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My life

they met, below the clerk’s bench, there bring down her rod upon the offender with stood a table, upon which, in summer, was such effect as to restore order immediately. placed a bucket of water with a shining dip- These were primitive customs, per. Thitherward the children turned their enough; but no subsequent times have prolittle pattering steps from all quarters of the duced better preachers than those who, building during every part of the service. standing under that grotesque soundingMy desire to join that throng was intense, board, held fast the attention of the people and the number of fruitless journeys and for a full hour, in spite of old Buck with pantomimic entreaties I made from my end his peripatetic warming apparatus and old of the pew to my mother at hers for per- Winnie with her public castigations. mission to do so I cannot sum up.

I cannot but feel kindly to the old sexwould have had a ruddier glow through all ton—not sexton of the church only, but the its history, I am sure, had I but once en- grave-digger for the town. His quaint fig. joyed the privilege of having old Davy Buck, ure and reverent air, as he stood leaning on the sexton, hand me some water out of that his spade at the head of the grave, asserts cool bucket.

its place in my memory, while the preachers By the bye, he was an institution in the and pall-bearers and other conspicuous atchurch. I don't think he was ever young. tendants have entirely faded from it. How He seemed to have been born old, and long ago he died I do not know; but he never to have grown any older. He made buried generations of the people before a the fires in the huge ten-plate stoves on younger hand performed that last service either side of the pulpit, with which the for him. attempt was made to warm the church. It must be forty years since the old They were insufficient, of course; but Davy church was abandoned for a handsome new was equal to the emergency. Before the one in the middle of the town, and very hour of worship he would pack bricks many since it was torn down and its site cut within and on top of them, which, when up into burial plots. thoroughly heated, he, with a long pair of As I move among the graves, my mind tongs, would capture and distribute through summons back the friends who lie within the pews as the services proceeded. He them. There are the Blains, and Baxters, was a very black man, bent nearly double, and Alexanders, brothers and more distant and as his large feet turned straight out, his relatives of Dr. Archibald Alexander of step was slow and heavy, and this scene Princeton Theological Seminary; the Graenacted every Sunday in the winter must hams also, in whom are blended the Alexhave been strangely ludicrous.

