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THE INTELLECTUAL FACULTIES. A CHILD !—this is the subject of our study. An infant is a bud to be unfolded, but, sad thought! a cankered bud to be healed also. Every child possesses a threefold nature—physical, intellectual, moral,—and the future character of the being will depend upon the training which these receive. In most cases the physical nature is well cared for. No unfriendly blast is allowed to reach the frail body; no doubtful aliment is administered; no treacherous influence suffered to approach; and no amount of watchfulness is considered too great. If symptoms of disease appear, the most skilful advice is sought, and the most tender nursing secured. All this is right as far as it

goes. But in regard to the intellectual and moral nature it is often otherwise. There we but too frequently see no parental wisdom, care, forethought, or effort, and the result is that the intellect is left undeveloped, and the moral feelings untrained; or if trained, unconsciously and inadvertently trained to evil.

Many of our readers may remember the disappointment which they experienced when they saw the great koh-inoor diamond in the Exhibition of 1851, and perhaps they may have said, Is that the koh-i-noor ? Is that all there is to see ? Many may also remember the same koh-i-noor in the Exhibition of 1862. How different! Surrounded as it was then by the choicest gems, it excelled them all,


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