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Military equipment, information, reservations, etc.—Continued
Reservations, military-Continued

Naval reservations; admission fees, liquor prohibited, 32 $$ 765.8, 765.14
Post services; Army Department and Air Force Department regulations:

Motion picture service, 32 Parts 555, 855

Service clubs, hostesses, and librarians, 32 Parts 557, 857 Secrets, military: Army regulations; classified information, troop movements, etc., 32 Parts

505, 509

Exportation of articles involving; prohibitions, 22 Part 78 Military parks, national. See National Park Service. Milk and products. See Dairy products. Milk bottle cap and closure industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 198 Milk, evaporated, industry; minimum wage determinations for persons employed on

public contracts, 41 § 202.40 Mill site on public lands; applications for patents, etc., 43 $ $ 185.65–185.68 Millerton Lake National Recreation Area, Washington; general rules and regula

tions, 36 Part 2 Millfeeds, trading in, on commodity exchanges; regulations respecting reports, etc.,

17 Part 7
Millinery industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 216
Millwork industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 44
Mineral lands:

See also Metals, minerals, and ores; and Mines and mining.
Disposal of mineral interests in certain lands:

By Farmers Home Administration, 6 Part 386
By Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation, 6 Part 91
Reservation of rights by Federal agencies; provisions respecting

uranium, etc., deposits, 44 § 101.61 Indian lands; sale or lease of minerals. See Indian Affairs Bureau. Lake Mead Recreation Area; leases for minerals in lands withdrawn for recla

mation purposes, 43 $$ 199.70–199.81 National forests, parks, monuments, etc., mineral lands in, 36 $$ 1.27, 251.10–

251.12, 251.15 Public lands, leasing, etc. See Land Management Bureau. Reclamation projects, lands within; waiver of mineral rights by homestead

applicants, 43 $ 401.24 Mineral oil, drugs for internal use containing; notice to manufacturers, packers

and distributors respecting labeling, etc., 21 $ 3.4 Mineral properties of foods; label statements, 21 § 125.4 Minerals Exploration Administration. See Defense Minerals Exploration Adminis

tration. Minerals, Non-Metallic, Committee, Interdepartmental; establishment in Office of

Defense Mobilization, 32A Chapter I, DMO V-1, Supp. 1
Mines Bureau:

Airship inflation; restrictions on sale of helium for purpose of, 30 $ 1.14 (a)
Blasting devices. See Explosives.
Breathing apparatus. See Respiratory protective apparatus.

Analysis of coal for non-Federal applicants, 30 Part 10
Payments required from owners of private lands upon which Bureau of

Mines performs exploration, etc., to investigate known deposits; reason

able percentage determined, 30 Part 9 Coal mines:

See also Mine equipment.
Blasting devices; safety standards, investigations, fees, etc., 30 Part 17
Diesel locomotives; tests for permissibility, fees, etc., 30 Part 31
Dust collectors for use in connection with rock drilling in coal mines; type

of equipment, approval, inspection, methods of testing, etc., 30 Part 33 Stemming devices; safety standards, tests for permissibility and suitability,

30 Part 16 Conveyor belts, fire-resistant, for use in mines; tests, approval, fees, etc., 30

Part 34 Diesel locomotives, for use in coal mines, etc.; tests, approvals, fees, etc., 30

Part 31

Mines Bureau—Continued
Diesel-powered mobile equipment for use in non-coal mine; tests, approvals, fees,

etc., 30 Part 32 Dust collectors, for use in connection with rock drilling in coal mines; tests,

fees, etc., 30 Part 33 Electrical equipment, for mines. See Mine equipment. Exploration of known coal deposits on private lands by Mines Bureau; payment

required from owners, 30 Part 9
Explosives, ingredients, and related articles:
Control in time of war or national emergency, 32 Parts 1301, 1302

Exceptions from application of act and regulations, 32 $ 1301.3
Instructions for vendors, manufacturers, industries using explosives,

and explosives investigators, 32 $$ 1301.18–1301.21
General license (to persons not otherwise prohibited) for manu-

facture, handling, etc., 32 § 1302.1
General provisions respecting applications for, issuance, revoca-

tion, etc., 32 $$ 1301.4–1301.1, 1301.22, 1301.23
Sales, 32 $ 1301.15
Storage and handling, 32 88 1301.24-1301.30

