Annual Report on the Statistics of Labor, Volume 36

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Page 139 - It would be possible for the state to guarantee employment at ample wages to all who are born. But if it does this, it is bound in self-protection, and for the sake of every purpose for which government exists, to provide that no person shall be born without its consent.
Page 590 - ... if such child has attended for a like period of time a private day school approved by the school committee of such city or town, or if such child has been otherwise instructed for a like period of time in the branches of learning required by law to be taught in the public schools...
Page 590 - Every child between seven and fourteen years of age, and every child under .sixteen years of age who cannot read at sight and write legibly simple sentences in the English language...
Page 94 - Those of the mill-girls who had homes generally worked from eight to ten months in the year; the rest of the time was spent with parents or friends. A few taught school during the summer months. Their life in the factory was made pleasant to them. In those days there was no need of advocating the doctrine of the proper relation between employer and employed. Help was too valuable to be ill-treated.
Page 593 - Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the treasury of the Commonwealth a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, to be expended by the...
Page 584 - An age or schooling certificate shall not be approved unless satisfactory evidence is furnished by a certificate of birth or baptism of such minor, or by the register of birth of such minor with a city or town clerk, that such minor is of the age stated in the certificate, except that other evidence, under oath, may be accepted in case the superintendent or person authorized by the school committee, as provided in the preceding section, decides that neither the certificate of birth or baptism, nor...
Page 585 - ... shall keep a register of the names and addresses plainly written in English of the persons to whom such articles or materials are given to be so manufactured, altered, repaired or finished or with whom they have contracted to do the same.
Page 586 - No child under the age of fourteen years shall be employed at work performed for wages or other compensation, to whomsoever payable, during the hours when the public schools of the city or town in which he resides are in session, or be employed at work before six o'clock in the morning or after seven o'clock in the evening.
Page 590 - ... read at sight and write legibly simple sentences in the English language, or is exempted by law from such attendance.
Page 589 - ... shall be punished by a fine of not less than ten nor more than three hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than three months. A trial justice shall have jurisdiction of complaints for violations of the provisions of the eight preceding sections, and in such cases, may impose a fine of not more than fifty dollars.

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