seven nia the encouragement of the

plates marks with symbolic sig. ceremonial instinct is consid

nificance the history of the erably greater The cap and

university, just as, in long years gown unanimously frowned

to come, the ever-increasing

A farmer by down at Stanford University, compulsion.

line of metal pavement shall


acle plays.

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