Transportation, 32 $ 1301.16
Tests, fees, approvals, etc.:

Blasting devices for use in coal mines, 30 Part 17
Blasting units:

Multiple-shot blasting units, 30 Part 25

Single-shot blasting units, 30 Part 24
Explosives, including sheathed explosives, 30 Part 15

Stemming devices, 30 Part 16
Gas masks. See Respiratory protective apparatus.
Helium, production and sale for medical, scientific and commercial use; con-

tainers, exportation, service charges, repurchase rights of Government,

etc., 30 Part 1 Junction boxes. See Mine Equipment. Lamps. See Mine equipment. Locomotives, Diesel, for use in coal mines; tests, approvals, fees, etc., 30 Part 31 Methane detectors, portable mine equipment; tests, approvals, fees, etc., 30 Pakt

22 Mine equipment (safety equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment, etc.);

tests, approvals, fees, etc.: Blasting units:

Multiple-shot, 30 Part 25

Single-shot, 30 Part 24
Conveyor belts, fire-resistant, 30 Part 34
Diesel locomotives for use in coal mines, etc., 30 Part 31
Diesel-powered equipment, mobile, for non-coal mines, 30 Part 32
Dust collectors for use in connection with rock drilling in coal mines, 30

Part 33
Electric motor-driven mine equipment, junction boxes, etc., 30 Part 18
Explosives. See Explosives, above.
Junction boxes and electric motor-driven mine equipment, 30 Part 18

Cap lamps, electric, 30 Part 19
Mine lamps, electric (other than cap lamps), 30 Part 20

Safety lamps, flame, 30 Part 21
Locomotives, Diesel, for use in coal mines, etc., 30 Part 31
Methane detectors, portable, 30 Part 22
Mobile equipment, Diesel-powered, for use in non-coal mines, 30 Part 32
Respirators, gas masks, etc. See Respiratory protective apparatus, below.
Signaling devices and telephones, 30 Part 23

Telephones and signaling devices, 30 Part 23
Respiratory protective apparatus; types, fees, approvals, etc.:

Breathing apparatus, self-contained, 30 Part 11
Gas masks, 30 Part 13

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Mines Bureau-Continued
Respiratory protective apparatus; types, fees, approvals, etc.—Continued

Filter-type, dust, fume and mist, 30 Part 14
Gas, nonemergency (chemical cartridge), 30 Part 14a

Supplied-air, 30 Part 12
Rock drilling in coal mines, dust collectors for use in connection with; tests,

fees, etc., 30 Part 33 Signaling devices, mine equipment; tests, approvals, fees, etc., 30 Part 23 Stemming devices, for sealing explosives, use in coal mines; tests, approvals, fees,

etc., 30 Part 16
Telephones; mine equipment; tests, approvals, fees, etc., 30 Part 23
Mines and mining:

See also Metals, minerals, and ores; and Mineral lands.
Coal Mine Safety Board of Review. See Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of

Employment of minors in mining, 29 $$ 4.53, 4.60
Equipment; explosives, electrical and mechanical equipment, respiratory pro-

tective apparatus, testing of. See Mines Bureau. Export control; mining machinery, 15 8 399.1 (Group 7) Hydraulic mining in California, debris from:

Regulations of California Debris Commission, 33 $ 209.160

Tax on debris; excise tax regulations, 26 Part 317 Income tax deductions for depletion, development, etc., of mines and other

natural deposits, 26 $$ 39.22 (b) (15)-1, 39.23 (m)-1439.23 (m)-28, 39.23

(CC)-1, 39.23 (ff)-1 Indian lands, mining on. See Indian Affairs Bureau. Mining companies, securities of: Companies in promotional, exploratory, or development stage; submission

of financial statement in connection with registration of securities,

17 $ $ 210.4-14, 210.5a-01-210.5a-07 Registration of securities under Securities Act of 1933; special exemptions

for assessable shares of stock, 17 § 230.240 National forests, parks, etc., mining in:

