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is not the author of its confusion, sin and In the first “world” or dispensation disorder, but he has permitted mankind the corruption of its heavens or angelic liberty within certain bounds. He has class brought degradation and disaster to permitted Satan to oppose righteousness the earth class, humanity. During this and permitted humanity to become the “present evil world” the power of Satan slaves of sin and of Satan.

and the corrupting spiritual influences Satan is Scripturally declared to be which he has been able to manipulate the “Prince of this world,” who now have hindered the blessing of mankind, operates in the hearts of the children of notwithstanding God's favor given to Isdisobedience. We are not to understand, rael under the Law Covenant and his still however, that Satan is exercising greater blessings to Jew and Gentile Divinely delegated authority to rule through Christ. The next "world" or mankind, but rather that he has usurped dispensation, to be ushered in at the Sechis position by taking advantage of ond Coming of Christ, is Scripturally humanity's ignorance, fallen tendencies styled “a new heavens and a new earth, and superstitions. Neither are to wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (2 Pet. think that humanity knowingly and in- 3:13.) That new heavens will be perfect, tentionally serves “the Prince of this and consist of Christ and his “Elect": world.” Rather, under his delusions they Church or “Bride” glorified—"called, are deceived. While thinking to please chosen, faithful.” (Rev. 17:14.) That themselves, to serve their own best inter- new earth will represent mankind under ests, to attain happiness, they are misled the new conditions of the New Covenant, into sin and sorrow and death by paths of sealed with the precious blood. Not only ignorance and superstition. What St. in the new heaven, but also in the new Paul calls “this present evil world,” St. earth righteousness will prevail, even Peter denominates “the world that now though in the latter it will require the is," and points us forward to the New thousand years of Christ's reign to fully World, the New Dispensation, in which conquer sin and death and

to uplift righteousness will reign, and styles that humanity in general back into harmony dispensation “the world to come.”

with God. All three of these "worlds" or dispensations are connected with our planet, the

"In the Ages to come." earth. Following this figure, the Apostle St. Paul mentions "ages to come, divides these "worlds” or dispensations though only one of these is specifically into heaven and earth, by the heavens re- noted in the Scriptures—the Millennial ferring to the spirit beings and influences, age. The other ages beyond the Millenand by the earth referring to humanity nium will be beyond all the defilements subjected to those spiritual influences. and ensnarements and tribulations conThus in the “world” or dispensation nected with sin; and are properly, therewhich ended at the flood, the angels, fore, styled by the poet, “Ages of glory.” fallen and unfallen, constituted the Looking back, however, we may discern heavens and mankind the earth of that clearly-marked ages or epochs, subdividdispensation. During “this present evil ing “this present evil world.” First came world” from the flood to the Second Com- the Patriarchal Age, in which God dealt ing of Christ the heavens represent Satan, with Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. the “Prince of the power of the air," and Then came another distinctly different religious systems amongst men, more or epoch in which He no longer dealt with less corrupt and more or less representa- individual patriarchs, but adopted the entive of Satan and of his organization- tire nation of Israel as his peculiar peoor rather of human organization more or ple and dealt with them accordingly. He less under Satanic direction. “The entered into the Law Covenant with them world to come” is likewise represented as and provided them a typical mediator, having a heaven and earth classification. typical underpriests and judges an: The heavens of that new dispensation prophets, so that, as the Apostle Paul dewill be the glorified Jesus and his Church, clares, the nation of Israel had “much adin the Millennial Kingdom.

vantage every way, chiefly because to them


were committed the oracles of God.” Divine Program set apart the entire GosThat Jewish Age had a distinct beginning pel Age for the selection of the Bride of in the death of Jacob, whose twelve sons Christ, under another figure spoken of as were designated the heads of the twelve the "members in particular of the Body tribes constituting the one nation of Is- of Christ.” (1 Cor. 12:27.) These are rael. That age had an ending just as said to fill up the afflictions of Christ, to distinctly marked by the death of Christ, suffer with him, to be dead with him, and as shown by Jesus' words, “Verily I say are correspondingly promised a share with unto you, your house is left unto you deso- him in his glory, honor and immortality. late.” (Matt. 23:38.) A third age followed, namely, the Gospel Age, which be

This Age Parenthetic. gan at Pentecost and is to terminate at It may help some to grasp the situation the second coming of Christ and to gather if they will consider the gospel Age from to himself the completed church, the Pentecost to the Second Coming of Christ Bride of the Lamb and joint-heir in the as parenthetic, and in their minds link Millennial Kingdom.

