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Suspenseful! Gripping! If there's something we recovering people like to read most it's a book by another recovering person. Especially one who's really gone through the wringer and come out alive, ready to share experience, strength, and hope. Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story by Lynn C. Tolson is just one of those books. From the very first page Tolson brings you head first into a roller-coaster ride through her life. My knuckles turned white reading the first chapter. The title of the first chapter is "Pills and Prayer." It reads like a treatment to a suspenseful movie. Tolson brings us right into the mind of someone who wants to die and the thought process that goes into such a task. Three pages in and Tolson has your attention. If you are interested in reading a gripping true story about a fellow survivor, Beyond the Tears is the book to choose.
Chris D. RecoveryWorld, 12 Step Recovery

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Powerful, Raw and Honest - *Beyond the Tears, A True Survivors Story* is a MUST read for Survivors and all who love them especially Survivors of Suicide, Incest & DV.
At the start of each chapter I
noted a special quote that had a connection with that chapter. What a wonderful and special treat for the reader!
Putting pen to paper leads to new discoveries on the true depth on the aftermath of incest and so much more. From page one I felt as though I was with Lynn as she described her world, bringing the reader on each curve, each suspenseful twist or smile.
I felt so connected on many levels due to my own journey. Soulful angst, abandonment, search for love-healthy love and searching in literally all the wrong places with all the wrong people not knowing or understanding we are deserving so much more especially after what was done to us and what was ingrained in us.
Our society wants us to keep silent on such taboo subjects yet this author braves the storm-front and breaks with traditions sharing long held secrets, breaking cycles and talking about the six letter word.
Voices need to he heard and stories need to be told. Thank you Ms. Tolson for sharing your journey!
Love & Light
Elizabeth Brawley
Child Abuse Advocate,Survivor

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Not Alone Anymore I haven't read a book [Beyond the Tears] that I have connected to so well in my life. For those that have lived through any type of abuse, this book is a comfort in knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The author, Lynn C. Tolson, leaves nothing behind and embraces her audience with truth. The book is an enlightenment to those that read it. I have felt compelled to be honest with myself as I flipped through Beyond the Tears. I recommend this book to anyone, whether you are just trying to grasp a better understanding or connection or want a truly honest read. I have been blessed by the author's words and inspiration for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you Lynn C. Tolson for an incredibly inspirational book!  

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Style and Sincerity! Enjoying your book so much! I am on the second chapter and can hardly put it down to go to sleep. You are a good writer. I love your writing style. You can tell by your book that all did happen and know your are sincere. It makes me so sad that you had to go thru all of that. Bill Clinton's book just has to wait! N. C. 

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Brave, Brilliant, Beneficial! Beyond the Tears by Lynn C. Tolson is a brave, brilliant, and beneficial book. As I was reading the story of a traumatized child, I could not help but to think how brave the author is to speak up. She had been silenced not only by the ones who abused her, but also by the society that stigmatizes such abuse. There was no one she could talk to about incest. She blamed herself, and took the ugliness out on herself. This story is not just another memoir about growing up in a dysfunctional family. The book is also an intelligent exploration of society, which generates and perpetuates abuse by keeping it silent. Another element that makes this book different from other auto-biographies is the way it reads like a novel. The author uses prose, poetry, metaphor, and memory to keep the reader hooked. You don't have to be a victim of sexual abuse and/or domestic violence to read this book. Although the author's true-life descriptions of abuse are tough to take in, I appreciated the benefit to anyone who happens upon this book. A reader will find insight, inspiration, and information that lasts a lifetime. In the epilogue, the author reveals how she was going through cancer when finally publishing this book. Even if the book is the last thing she did with her life, she has done us all a favor. We, the reading public, need to know what trauma and survival is really about. Anonymous 

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