National forests, 36 $ $ 251.10–251.12, 251.15
National parks, monuments, etc.; prospecting and mining, 36 $ 1.27

Death Valley National Monument, 36 $ 20.26

Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska, 36 $ 20.44
Oil mining, wells, etc. See Petroleum and products.
Operating and safety regulations. See Geological Survey.
Public lands, mining on. See Land Management Bureau.
Radio services in connection with mining activities, 47 $ $ 11.507, 11.508

Strip mining, requirements and prohibitions, 30 $ 211.27
Minimum wages. See Wages.
Aliens, immigrants:

Nonquota immigrant status accorded to, 22 § 42.8

Petition for immigrant status, 8 Part 204
House as part of compensation; taxability, 26 § 39.22 (b) (6)

Selective Service classification (Class IV-D), 32 g 1622.43
Minnesota lands:

Drainage areas, subject to special laws; entries, charges, etc., 43 Part 118
Exchanges of lands for benefit of State, 43 $$ 152.20–152.35
Mineral resources on certain national forest lands; disposal of, 43 $$ 199.61-

199.64 Swamp lands, grants to States; selection and patenting of lands, etc., 43 Part 271 Minority groups:

See also Discrimination because of race, color, creed.

Placement services for, 20 $ 604.8

See also Children.
Agriculture, employment in; records to be kept by employers, 29 $ 516.24
Citizenship or nationality:

Alien children of citizen parent, naturalization of, 8 Part 322
Assertion of claim to United States nationality, 22 $$ 50.9, 50.10

Citizenship or nationality-Continued
Citizenship certificates, for children born to United States citizens outside

United States, and for children of naturalized parents, 8 Part 341 Discharge from armed services upon application of parent or guardian:

Air Force, 32 $$ 882.1-882.10
Army, 32 $ 582.1

Navy, 32 8 765.10
Employment of; child labor regulations. See Labor Department.
National park concessioners, employment of minors by, 36 Part 28
Protection against unintentional employment of under-age minors in perform-

ance of public contracts, 41 $ 201.105 Taxability of income of, returns, etc.; income tax regulations. See Internal

Revenue Service. Veterans' beneficiaries. See Veterans Administration. Mint Bureau; procedures and forms. See Treasury Department. Mints and assay offices; regulations of Monetary Offices respecting. See Treasury

Department. Mirror manufacturing industry; trade practice conference rules for, 16 Part 118 Misbranding or mislabeling of products; cease and desist orders, 16 $$ 13.1170

13.1355 Misleading name, using of; cease and desist orders, 16 $$ 13.2275–13.2465 Misrepresentation or deception: In connection with marketing of securities; regulations under Securities Ex

change Act of 1934, 17 $ $ 240.106-1-240.106-8, 240.12a-1—240.12a-5,

240.1501-2, 240.15c1-3 In trade practices; cease and desist orders. See Federal Trade Commission. Missing persons; personnel of Navy and Marine Corps:

Allotments to dependents, 32 $ 718.2
Finding of presumptive death under Missing Persons Act, 32 Part 718

Transportation of dependents, 32 $ 718.3
Mission Indians, California; enrollment of members of Cabazon, Augustine, and

Torres-Martinez Bands, 25 Part 54
Mississippi River Commission; medical care for seamen on vessels of, 42 § 32.51
Mittens industry:

Employment of learners at below minimum wages, 29 $ $ 522.60–522.65
Minimum wage determination for persons employed on public contracts, 41

$ 202.46 Minimum wage orders for home workers in various industries, 29 Part 621 Mixed vegetables. See Vegetables. Mobile radio services. See Federal Communications Commission. Mobilization base; policy, and agency responsibilities and assignments for main

taining. See Defense Mobilization, Office of. Mobilization Production Committee; establishment, 32A Chapter I, DMO VII-9 Mohair:

Parity prices, determination of, 7 Part 5

Price support programs, 6 Part 468

See also Sugar and related products.
Inspection and certification, 7 Part 52, note
Parity prices, for sugarcane sirups, 7 Part 5

Standards, 7 Part 44
Molecular physics; fees for testing various instruments, equipment, etc., 15 Part 204
Mollusks (giant African snail); restriction on entry of, from foreign countries or