together the Jewish and the Millennial The present Gospel Age, which is to end Ages. The Jews, properly enough, were with the establishment of the Kingdom, expecting Messiah to come to their nation, the Church in glory, is the particular and to establish them as his “peculiar people, all-important age of "this present evil to sanctify them and to use them in the world.” Neither of those preceding it spread of his dominion world-wide, acbrought any fruitage to full perfection. cording to the promise made to Abraham The patriarchs received a blessing, but that in "his Seed all the families of the could not enter into the Kingdom privi- earth should be blessed.” They were right leges. The nation of Israel had a blessing in that expectation, and it will be fulfilled through the Law Covenant, yet its highest at the Second Coming of Christ. What service was the making of types of glori- they did not see and what God did not ous conditions to follow it, some of the wish them to see, but kept a "mystery," is antitypes belonging to this Gospel Age the fact that the Divine Program included and some to the Millennium. It is the a Christ of many members, Jesus the ReApostle who declares of that Age that its deemer being the Head over all, “God Law Covenant “made nothing perfect.” blessed forever.” (Rom. 9:5.) “This is a Nevertheless, the same Apostle points out great mystery; but I speak concerning in Hebrews XI that all who were faithful Christ and the Church.” (Eph. 5:32.) to God from Enoch down to the close of "Even the mystery which hath been hid the Jewish ge will receive a special bless from ages and from generations, but now ing, in accord with their faith and zeal- is made manifest to his saints; to whom even though they lived before the time of God would make known what is the riches the calling and proving of the spiritual of the glory of this mystery among the Seed of Abraham—the Gospel Church, of Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope which Christ is the Head. (“And if ye be of glory.” (Col. 1:26, 27.) God will do Christ's, then are ye Abraham's Seed, and no less for natural Israel than his original heirs according to the promise.” (Gal. promise, for, as St. Paul declares, “The 3:29.) Of those faithful ones St. Paul gifts and calling of God he will not repent declares, “And these all, having obtained of”—nor change from. a good report through faith, received not The bringing in of the Bible hope of the promise; God having provided some this Gospel Age, the selecting of a little better things for us, that they without us flock” for joint-heirship with the Reshould not be made perfect.”—Heb. deemer on the spirit plane, was that much 11:39, 40.

more than God had revealed to Israel In a word, the Divine Program ar- through the Law and the prophets. Some ranged that the world should be blessed by of natural Israel profited by this all

Messiah-through his death and subse- those who, at the beginning of the Gospel quently through his Millennial Kingdom Age, were in the right attitude of heart, reign. But instead of counting the work “Israelites indeed in whom was no guile. finished when the Redeemer died, the Such were received to membership in spir

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itual Israel at Pentecost. And then to all those called of God and accepted as his filling up of the remainder of the predesti- “members” during this Gospel Age will nated number of the "elect," from among be members of the Mediator. To this the Gentiles began; and this age has been Mediator, by reason of the merit of the devoted to the gathering of these "mem- Head and his sacrifice, God has granted bers” of the Christ, the Messiah, out of "all power," so that he is able from the every land, people, kindred and tongue. plenitude of his grace to make up for the

unwilling, the unintentional, blemishes of The Law Covenent-old and New.

the nation for which he will Continue the thought of this Gospel Age Mediator during the thousand years of his being parenthetic as respects the outward Millennial reign. It is on the strength of features of the Divine Program. Note the this merit of the Mediator that all of fact that the Law Covenant given to the Israel's sins and iniquities of the past will Jews failed to secure for them eternal life be forgotten and remembered no --because they could not keep so high a Moreover that Great Mediator will have Law, a Law which commanded love for full responsibility in the premises in dealGod with all the heart, mind, soul and ing with all who shall accept that Covestrength and love for one's neighbor as for nant, because the virtue, the merit of himself. Moses, the Mediator of that Law Christ's sacrifice, is sufficient to meet, to Covenant, was unable to make up for the cover, to cancel the sins of the whole world deficiencies of the people and hence eternal -all that are - not willful and deliberate life was not secured under the Law Cove- sins. Israel will thus become God's peonant. However, through the Prophet ple, and all gentiles will be privileged to Jeremiah (31:31) God sent to Israel a join them by "circumcision of the heart." message of his love and assured them of a Thus, ultimately, besides spiritual Israel future relief under a New Covenant there will be Natural Israel, which will inwhich, in some respects, would be better clude the willing and obedient of every than the one they had. He said, “The nation and tongue as it is written, “I have days come, saith the Lord, that I will constituted thee a father of many nations.” make a New Covenant with the house of During the Millennium, therefore, Jesus Israel and with the house of Judah; not the Mediator of the New Covenant, and according to the Covenant that I made "the church his Body," will not only

" with their fathers in the day that I took apply the merits of his sacrifice in offset of them by the hand, to bring them out of Adamic sin and weaknesses, but will also the land of Egypt (the Law Covenant); have the right, power and authority to which my Covenant they brake, although chastise for every misconduct and to reI was an husband unto them, saith the ward every good endeavor, to the intent Lord.”—Jer. 31:31, 32.

