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LEAR NIGHT, the stars, vistas queenly, blue-costumed creature to a seller
of colors and a million lights. of bells. "If they're real cow-bells, let me
Laughter, dazzle and bedeck-

hear thein ring—I have to deafen a man." ment, and the wild joy of living. "Is it your husband ?” asked the seller The old world and the new, North, South, of bells, as he shook his ware till the stars the East and the West, met at last, and danced. “If it's your husband, and you'd in a “Here's to you !" in honor of the like to blind him as well, I sell goggles, chivalrous Don Gaspar. The old world too.” and the new, the old San Francisco and “Should the world come to an end right the new, footing it bravely, beating the now I wouldn't care,” laughed one of a rush of time, toasting the brother draught rollicking companionship of three-a

-madness wiser than wisdom, Bohemian- buxom, spirited girl with a white plume ism rarer than Heaven in the city that in her hat. And just then she bumped

. knows no night. Women fair as Cleo- into the arms of the U. S. Infantry. “And patra, men perfect as Achilles, beggar neither would I,” returned the gay musand prince, clown, soldier and genius, the keteer promptly; "but I'd rather go to the ragged and velvet, the hoi-polloi and the ends of the world with you." "Come on, elite, but all One-Unity pulse-flamed then," she smiled. And he needed no and convention-swept-in the plunging second invitation. sea of merriment, the surging, impas- “Oh, how fortunate he is !” remarked a sioned symphony that is Portola. And in Gibson girl in mauve silk, coming out of all the flash, the flare, the wit, the buf-. the Bismarck, and pointing to

a very foonery of the crowd, adventure-tuned cross-eyed Chinaman standing dumband devil-may-care, a thousand incidents struck at the magnificence. “He can see and sensations, the shadings of diverse it in several ways, can't he?”

" elements, bizarre effects that are of its “Yes,” said her companion, "but he is soul.

bound to have his pigtail pulled." "To the devil with men's ware," yelled "Wouldn't it be fun," she meditated. a hale Scotch drummer to a friend on Then suddenly she swooped over to pull Third and Market. “I am a poet, a gen- it, became afraid and ran away again. “I ius to-night, and cannot remember that I wouldn't be surprised," she suggested, “if sell socks. Just let them keep growing he might be our launderer. Just think if such women—nothing else on earth mat- I had done it and made an enemy of him ters."

—what a chance to get back at me!” A lithe, dark-eyed thing in Mexican So on up and down Market street the gay costume, the muscatel of Old Spain brim- carnival spirit paraded itself, the incarming her black eyes, had great difficulty nation of romance, of high spirits, and in passing a fat man, one of the kind who humor. And all the while confetti blinded can never hope to see his toes. "If you your eyes and piled an inch deep on the could ever reach me,” she said, “I'd let sidewalk. Never was such a host, never you make love to me.” The fat

such a revel of beauty. Out of that reached, over-reached and fell his crowd, passing you like fair creations of knees. “Oh, Romeo!" taunted the but- your dreams, yes, and very often tickling terfly in flight.

you under the chin, and with handfuls of “Let me hear them ring, then," said a confetti and a smile for you—came wo

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Don Gaspar de Portola enters the city, and is escorted to Union Square.

Geary and Kearny Streets. Queen Virgilia on her way to meet Don Gaspar de Portola.


Evening Post, Photo,



Mayor Taylor presents the golden key to Don Gaspar.

Earenina Daot

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Four hundred thousand visitors await the arrival of Don Gaspar de Portola.

Fourth and Market Streels.

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