Guam, 7 Part 324 Molybdenum, ores, semifabricated forms, etc.; export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 6) Money orders; postal regulations, 39 Part 61

International money orders; list of countries where service is available, 39 $ 61.2 Moneys:

Foreign exchange; rates, etc., 31 Parts 127, 128, 129
Indian moneys, tribal and individual; regulations respecting. See Indian Affairs

Mailing of money and valuables to foreign countries, 39 $ $ 113.2 (c), 132.1 (f)
Regulations of Fiscal Service and Monetary Offices respecting. See Treasury

Values of foreign moneys, for calendar years, 31 Part 129

Monkeys, importation of; foreign quarantine regulations, 42 88 71.154, 71.155 Monopoly in trade, conspiring to maintain; cease and desist orders, 16 $$ 13.455,

13.470 Monosodium glutamate, use in foods and label statement respecting; notice to man

ufacturers and users, in food products, 21 $ $ 3.10, 3.23 Montana lands:

Exchanges of lands for benefit of State, 43 $ $ 152.1-152.12

Flathead Irrigation Project, public land within; entries, etc., 43 Part 233 Montezuma Castle National Monument; guide fees, 36 $$ 13.1, 13.11 (a) Monument dealers, employees of; exemption from minimum wage provisions of

Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 $ 779.30 Monuments, national, regulations respecting. See Land Management Bureau; and

National Park Service. Moores Creek National Military Park; visiting hours, 36 $ 20.20 (a) Mopstick industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 90 Morals; good moral character, requirement for admission of aliens, 8 § 316.1; 22

$$ 41.17, 42.42 Morphine. See Narcotics. Morristown National Historical Park:

Admission fee, 36 $ $ 13.1, 13.13 (b)

Speed of vehicles, 36 $ 20.19 (a)
Mortgage loans, on homestead entries on public lands:

Desert-land entrymen, mortgaging of interests of, 43 $ 232.18
Loans by United States acting through Secretary of Agriculture, 43 $$ 165.36,

166.87, 167.34, 167.35

In Alaska, 43 88 65.29, 65.30, 66.10, 66.11

Advances on home mortgages, by Federal Home Loan Banks, 24 Part 125
Insurance, mortgage:
Federal ship mortgage insurance, 46 Part 296

Debentures, transactions in, 46 Part 297
Mortgage insurance for various types of housing. See Federal Housing

Servicemen, mortgage insurance for, to aid in construction or purchase of

homes under certain conditions, 32 Part 42 Purchases, sales and service, by Federal National Mortgage Association, of

FHA-insured and VA-guaranteed mortgages, 24 Part 400 Railroad companies, mortgages, indentures, deeds of trusts, etc., of; alteration

or modification, 49 Part 55 Motion pictures, sound pictures, etc.:

Army and Air Force motion picture service, 32 Parts 555, 855
Circulation abroad of American-made visual and auditory educational mate-

rials, 22 Part 502
Copyrighting of motion-pictures, 37 $ $ 202.13, 202.14
Customs entry, 19 $$ 8.15 (c) (30), 10.1 (c), 10.10, 10.68, 10.89, 12.41
Prohibited entry, obscene or immoral matter, or matter advocating treason

or insurrection, 19 $ 12.41 Export control; motion picture films, 15 § 371.20 Filming of motion or sound pictures, in areas administered by agencies of

Interior Department (Indians, wildlife, etc.), 43 Part 5
Mailing of 16 mm, etc., films; fourth-class matter, 39 Part 25
Military activities, motion picture coverage of:

Defense Department regulations respecting, 32 $$ 147.23–147.26
Navy, cooperation by, in making of commercial motion pictures, newsreels,

and training films, 32 $ 765.18 (e) Motion picture contracts, copyright; Army procurement regulations, 32 § 598.204 Motion picture producing industry; exemption from regulations respecting

salary basis for employees paid at least $200 a week, 29 $$ 541.5a, 541.601 National Bureau of Standards films available for loan; dental materials, hydrau

lics, etc., 15 § 235.1 Radiocommunication in connection with filming of motion pictures, 47 $$ 11.401

11.404 Motor carriers. See Motor vehicles and motor carriers.

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