that under that New Covenant all Israel Christ and his Bride, his members, may have the opportunity of rising from Spiritual Israel, surrender their earthly- the dead-rising from the condition of life rights and earthly inheritance in favor sin and death up to the full perfection of of Natural Israel, and thus are said to human nature and a perfect environment. mediate and ultimately to seal for Israel As for the others not rightly exercised by a New Law Covenant, which will be far these favorable providences St. Peter debetter than the old one. Not, however, clares that they “Shall be utterly destroyed that the Law of God will change in any from among the people.”—Acts 3:23. respect; for God could not give an easier Law than the one given to Israel; he

From Amongst Your Brethren. could not give an imperfect Law; he could not properly require less than love St. Peter explains the nature of the and obedience with all the heart. Wherein, selection of the members of the Mediator, then, will a New Law Covenant be better saying, “A prophet shall the Lord your for Israel than the old one? We answer, God raise up unto you from amongst your It will be better in that it will have a “bet- brethren, like unto me; him shall ve hear ter mediator”—a more capable one. Jesus (obey) in all things, whatsoever he shall is the Mediator of the New Covenant; and say unto you.

(To that Prophet every


every soul,

knee must bow and every tongue confess.) begin with the present life. As the AposAnd it shall come to pass, that

tle declares, “We are risen with him.” And which will not hear that Prophet, shall be again, We are being changed from glory destroyed from among the people”-in the to glory as by the Spirit of the Lord. But Second Death.-Acts 3:22, 23.

still we wait for the grand climacteric Notice that the Prophet was to be raised change to Resurrection glory, honor and up from amongst the brethren. In fulfill- immortality. ment of this our Lord Jesus was called and In view of the foregoing all will readily accepted and begotten of the holy Spirit, discern the value of order in the study of and finally, in his resurrection, became the the Bible—the value of noting its dispenFirstborn from the dead, the Firstborn of sational features, the object served by the many brethren.

Meantime, since Pente- various “worlds” or dispensations and cost the other members under that glorious their various ages or epochs. The Bible, Head have been in process of raising up- studied in the light of the Plan of the out of sin, out of death, out of the world, Ages, becomes a new Book. Its various out of human nature, to glory, honor, and statements, prophetic

prophetic and otherwise, immortality. And these have the promise quietly drop into their proper places, so that in the First Resurrection their raising that the study of the Word becomes both up will be completed—they shall be interesting and profitable, as thousands changed in a moment, in the twinkling of are continually testifying-many of them an eye. The raising up and the changing rescued from agnosticism.







curative process.

The results have thus features and prin- far verified the effort. Its ultimate value

ciples involved in the is to be determined by time, while its conT

modern penological formity to the best instincts of humanity movement are simple, are unquestioned. Its chief danger lies and easily under- with its friends—in the swinging of the stood. To the classi- pendulum to the opposite extreme of the

cal idea of retributive arc. There is almost as much danger justice implied in its broad legal inter- from the dagger of Brutus as from the pretation, and which must ever be con- sword of Cassius. A happy blending of sidered basic in any rational conception the humanitarian with the punitive may of the criminal problem, the modern pro- ultimately solve the problem for

for the gressive spirit has added the reformative better. idea, making the offender the legitimate The main pillars of the reformatory subject of the altruistic as well as of the idea in prison control may be briefly sumexpiatory sentiment in criminalistic treat- marized under the heads of (a), The Segment. It interjects the idea of cure as gregation and Classification of incarcerwell as of punishment—the flowering of ates on the two-fold basis of character the better sentiment of humanity in the

and conduct duly determined by a proper treatment of its recalcitrant classes. Time system of credits; (b) The Indeterminate was, when the former method was the Sentence, and (c) The Parole. The latall-and-in-all of the curative process, sup- ter we have already—the cart before the posedly. The corrective effect was pre- horse, for the parole is supplemental to sumed to be commensurate with the se- the Indeterminate Sentence, as that in verity of treatment of the incarcerate, turn is corrollary to the proper segregaand the Draconian theory lapped over into tion and classification of prisoners. Withthe latter periods of English history when, out going into explanation, the late Legisto trespass upon a nobleman's preserves, lature acted wisely in postponing further or to steal a sheep, merited the death sen- prison reform measures until such time tence. The facts, however, amply show as they could be put into active operation that punitive severity was never in anyby a due enlargement of prison accomsense a check upon crime. The average modations, to which end the present offender never recks the cost in the joy prison authorities have bent every effort of the criminal act. A truer study of the during the past two years. When that criminal predisposition dictates otherwise. shall have been accomplished the time will

Method answered to the deeper insight. be ripe for the introduction of these upThe humanitarian principle came to the to-date measures with the prospect of imrescue. Reformation was soon found to mediate and full operative force, under be a nobler desideratum, more commen- expert management. surate with the innate dignity of the sub- The Indeterminate Sentence is the ject. To save is better than to damn. sheet anchor of the new method. It does The subject is at least worthy of the at- away with the present glaring inequalitempt. New preventive methods came ties of sentence by which a first offender early into vogue, hand in hand with the is given an onorous sentence of five or

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