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ticable and a considerable compilation of data relating to food legislation and inspection has also been included in the appendix.

The author would here make grateful acknowledgment to the authorities whose lectures and reports have been freely quoted in describing the different food industries, and to many friends for helpful suggestions. Special thanks are due to his colleague Mr. A. W. Thomas and his former students Miss Lucy H. Gillett and Miss Ethel Ronzone each of whom has critically examined the entire work either in manuscript or in proof. Corrections or suggestions from others who may use the book will be appreciated.

H. C. S. JULY, 1914.

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In rewriting this book in the light of ten years' experience in its use in other classrooms as well as that of the author, the text has been clarified wherever possible and new material has been incorporated in every chapter in order to bring the subject matter up to date. Several chapters have been completely rewritten and a new chapter has been added, dealing with the economic relationships of food products, with practical suggestions for household food budgets. Certain rearrangements have been made in the interest of convenience in teaching; but the general sequence of topics followed in the first edition remains unchanged, since in the actual development of the subject matter this sequence has been found to involve a minimum of reference to explanations not yet reached. In the judgment of the writer, this sequence permits the most satisfactory development of the economic phases of the subject, while avoiding the common danger of misleading the student by classifications which over-emphasize a single aspect of a food material. Each chapter is, however, sufficiently complete in itself, so that the order of topics can readily be altered by the teacher who desires.

Special attention has been given to the incorporation of the advances of the past ten years with adequate emphasis and yet in such a way as to avoid giving exaggerated impressions. To this end the first chapter is rewritten and enlarged to include a brief sketch of the newer view-points regarding food values; and throughout the book the vitamin content of foods is given its proper place together with calories, proteins, and mineral elements in the discussion of food values. The newer knowledge of food values supplements the older, but does not supplant it.

In order to put the user of the book in touch with the recent advances in all phases of our knowledge of food products without making the descriptive text unduly voluminous, many of the publications of the past ten years which are chiefly significant as extending our descriptive knowledge or as developing certain topics more fully than is feasible in a book of this size, are included by title in the lists of references at the ends of the chapters, so that by selection from these the teacher may develop the course, or the individual reader may extend his reading, as fully and in such directions as may be desired in each case.

As in the preparation of the first edition, the writer has profited greatly by both the writings and the oral suggestions of many colleagues and other friends. His special indebtedness to those who assisted in the original work as noted in the preface to the first edition, and to Dr. M. L. Caldwell for collaboration in the present revision, is gratefully acknowledged.

H. C. S. MAY, 1924.


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