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know, as well as I do, that I never had a Curera Company, about which he and his cent to spend as I was a mind to. I never wife had so often argued, and a great light had anything that was pretty when I was shone in on his mind, but he only said, a girl, and I've never had anything sense softly, "Well, I snum !” I was married only what you thought was Dinner was eaten in silence. Anastasia necessary. And ’tain't fair. I've worked apparently had no more to say.

Her as hard as I could all my life, and I never ring caught the light as she moved, and had even the butter and egg money to glowed cheerfully in the otherwise gloomy spend without being told what to git with atmosphere. Just as she was taking off it. Ever sense I was a mite of a girl I've her apron after the dishes were washed, wanted a garnet ring more'n anything in Jabez came to the door. He looked a the world, seem's if, and I couldn't have trifle sheepish—“meachin,” his wife would it. I asked you for one once, and mebbe have said--and remarked casually, "I you recollect what you give me.”

might hitch_up and take you down to She swallowed a little sob, and then, en- ’Lizbeth's. I s'pose she'd like to see yer couraged by his seeming stupefaction, new ring. And say, 'Stasia," stooping to went on boldly: "I'm glad I've got it. It's pick up a pin that he seemed to have a comfort to me, and as far as the piece in difficulty in locating, “I guess I might's the paper goes, all it says is true, for what well give ye back yer ten dollars to do I know, and anyway it's no worse to say whatever yer a might to with, and we'll it there than to put it on your barn roof call it the ring's a present from me. for all creation to see. You git money for On the way to Elizabeth's, he said, depthat, and you spend it as you're a mind recatingly, "I dunno's I'll have them signs to, and that's what I've done, and I ain't painted agin. I don't much like the looks sorry for it."

of 'em, anyway." After a period of rumiHe reached out the ring to her, still nation, during which his wife sat silent. without speaking, and she took it and put he continued: “Don't ye worry none about it on her finger' as if she was throwing that piece in the paper. I'll see the editor, down the gauntlet to fate, saying quietly, and I guess he'll print some other testi“There's no call to let dinner git cold, as

mony after this.

There ain't no harm I know of.”

done anyway, and I'm glad ye've got the Jabez went out to the pump to wash ring, 'Stasia. I didn't rightly know how his hands, as if dazed. He looked at his had ye wanted it.” And then Anastasia big barn roof, across which in monstrous kissed him, without even looking to see if letters was emblazoned the legend of the any one saw her.





The mariner has long since learned to be exceedingly cautious about depending upon aerial sound signals, even when near. Experience has taught him that he should not assume that he is out of hearing distance of the position of the signal station because he fails to hear the sound; that he should not assume that because he hears a fog signal faintly he is at a great distance from it, nor that he is near because he hears the sound plainly.—EXTRACT FROM MONOGRAPH OF HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE, U.S. NAVY,


ODERN ADVANCES groping through fog. Every form of fog

in naval architecture signal hitherto adopted has proved unre

and in the science of liable and even deceptive. M navigation


Now, however, comes Professor Alexrobbed the

of ander G. McAdie, in charge of the U. S. practically all its ter- Weather Bureau station at San Francisco,

one—fog. with a new system of fog signals which

Well-found ships, promises to revolutionize the systems now handled by skillful navigators, can nowa- in vogue throughout the world. In prindays scorn the tempest, but up to the pres- ciple, it is simplicity itself, and it is based ent time no human device has been able upon natural laws familiar to every highto eliminate the danger when vessels are school boy or girl. The only wonder is,





Fog lifting. l'iew from U. S. Weather Bureau, Mount Tamal pais, California

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that it has not been thought of before. fog, indeed in clear weather, is such that

The principle lies in the varying rates not only the distance, but the bearing of of transmission of electric waves through the sound, cannot be determined with any the air and of sound waves through water. confidence whatsoever. Numberless marine