ander with the blood of the learned and Speaking of him recalls another one of patriotic Rev. William Graham of Liberty his race conspicuous in her zeal for church Hall memory. Here are the Moores too decorum. There were no negro churches Andrew Moore, Sr., who long represented in those days, and the Presbyterian colored the State in the Senate, as his son, Samuel people came and occupied the right-hand McDowell Moore, did in the House of gallery of that in which their masters wor- Representatives; the Barclays and Davidshiped. Colonel Ried's Winnie, a solemn sons and Cummingses, strong names in the old woman scowling under a big bonnet, town and country; Dr. Jordan, an excellent sat just above the preacher at the end of a physician, and old Colonel Jordan, so enlong bench full of children, armed with a ergetic in the State's internal improvements; switch of great length and most venomous the families of William C. Lewis, and Chapin, look. Woe betide the little urchin who and Smith, and Fuller, and Paine—this last grew restless or yawned under the long ser- lineally descended from John Knox; the mon! At the least noise she would rise, Paxtons—Frank Paxton, who fell at the head and with a precision of aim truly wonderful, of the Stonewall brigade at Chancellorsville, and his brother, James Gardiner Paxton; of Jackson's high-spirited adjutant, Colonel the Whites, and Carutherses, and Lyles, and Alexander Pendleton, only son of General Esteles, and Rieds; Mrs. Ruffner, mother William N. Pendleton. In another part of of Dr. William Henry Ruffner, the late Su- the ground is the plot where Governor perintendent of Public Instruction of the James McDowell with his wife and some of State; and the Leyburns, men of character his children are buried. Passing out through and influence-one, Dr. George Leyburn, an the front entrance we come to the resting enthusiastic missionary, sleeps on his mis- place of Mrs. Dr. George Junkin, wife of the sion field in Greece. Here, too, are the President of Washington College, and their Bowyers: Captain John Bowyer, an old daughter Elinor, first wife of General Stonegentleman in all my recollection, remarkably wall Jackson; and near by to that of General handsome and aristocratic in mien and Jackson himself. An unostentatious stone manner, has left on my mind an indelible marks the spot, and the beaten path shows impression; and the coach and four, filled how great the homage and how fresh the with his handsome daughters-one of whom memory of him still. was allied by an early marriage to the fam- At General Lee's I was shown pictures ily of Washington, another married Judge and relics brought from Mount Vernon and Brockenbrough, and still another, the most Arlington. There were fine portraits of beautiful woman I ever saw, became the Washington at different periods of his life, wife of General Colston, long in the service and also of his wife. All Americans have of the Khedive—as it drove to the door of seen, in every variety of the art, from the the old church, lingers like a romance in dime tea-cup to the finest oil-painting, copies my memory. On a quaint black marble of these; but the great charm of them for me slab is the name Thomas L. Preston. He was that they were taken from life. I was was a lawyer, and, in connection with Hon. getting them at first-hand, and seemed to be Thomas Ritchie, established in Richmond looking into the very faces of the originals. very early in the present century the Rich- The portrait of Washington in the red uniform mond "Enquirer," a journal which, in Mr. of a British officer, taken when unknown to Ritchie's hand, molded, more than anything fame, had in it greater intellectual vigor else, the Democratic politics of the State; than any I have seen; and the one painted becoming in its long existence not the ex- only a few months before his death gave the ponent merely, but the autocrat of the most agreeable impression of serene old age, Democratic party. He married a daughter being free from the mental and physical of Edmund Randolph, who was successively languor so observable in all the pictures of Governor of Virginia, Senator, and Attorney- him in the last years of his life. General of the United States, and was en- As I wandered round the rooms, admirtering upon a canvass for a seat in Congress ing some and interested in all, I suddenly from the district of which Rockbridge forms confronted a large, half-length portrait of a part when he died. The grandsons were

The grandsons were a handsome, lordly looking man elaborately Confederate soldiers. Captain Frank Pres- attired in scarlet and gold lace, with ruffs, a ton lost an arm at Winchester, but partially powdered wig, a sword, and all the emblarecovering, became an accomplished profes- zonry of semi-barbaric splendor. I live a sor in Washington and Lee, and afterwards good deal among students, and their slang, at William and Mary, where he died. Wil- "What a gorgeous dike!” might have expressliam C., just seventeen, received a mortal ed my idea; but I simply inquired who the wound in the second battle of Manassas. overwhelming gentleman in a frame worthy His body rests where he fell, but a memorial of the picture was, and found that he was of him appears in the family plot.

