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ten years for the same offense for which soft snap is the ruin of a prisoner, and the Recidivist (second-termer), receives an easy way out confirms the habitual and perhaps one or two years. There should second offender unerringly in crime. be two prisons, one for first offenders and In the meantime, we are entering upon another for the Recidivist who is the real a period of education. The public mind criminal per se. Short sentence should be is just beginning to grasp the import of the prevailing one for the former, and the problem in its varied economic, civic practical life detention for the latter, and and moral import. Crime costs the both provisionally, under the Indetermi- United States Government $600,000,000 nate sentence. The Recidivist rarely re- per annum, or an amount about equal to forms. The way of escape should be made one-half the public debt. California difficult both for his own sake, and cer- bears more than its proportionate share tainly as a safeguard to society. His of this burden. The criminal wave breaks prison experience should not be made upon this shore and scatters its spume far onerous. The second-termer should be and wide. Our congregate system is its leniently dealt with, as regards time of greatest crime-breeding center. The service. There is always a breaking point, criminal impact is appalling. The young I have noticed, in the detinue of every offenders are here inoculated with its first offender bevond which he becomes virus. No prison management however embittered. He is then likely to become efficient can stem its influence. Only inan enemy to society where, if the law had telligent legislation crystallized into wise been more lenient, he might have been and efficient laws are equal to the task. reclaimed. I advocate hard work, hard This must be backed by an equally enfare and strict discipline for these, to in- lightened public sentiment to place us ulaugurate a wholesome respect for prison- timately abreast with advancement along life, and commensurately for the laws. A these lines ; other States.



The gift of song is such a holy thing,
So bright, apart from wealth or worldly fame,
That whereso’er 'tis found, men know it came

From God.

Men said my days were wasted, and indeed

It seemed I went with empty hands, nor now

Is there recalled one furrow that my plow
Then made across the broad and fertile mead:
And further, I could reap not, if the seed

Were never planted; that the autumn bough

Would barren be, nor could they but allow
Such days at last to scanty want would lead !

But He who clothes the lilies of the field

And hears the hungry ravens when they cry,
Has led me safely down the ways that shield

From bitter blasts, beneath a cloudless sky;
And song is mine; still passing moments yield

That peace the gold of Ophir cannot buy.


Marvelous Mexico-The Lower City Reservoir at Guanajuato. Jarvelous MexicoGeneral interior of Santa Domingo at Oaxaca. This floor is entirely of tile and the church


is said to have cost upwards of thirteen million dollars.


He's such a promising youth-

Come, now, deny it who dare !
None could be more so; in truth,
He's such a promising youth,
It's his performance, forsooth!

Even his creditors swear,
He's such a promising youth!

Come, now, deny it who dare !

Never yet has any kissed me-

But I've kissed him back again.
Were it true all mouths have missed me,
Never yet has any kissed me,
Off life's stage they'd all have hissed me;

But the truth is—0 you men !
Never yet has any kissed me-

But I've kissed him back again.

Was once a gold miner out West;
With eagles he'd feathered his nest;

But his wife, knowing that,

Needs must feather her hat,
Which took every pin he possessed.

-Huntly Gordon.

THE THREE PHILOSOPHERS AND THE COQUETTE. Three very Weird and very Long-haired and certainly very Wise Philosophers sat round a Table in a Cafe one Evening, as was their Wont, and Quaffed Ale the while they pooh-poohed Fra Elburtus and handed G. Bernard Pshaw a Couple in the Solar Plexus and coined Epigrams on the slightest Provocation.

When these Matters had been properly Disposed of, they began a Discussion of the Evening's alloted Topic, “The Coquette," upon which they had, in the Meantime, been thinking up some Extemporaneous Gems of Thought.

“A Coquette,” said the First, "is a Woman who Encourages a Man."
"A Coquette," said the Second, "is a Woman who Discourages a Man."

"A Coquette," said the Third, "is a Woman who Encourages a Man by Discouraging him.”-Carrington Grant.

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Abraham Isaac, and Michel Kaiser, brares of the Flathead Tribe

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