The practical application is found in a disasters have been attributable to the ersimple combination of the wireless tele- ratic behavior of sound in air. Even with graph and the submarine telephone, both the best apparatus a signal may be heard of which devices are now being installed distinctly at a distance of four miles, and upon ship-board to constantly increasing be inaudible at half a mile. There may be extent for general uses. Professor Mc- zones or patches of audibility and of inAdie proposes to substitute the messages audibility over a large area. sent by them in combination for the sound This phenomenon is due to the varying signals now in vogue.

densities of the atmosphere, diverting or Bells, syrens, guns, whistles, gongs and altering the sound waves. Professor Tynother sound signals transmitted through dall thus describes the conditions: the air are notoriously unreliable, as the "By streams of air differently heated, Hydrographic office of the U. S. Navy has or saturated in different degrees with aqueannounced. The aberration of sound in ous vapor, the atmosphere is rendered

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flacculent to sound. Acoustic clouds, in human ingenuity has been taxed in vain fact, are incessantly floating or flying to improve upon the signals transmitted through the air. They have nothing what- through air by means of bells, whistles, ever to do with ordinary clouds, fog or trumpets and the like. These, being all haze; and the most transparent atmos- subject to the aberrations already de. phere may be filled with them, converting scribed, are so unreliable that instead of days of extraordinary optical transpar- averting disaster, they have actually at ency into days of extraordinary acoustic times precipitated it, the hearer being ofopacity.”

ten misled not only as to the distance, but If such irregularities obtain on perfect- as to the bearing of the sound. ly clear days, they are obviously existent to In the wireless telegraph and the subas great, or even greater, extent in fog, marine telephone, Professor McAdie has when obstruction of vision adds its per

found the solution of the great probplexities to the mariner groping his way lem. like a blindfolded man.

The wireless telegraph transmits its elecWhen a ship is proceeding in fog, she tric waves instantaneously, regardless of has nothing but sound to warn her of her the “acoustic clouds.” T'he submarine proximity to danger, in the shape of either telephone transmits sound through water another vessel or the shore. Hitherto, with reliability as to both distance and


Sea fog pouring over Sausalito hills and through Golden Gate


Helmholtzian fog billow. l'iew from U. S. Weather Bureau Observatory, Mount

Tamal pais, California.

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direction that for all practical purposes multiplied by 4,708, gives the distance of approaches certainty.

the station in feet, as both signals were He proposes that vessels and shore sta- despatched at the same time. tions be equipped with both wireless tele- For example, suppose that three seconds graph and submarine telephone plants. elapse between the receipt of the wireless During fog, these stations would simul- and the submarine signals. Three times taneously emit a signal.

signal. The electric 4,708 is 14,124 feet. As there are 6,080 waves from the wireless telegraph travel feet in a nautical mile this would indiwith the velocity of light,—that is, 188,- cate that the source of the signals, whether 000 miles a second. The wireless signal another ship or a shore station, is about would therefore be heard the moment it two and one-third miles away. was sent.

No time need be lost by the listener in The sound waves from the submarine making computations, as he would have at telephone travel at the rate of 4,708 feet hand tables showing the distance correa second through water at the normal sponding to any elapsed time in seconds. temperature of 10 degrees Centigrade. The times may be noted watch, They would therefore be heard later than clock, chronometer or chronograph. the wireless signal. The elapsed time .

The great advantage of water over air would be the measure of the distance. as a medium of sound transmission is in

To illustrate, suppose the officer on the its uniformity. Being homogeneous, with bridge of a ship traveling through fog inappreciable variations in density, it hears the “click” of the

the conventional transmits the sound waves with reliability. wireless signal. Instantly he notes the At the present time, wireless telegraph time and awaits the signal from the tele- outfits are provided to ocean going vessels phone, the receiver of which he has at his in constantly increasing numbers, and

, ear. When he hears this, he again notes there are numerous wireless telegraph stathe time. The elapsed time in seconds, tions along the coasts of nearly every civ


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