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Afoot up Eel River...
..John W. Durst..


Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate..

.T. H. Rearden..


American Shipping...
.Joseph Hutchinson..



..Evelyn M. Ludlum.. ..60, 182, 256, 407, 503, 618

Athletic Sports at Harvard..
Andrew McF. Davis..

Aunt Venus...
.Sara Dixon Halsted..


Baltimore to Berkeley, Half a Dozen Words from . D. C. Gilman...


Bit of Indian Folk-Lore, A...
...J. C. Hughes..


Book Reviews,

Agamemnon, 199.-Aldrich's Poems, 103.- American Statesmen: John Randolph, 199.-Ameri-

can Statesmen: James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, 547.- Bancroft's Works, 104.-Bancroft's

Central America, Vol. I., 200.-Bancroft's Mexico, Vol. I., 433.-Breeze From the Woods, A,

100.-Briefer Notice: Recent Fiction, 202, 652.-Briefer Notice: Recent Verse, 202.-Briefer

Notice: Juveniles, 203.-Briefer_Notice: Miscellaneous, 203, 321, 436, 653.-College Verses,

Berkeley, Cal., 101.-Corea, the Hermit Nation, 550.-Doctor Zay, 120.- Early Days of Chris-

tianity, 201.-Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford, 320.-Gesta Christi, 549.-Holiday Cards,

104.- House of a Merchant Prince, 434.-How to Succeed, 201. - Magnhild, 547.-Memoir of Ole

Bull, 319.- Mingled Yarn, A, 652.-Oddities in Southern Life and Character, 436.- Poems from

the Harvard Advocate, 435.--Sacred Scriptures of the World, 651.-Studies in Historical and

Political Science, 321.

Catching Old John Brown
.. Leverett W. Spring

Certain Characteristics of Oriental Thought, On... Adley H. Cummins

Chinese Mythology in San Francisco..
L. A. Littleton...

Corean Medical Science...
William Elliot Griffis



Aristocracy and Civil Service..

.A Plebeian.


Decision of Columbia College, The... Irene A. Safford..

Study of Shorthand, The....
.T. A. Reed, Roscoe L. Eames..

Treatment of Dependent and Delinquent Chil-
dren, The.....
.E. T. Dooley..

Criminal Responsibility of the Insane, The Harold Wheeler..

Cuidad de la Reyna de los Angeles, La.... Clara Spalding Brown...


Current Comment.

Salutatóry.-The Tidal Wave.-Foreign Criticism.-The Kindergartens...


The Session of Legislature.-An Uncivilized System.-Memorial Associations.-Beauty and

Genius.-The Copper Cent..


A Historical Monograph Series.-Some Californian Scholars.-Co-operation of Scholars.-A

Political Burlesque. The Theaters...


English and American Tendencies in Fiction.-The Charter Election. The Legislature. 431

Educated Discussion and Legislation.-Discussion on the Divorce Question. A Good Direction
for Public Opinion.;

Longfellow's Michael Angelo.-Auxiliary Literatures.- Popular Science.-Mr. James' Califor-

nian Geography..
Discovery of the Potato in Arizona, The. .J. G. Lemmon.

.369, 513
The Holidays.-New Words Wanted..

San Francisco Scenery.--Mr. Sandham's Pictures.-Artistic Caprices. --The Paint and Clay Club

of Boston. -The Authors' Club of New York.-Mrs. Langtry: -The Raymond Tourist Party..204
St. Valentine Baskets.--Enamel Furniture.

---Church Embroidery. The Montreal Winter Car-
nival. – Village Improvement Societies. The Town Library.-Quotation.


The International Copyright Question.....

Preservation of the Water Supply.--Has a Man any Rights in Himself ?.

Evil as a Factor in Evolution.
.C. T. Hopkins...

.. Marie Howland.


Warren Cheney..

.F. V. Paget..

.Maria L. Pool.


Half a Dozen Words From Baltimore to Berkeley.D. C. Gilman.

on Relaxation.

Alfred Wheeler


W. H. Rideing..

.N. Dagmar Mariager.

..James Berry Bensel..

.222, 355, 469, 6:3

.Henry Liddell..



Franklin Rhoda..

.Sara D. Halsted.

G. S. Godkin

F. F. Victor....


Mountain Slopes and River-Banks of North Caro-

Esmeralda Boyle ....


Milicent Washburn Shinn.


Mutual Relations of Intellectual and Moral Culture.Joseph Le Conte...
Notes i { Travel in Mexico..

..A. V. Kautz..
Observat ns on the New Constitution..

Theodore H. Hittell

liga, The
Mry, Johoon

396, 478

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