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Medical care, examinations, etc-Continued
Government employees:

Disability retirement, medical examination in connection with, 5 § 29.5
Employees injured while in performance of duty, medical or dental treat-

ment or hospital service for, 20 Part 2
Helium gas for medical purposes, licenses for exportation of, 22 $ 76.3
Income tax deductions for medical, etc., expenses, 26 § 39.23 (x)-1

Army hospitals, admission to, 32 577.22

Hospital and medical care of, 42 Part 36 Medical records of members or former members of armed services; release of

information from, 32 Part 41 Merchant marine cadets and enrollees and crews of Maritime Administration

vessels; medical treatment and examinations of, 42 $$ 32.41, 32.61–32.65,

32.76; 46 88 310.10, 310.18 Military academies, medical examination of candidates for, in connection with

admission. See main heading Academies. Motor vehicles, Government-owned, medical examination of operators, 5

88 35.501, 35.502 Narcotic addicts, public health medical care for, 42 Part 33 National Guard members:

Medical care, 32 88 1101.37–1101.41

Pay and allowances during hospitalization, 32 $ 1101.38 Naval medical facilities:

Admission of civilians to, 32 g 765.5

Medical care of supernumeraries in, 32 Part 728 Organizations providing medical care, education, and research; income tax

regulations. See Internal Revenue Service. Prisons, Federal; medical attention for former inmates after discharge for

injuries resulting from accidents while in prison, and while employed by

Federal Prisons Industries, Inc., 40 $ 1.8
Public health medical care; regulations respecting. See Public Health Service.
Public Health Service commissioned officers; medical care, etc., for, 42 $ $ 21.161–

21.163, 31.2-31.10
Railroad employees; sickness and maternity benefits, 20 Part 335
Seamen; public health medical care and examination of, 42 Part 32
Selective Service registrants:

Emergency medical care, 32 $ 1609.51

Physical examination, 32 Part 1628
Veterans. See Veterans' Administration.
Medical certificates, for airmen; issuances, etc., 14 Part 406
Medical and dental officers and specialists:
Air Force medical officers:

Regular Air Force, appointment in, 32 Part 887
Reserve officers:

Appointment, 32 $$ 861.151-861.156, 861.601-861.613
Special short tours of active duty, 32 $$ 861.1165, 861.1166, 861.1171-

Army medical officers, etc.:

In Army Reserve, 32 $ 561.18

In Regular Army, 32 $$ 573.1–573.6, 573.10
Contract surgeons; duties, pay, etc., 32 $$ 572.1-572.5
Physical therapy aides, appointment in Women's Medical Specialist Corps,

32 $$ 570.21-570.24, 573.1–573.6, 570.10
Private practice, 32 88 577.5, 577.45
Navy Medical Survey Review Board; powers, proceedings, etc., 32 Part 721
Selective Service registration:

Classification, physical examination, selection, and induction, 32 Part 1650

“Special registrants”, definition of, 32 $ 1602.13 Medical diathermy equipment which emits radiofrequency energy in radio spectrum,

operation of; radio regulations, 47 88 18.11–18.17 Medicine industry. See Drug, medicine and toilet preparations industry.

Medicines, etc.:

See also Drugs.
Alcohol, medicinal preparations or vehicles made with or from, taxes on:
Drawback of tax on preparations manufactured from domestic tax-paid

alcohol; customs regulations, 19 $ $ 22.22–22.26
Sale for nonbeverage use; excise tax regulations, 26 $ 171.7
Export control, 15 $$ 373.55, 399.1 (Group 8)
Mailing of medicines and serums; deposit with transportation clerk, 39 $ 43.3
Mineral oil, drugs for internal use containing; labeling, etc., 21 $ 3.4
Narcotic drugs, medical stores of, on vessels; regulations of Narcotics Bureau,

21 $ 302.53 Packing and stamping; customs regulations, 19 $ 11.1 Meetings, annual. See Annual meetings. Melting-point standards for aluminum, copper, lead, tin, and zinc; standard samples,

15 $ 230.11 (j) Member banks of Federal Home Loan Bank System, regulations respecting. See

Federal Home Loan Bank Board.
Member banks of Federal Reserve System:

