Utility Corporations: Letters from the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission Transmitting, in Response to Senate Resolution No. 83, 70th Congress, a Monthly Report on the Electric Power and Gas Utilities Inquiry, Issue 72

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1928

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Page 218 - This includes cost of preparing and distributing prospectuses, cost of soliciting subscriptions for stock (but not for loans nor for the purchase of bonds or other evidence of indebtedness), cash fees paid to promoters...
Page 291 - The doctrine arose that the investors were entitled to receive the equivalent of a "fair return" on the "fair value" of the property "used and useful
Page 19 - Incorporation every corporation shall have power to create and issue, whether or not in connection with the issue and sale of any shares of stock or other securities of the corporation, rights or options entitling the holders thereof to purchase from the corporation any shares of its capital stock...
Page 208 - When any bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness are sold, or any interest-bearing debt is incurred for acquisition and construction of original road and equipment, extensions, additions, and betterments, the interest accruing on the part of the debt representing the cost of property chargeable to road and equipment accounts (less interest, if any, allowed by...
Page 208 - When such securities are sold at a premium the proportion of such premium assignable to the time between the date of the actual issuance of the securities and the time when the property acquired or the improvement made becomes available for service shall be credited to this account.
Page 4 - ... corporations doing an interstate or international business supplying either electrical energy in the form of power or light or both, however produced, or gas, natural or artificial, of corporations holding the stocks of two or more...
Page 493 - Taxpayers who are granted extensions of time for filing returns will be charged with interest at the rate of 6 percent per annum on the unpaid amount of tax from the original due date until paid.
Page 503 - Expense. This account shall include such amounts, in addition to appropriations from surplus to retirement reserve, as the accounting company may determine to be necessary to provide a reserve against which may be charged the original cost of all property retired from service plus the cost of dismantling, less salvage. The amounts charged to this account, or appropriated from surplus, and credited to the
Page i - ... (5) the value or detriment to the public of such holding companies owning the stock or otherwise controlling such public utility corporations immediately or remotely, with the extent of such ownership or control, and particularly what legislation, if any, should be enacted by Congress to correct any abuses that may exist in the organization or operation of such holding companies.
Page 4 - ... holding companies or their stockholders control or are financially interested in financial, engineering, construction, and/or management corporations, and the relation, one to the other, of the classes of corporations last named, the holding companies, and the public utility corporations; (4) the services furnished to such public utility corporations by such holding companies and/or their associated, affiliated, and/or subsidiary companies, the fees, commissions, bonuses, or other charges made...

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