one of the Custis ancestors of my charming All around lie the bodies of the boys in young hostess, a Mr. Park (you see how gray. Near the main entrance is the grave that very familar name “George Washington Park Custis” gives at a stroke two or three as an object of very pleasant interest. A biographies), and that he had had the honor night or two before my visit General Lee of being the first to announce to Queen had given a reception to the students, when Anne that the battle of Blenheim had been the silver punch-bowl from Mount Vernon "a glorious victory." I wish I could write was brought into service, and a table laden out the name and all the honorary distinc- with dainties was covered with a dam ask tions of this august individual, but I much cloth bearing the letters “G. W.” fear that they have faded out of the memory As I lingered among my old haunts, the even of his descendants. But if they have, Washington and Lee Commencement apwhat matter? The Queen remembered the proached; and, as in the olden time, all deed, and, as queens are not apt to do, re- the hearty and handsome hospitalities of the warded it. On the mantel stood a pair of town were brought into play for this gala tall, very handsome, solid silver candlesticks, season of the year. Young men and maidone of the dozen pair which the grateful ens were in the ascendant by universal conqueen had bestowed upon this “one of the cession. As I heard of their lawn parties Parks” with her own fair hand. How much and receptions, and — yes, even in strict better the royal gratitude would have ap- Scotch-Irish Lexington - germans, I wonpeared in one coronet than in a dozen dered if our earlier merry-makings had altocandlesticks! A gentle tap of her Majesty's gether dropped out of fashion. Cay parties finger upon the shoulder of the kneeling Park, on horseback, in those quieter days, would as he told his errand, would have sent his file through the silent streets while it was yet name down the ages in the glory of knight- dark, and, to the chorus of the birds, climb hood. She didn't look at it in that light; but, the steep sides of the rugged House Mounapparently with great good will, gave the tain, to catch the glory of a sunrise from dozen pair of candlesticks; and being very its top. But, splendid as was the view, the much pleased about Blenheim and the Great pleasure of the excursion could not comDuke, and doubtless having an eye to the pare with that of a picnic under the Natural pleasure of her dear friend “Mrs. Johnson," Bridge, sixteen miles off. That furnished a the Great Duke's wife, she went farther, and red-letter day in one's history. A number added silver urns and bowls with gracious of young ladies and gentlemen, after a very open-handedness. When to these sovereign early breakfast, would set out in carriages favors we add the fact that Sir Godfrey and buggies and on horseback, to spend the Kneller immortalized him on the very can- day at the Bridge, a wagon following with vas before me, we must all admit that Mr. the daintiest and most abundant lunch. The Park received abundant recognition for the road in summer was good, and the scenery agreeable service he rendered.

for the most part romantic; becoming, howA couple of portraits, darkened by age, ever, on nearing the bridge, unkempt and of two or more of the Custis ancestors hang utterly wild. Dismounting at the top, the in the hall. In the corner of each were the hilarious throng would wind a long way down crossbones and skull, the sign-manual of the scraggy hill before they came in sight of Van Dyke.

Near them a handsomely the grand arch flung high above them, or framed landscape filled a large space, and caught a glimpse of the little stream, dashbore the legend of having been a target for ing and gurgling and eddying amid the big the Lee boys at Arlington in their earliest rocks of its narrow bed. A few minutes' attempts at archery. Although I put my walk from that opening view brought them mind to it, I left without deciding whether directly under the immense span, where imthe lack of merit was in the picture or in the mediately they enter upon the struggle to boys, that this should be its history.

discover the spread eagle imprinted upon I must not neglect to mention the little it, with a lion's head under its wing—the baptismal bowl of General Lee's children American eagle, forsooth, with the overborne British lion. The imaginative ones very after the style of other Commencements resoon saw them with entire distinctness; the ported at the same season all over the country. others courageously asserted they were not The young speaker utters his final words, there. But there were names cut by as- and the weary usher hands in his only remainpiring athletes, up a dizzy height, upon its ing basket of flowers; one more shy glance damp, perpendicular sides. Many a decade between the gallery and the platform quickly back in the last century an expert climber passes; the last note in the many rounds of reached a point and carved his name- applause dies out; the benediction is said; George Washington-so high that, in all the the curtain drops. The boy of to-day, with generations of ambitious contestants since, his careless merriment, is behind it; the man few have reached, and scarce one has gone of the morrow, invested with the responsiabove it.

bilities of manhood, the glow of hope minStrolling around in the shade, mounting gling with the first sense of the realities of to the top and peering down into the vast life, stands before us. The old South with depths of the chasm, and the merry attempts her scars is passing off the stage. New to spread the feast on the stones of the political complications, new party combinanoisy creek, filled the sunny hours of the tions, are just on the threshold; and it is long day, which the coming home in the but fit that old men should step aside and cool hours of the evening with an exquisite young ones come forward. And when I moon to light the way brought to a bewitching hear these youths on the platform expound close. But this was long, long ago, before modern chivalry as the highest moral prin

. the locomotive had roused those old hills, ciple in all the labors and relationships of or speculation had brought a landscape gar- life, expressed in delicate courtesy of speech dener to lay his unhallowed hand upon the and behavior, leading one to hope that inpicturesque surroundings of this great nat- tegrity is to be the rallying cry of the presural curiosity.

ent generation, then I feel sure that we who But I have wandered away from the Com- belong to the old South, and love her, may, mencement. It came on; and its exercises, without a fear, confide to this vigorous new continued through several days, were much South the destinies of the State.