Insurance of deposits. See Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Operation of. See Federal Reserve System.
Supervision of national banks and State member banks. See Comptrolier of the

Currency; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; and Federal Reserve

System. Memoranda of natural gas companies and electric power companies, etc.; regulations

under Federal Power Act and Natural Gas Act respecting form and style, verifi

cation, deficiencies, etc., 18 Parts 41, 158 Memorials, monuments, etc.:

Memorial stones, etc., in national cemeteries, 32 Part 553; 36 Part 5
National memorials, monuments, or statues. See National Park Service.
National parks or monuments. See National Park Service.
War memorials, erection of, in United States or foreign countries; regulations

of American Battle Monuments Commission, 36 Parts 401, 402, 403 Menominee Indians; regulations specially applicable to:

See also Indian Affairs Bureau.
Enrollment, 25 Part 51

Forest lands; clearing and use for nonforest purposes, 25 $$ 62.50-62.52
Mental illness; grants to States for hospitals, treatment, etc., 42 Parts 51, 53
Mentally incompetent or insane persons:
Insane or incompetent aliens, ineligible to receive immigration visas, 22

§ 42.42 Mentally deficient aliens; appeal from certification for mental condition,

8 $ 236.13 (c) Army personnel, payments on behalf of; active duty pay or retirement pay, 32

Part 532 Claims for moneys due from United States; General Accounting Office regula

tions, 4 $ 5.3 Coast Guard personnel, pay due to, 33 Part 49 Grants to States for treatment, etc. of mental illness, 42 Parts 51, 53 Naval personnel; payments of amounts due to; active duty pay, retirement pay,

etc., 32 Part 726
St. Elizabeths Hospital, District of Columbia:

Admission of voluntary patients, 42 Part 304
Pension funds and other moneys of patients, handling of, 42 Parts 301, 302,

303 Selective Service registration, upon leaving institution, 32 $$ 1611.6, 1613.41,

1642.31-1642.33 Veterans or beneficiaries. See Veterans Administration. Merchandise: Consular officers; furnishing of samples of merchandise by, to customs collec

tors or appraising officers, 22 $ 114.5 Customs duties on. See Customs Bureau. Excise tax on manufacturers' or retailers' sales of certain merchandise, 26 Parts

316, 320 Fair trade practices in connection with. See Federal Trade Commission.

Foreign assets control; importation of and dealing in certain merchandise, 31

$ $ 500.204, 500.536–500.538 Mailing of, in domestic and international mail. See Post Office Department. Transportation of freight, by rail, motor, water carriers, etc. See Interstate

Commerce Commission. Unclaimed and abandoned merchandise in customs custody, disposition of, 19

Part 20 Wage and hours provisions respecting production of certain merchandise. See

Wage and Hour Division, Labor Department. Merchant crews of vessels under jurisdiction of Navy; regulations respecting shipping

and discharge, 32 $ 765.15 Merchant Marine Academy, United States, at Kings Point, New York:

Admission, etc., 46 $$ 310.46–310.73

Regulations for receipt of donations for chapel and library, 46 $$ 310.100-310.103 Merchant Marine Cadet Corps and enrollees in State academies, etc.:

Appointment and training, 46 $$ 310.1–310.73

Medical care of members of, 42 $ $ 32.46, 32.61–32.65, 32.76
Merchant Marine Council, hearings by; regulations respecting, 33 $ 1.05-15
Merchant marine officers and seamen, regulations respecting. See Coast Guard.
Merchant marine vessels:

See also Vessels.
Arming of United States merchant cargo vessels, 46 $$ 147.06–1–147.06–5

Charter, sales, etc., of vessels under Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, 46 Part 299 Mercury; purchase programs for, 32A Chapter XIV:

Mined in continental United States, including Alaska, Regulation 11

Mined in Mexico, Regulation 12 Mergers, of businesses; informal procedures under Anti-Merger Act, 16 $$ 1.61–1.63 Merit system standards, in employment; statement from State agencies respecting

adherence to, 20 $ 603.10 Mesa Verde National Park:

Archeologic ruins, visits to, 36 $ 1.16
Hospital, Aileen Nusbaum; charges, 36 $ 20.39 (a)
Motor vehicles; permit fees, 36 $$ 13.1, 13.15
Pack trains or saddle horse parties, 36 $ 1.17

