Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Agriculture

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Page 51 - It further recites that no immediate participation may be purchased unless it is shown that a deferred participation is not available, and may I in parentheses add that this means at the present time a guaranteed loan. Reciting further that no loan may be made unless it is shown that a participation is not available. Mr.
Page 50 - per centum per annum ; and (C) no such loan, including renewals or extensions thereof, may be made for a period or periods exceeding ten years except that such portion of a loan made for the purpose of construction facilities may have a maturity of fifteen years plus such additional period as is estimated may be required to complete such construction.
Page 428 - The hearings will be adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, at which time we will hear from Mr. Arthur W. Greeley, Mr. DOYLE. Thank you, sir. Associate Chief of the Forest Service; Mr. John C. Lynn, legislative representative of the American Farm Bureau Federation; and Mr. Blue Carstenson, National
Page 5 - structures and improvements within a reasonable period, they shall become the property of the United States, but that will not relieve the permittee of liability for the cost of their removal and restoration of the site. Then, under item 12, it reads: This permit is not transferable. If the permittee through voluntary sale, or
Page 24 - no marketing agreement or order applicable to milk and its products In any marketing area shall prohibit or in any manner limit. In the case of the products- of milk the marketing in that area or product thereof produce
Page 44 - is chairman. He also is chairman of the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. We feel, however, that your committee should be informed of this situation, and perhaps in some manner, can communicate with the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee of the House in order that effective coordination may be secured. The same situation confronts both agencies and homeowners
Page 16 - authorized the Secretary of Agriculture "to develop and administer the renewable surface resources of the national forests for multiple use and sustained yield of the several products and services obtained therefrom.
Page 38 - An extension of this notion that we have recently had, as a result of an executive order of the President and of the discussions of a committee of the Department of Agrirculture jointly with the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare,
Page 19 - -will be accompanied by John Datt, assistant director of the Washington office of the American Farm Bureau Federation. We will be glad to hear from you now, Mr. Lynn. STATEMENT OF JOHN C. LYNN, LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR, AMERICAN FARM BUREAU FEDERATION, ACCOMPANIED BY JOHN C. DATT, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, WASHINGTON OFFICE, AMERICAN
Page 51 - This section recites further that no financial assistance shall be extended pursuant to this subsection unless the financial assistance applied for is not otherwise available on reasonable terms. Mr.

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