S. P. McD. Miller,


BELOVED earth-calm vestal robed in white-
Neglectful priestess! In th'abyss of night
Hath slowly dropped his unfed fires the sun
Thou hast outwatched. And O, beloved one,
Beneath the wintry moon dusk broideries slight
The trees weave for thy garments' hem.

And light
The loveless winds slip by, awed at the sight
Of thee. Night's murmurings about thee run,

Beloved Earth.

The stars that lean o'er the untroubled height
Of blue infinity, disdainful slight
Thy pallid grace. Their scornful eyes, O shun;
Lest I be left, forgotten and undone.
The nearer watcher thou dost ill requite,
Beloved Earth.

Ada Langworthy Collier.


no more.


fleeces to form and to fade with passionate

fidelity to the forming and fading far above. ANNETTA had been awakened by Mrs. Yet no reflections, however bright, could McArdle's first shriek; but only to thick rob the vicinage of an air of desolation. For throbbings of undefined terror. At that a few houses, once standing on dry edges second shriek she started up to the glorious of the marsh, now lifted high on manifestly sunshine of a new day and to a horror of insecure props, yawned black and tenantsudden death.

less; while other houses, their ground-floors She was clothing herself in whatever submerged, their walls damp and moldy, garments came first to her cold, trembling gave token of a wretched occupancy close hands, when Mrs. McArdle, darting from under their roofs. Out of one of these, a Bartmore's room, took hers on a wild way mere shed, careened and blackened, and through the house.

accessible only by a single plank and broken "O, wirra, wirra, Miss Annetta, dear!” ladder, Johnny Meagher had been carried she moaned, diligently crossing herself. to his premature grave.

A stone cast from " “Tell me!” gasped Annetta. "Is any- the open doorway of this building might body actually drowned?”

easily have fallen at the end of the dump, "John-ny Melody an' Dan Meagher"— about which the whole neighborhood was

' heavily emphasizing those names. "I say now excitedly gathered.

The wan o'top d'other. I seen Besides the swarm of men, women, and the green pond smooth itsel out where children, an irregular line of carts, deserted Dan's black topknot wint under—twict I by their drivers, effectually forbade that Anseen it.” And she shuffled hurriedly away, netta should catch any glimpse of whatever leaving her high-pitched voice lingering efforts at rescue were making. But Tom after in a long-drawn lamentation.

was there. She heard his voice issuing perSimultaneous with this departure, a furi- emptory directions, with colloquial disregard ous clash of the office window announced of orthoepy. an irregular and impetuous exit thence. “Be sure of your holt, then haul stiddy.

A moment later, flying bare-headed Stand back! Give us more elbow-room, through the hall-way, Annetta caught wildly will you?" at her broad garden-hat hanging by its rib- A woman whom Annetta did not remembons on the hat-rack. The ribbons still ber ever to have seen, ran up to her. A dangled there as she ran, hat in hand, down poor creature in a bedraggled calico, her the deep, rough descent past Mike Grady's shawl fallen off her frowzy head. house. Gaining the first cross-street, the “Howly saints protect us! an' isn't this a scene of the tragedy spread itself before her sad sight, Miss Bairtmore?” she cried; and horrified vision.

went on, garrulous with agitation: "'Twas That pond had been a marsh until some Melody's cairt backed over.

He jumped recent and extensive grading had caused the off to cut the horse loose, an’ was thrampled water to rise in a narrowed basin. Green under. Thin Dan Meagher, niver mindin' though its edges were, on sunshiny days his fine clo’es, he pitches himsel' in to save such as this, its open sweep became a fleck- poor Johnny- Glory to God! what's that?” less mirror, wherein a blue, mysterious hol- A sudden swaying from the bank's edge. low of summer sky had room and way The woman who had been talking with Angloriously to curve itself, and voluminous netta darted nervously forward. Annetta

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