Private lands within, 36 Part 12
Messenger service:

Employment of messengers at below minimum wages, 29 Part 523
Minimum wage orders for messengers in Puerto Rico, 29 Part 671
Postal regulations respecting:

Mail-messenger service, 39 Part 94

Special messengers, 39 § 42.3 (e) Metal business furniture and storage equipment; minimum wage determinations for

persons employed on public contracts, 41 $ 202.50 Metal powders; export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 6) Metal products manufacturing industries; trade practice conference rules, 16 Parts

76, 85, 127
Metal-working machinery, export control, 15 8 399.1 (Group 7)
Metals, minerals, and ores:

See also specific metals or minerals.
Advisory committees on minerals and metals, 32A Chapter I, DMO V-1, and

Supplement 1
Analysis of samples of coal for non-Federal applicants; fees, 30 Part 10
Critical and strategic materials. See Critical and strategic materials.
Customs regulations:

Drawback, 19 $ $ 22.1, 22.5, 22.14 (c)
Entry, sampling and assaying; customs regulations, 19 $ $ 8.46–8.48

Smelting and refining in customs bonded warehouses, 19 $$ 19.17–19.28 Defense mobilization program responsibilities of Interior Department respecting

minerals and metals, 32A Chapter I, DMO I-13 Export control of minerals, metals, ores, etc., 15 $$ 373.31, 373.39-373.41, 399.1

(Group 6) Foreign trade statistics, 15 § 30.27 Gold and silver; regulations of Monetary Offices respecting. See Treasury

Lands containing. See Mineral lands.

Metals, minerals, and ores Continued

Mining of. See Mines and mining.
Priority orders respecting aluminum, copper, iron and steel. See Business and

Defense Services Administration.
Radioactive content of ores; standard samples, 15 $ 230.11 (r)
Royalties and rentals. See Royalties and rentals, minerals.
Standard samples, 15 $ 230.11
Transportation of coal and iron ore to various countries by vessels; rates, etc.

See National Shipping Authority. Metals Committees, Interdepartmental: Light Metals Committee, establishment in Office of Defense Mobilization, 32A

Chapter I, DMO V-1, Supp. 1 Non-Ferrous Metals Committee, establishment in Office of Defense Mobilization,

32A Chapter I, DMO V-1, Supp. 1 Meteorolgy: Grants to citizens of other American Republics for training in, 14 Part 450;

15 Part 502 Meteorological instruments; export control, 15 $ 399.1 (Group 9) Radio frequencies for transmission of meteorological data. See Federal Com

munications Commission. Regulations of Weather Bureau. See Weather Bureau. Methane detectors, approval of, etc.; regulations respecting, 30 Part 22 Methane gas, high-purity; test fee schedules, 15 $ 205.701 Metlakahtla Indians, occupancy of Annette Islands Reserve, Alaska, etc.; regulations

respecting, 25 Part 1 Metrology; testing of meters for use in various fields (chemistry, electricity, heat

and power, mechanics, optics and metrology, radio, atomic physics, etc.). See

National Bureau of Standards.

See also Foreign countries, government, companies, etc.
Agricultural workers from:

Admission to United States under special legislation, 8 Part 214k

Manpower policy on use of, 32A Chapter I, DMP 10 Aliens from, documentation of, 22 $ $ 41.6, 41.7, 41.20, 42.6 Animals (cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, etc.) and animal products, impor

tation from, 9 $$ 92.31–92.40 Arms, ammunition, and implements of war in transit through United States

from, 22 $ 75.48 Bridges and tunnels between United States and foreign country, materials and

equipment for use in building of; customs entry, 19 $ 10.41 Citrus fruits in transit through United States to foreign countries; restrictions,

7 $ 352.9 Claims against Government of Mexico, payment of awards and appraisals in

favor of American nationals; regulations of Accounts Bureau, 31 Part 254 Customs relations with, 19 Part 5

Stolen automobiles, aircraft, etc., returned to United States from, 19 $ 5.13 Export declarations, for exports to or from, 15 $$ 30.34, 30.36, 30.42 Immigration from or through; immigration regulations respecting. See Immi

gration and Naturalization Service. Inspection, disinfection, etc., of vehicles, railway cars and boats, to prevent

introduction of insect pests and plant diseases, 7 Part 320 Merchandise in transit, from or crossing; customs regulations, 19 $ $ 18.28–18.31 Poultry, importation from, 9 $$ 92.31–92.34, 92.38 Stolen motor vehicles, airplanes, etc., in United States or in Mexico, detention

of under treaty with Mexico, 22 Part 20 Tariffs for through express or passenger service (rail, motor, or water) to or

from, 49 $$ 145.72, 147.38 Wartime travel, immigrants and nonimmigrants; waiver of requirements of

passports or permits, 22 $$ 53.24–53.29 Mica; purchase program for domestic mica (hand-cobbed, or processed block and

film), 32A Chapter XIV, Regulation 7
Mica, wet ground, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 121
Michigan swamp lands; selection and patenting of lands, etc., 43 Part 271
Microbalance weights; test fee schedules, 15 $ 206.605
Microchemical standards; standard samples, 15 $ 230.11 (g)

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Microfilming of Government securities, checks, warrants and paper money, by bank

ing institutions; regulations of Secret Service, 31 $ 404.1
Micrometers; test fee schedules, 15 % 202.504
Microphones; test fee schedules, 15 $ 206.101
Microscopes; export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 9)
Microwave standards, frequency meters, etc.; test fee schedules, 15 $ $ 214.901, 214.902

Admission of candidates to Naval Academy as, 32 Part 710
Claims for veterans' benefits by midshipmen and cadets assigned to duties con-

stituting war service, 38 $$ 3.1 (m), 3.1010 Midway Island:

See also Territories and possessions of United States.
Customs relations with:

Entry of merchandise from, 19 $ 7.8

Export of merchandise to; drawback of customs duties, 19 $ 22.27 Steamship service between United States and, not "domestic intercoastal or

coastwise service”, 46 $ 277.1 Midwifery in Canal Zone; license, certification, etc., 35 $ $ 24.14, 24.15 Migratory agricultural workers, domestic and foreign; manpower policy respecting,

32A Chapter I, DMP 10 Migratory birds: Hunting and possession of; regulations respecting. See Fish and Wildlife

Service. Refuges for. See Wildlife. Mileage, accounts and records respecting: Air carriers. mileage record, direct airport-to-airport; economic regulations,

14 $ 247.1 Steam railroads; uniform system of accounts respecting car-miles and locomo

tive-miles, 49 $$ 10.800–10.825 Military Academy, United States, at West Point; admission to, 32 Part 575 Military activities, civilian organizations engaged in; registration with Justice

Department, 28 Part 10 Military Appeals, United States Court of; rules of practice and procedure, 32 Part

Military equipment, information, reservations, etc.:

See also Armed forces of United States; and Naval activities, personnel.
Aircraft, military:
Army or Navy contracts for; taxation of excess profits in connection with,

26 Parts 16, 17
Transportation on, etc. See Aircraft.
Canal Zone; Military Airspace Reservation, designation, etc., 35 $ $ 5.2, 5.102
Commercializing improperly military titles, uniforms, confidential information,

etc.; cease and desist orders, 16 & 13.505 Education, military. See Education and training. Explosives, military:

See also main heading Explosives.
Handling of, at military installations by commercial vessels, 33 $ 19.15;

46 $ 154.15
Transportation on board commercial vessels, 46 $$ 146.29–3–146.29–100
Information, safeguarding of. See Information.
Military justice. See Justice, military.
Military law, persons not subject to; arrest and confinement by military author-

ities, 32 Parts 503, 803
Military and naval academies, schools, etc. See Educational institutions.
Military and naval courts. See Courts.
Military and naval forces of United States. See Armed forces of United States.
Motor carriers; service at military establishments, 49 $ 211.1 (12)
Payment certificates; claims against United States for, 32 88 536.79–536.84
Photograhs or sketches of military or naval subjects; Navy Department regula-

tions, 32 8 765.19
Procurement of supplies and equipment. See Procurement of supplies.
Renegotiation of military contracts. See Renegotiation Board.
Reservations, military and naval:

Canal Zone, reservations in. See Panama Canal.
Homestead entries on abandoned reservations, 43 Part 116

In Alaska, 43 Part 75, note

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