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SECT. 6. No warp or line shall be passed across the mouth of any slip, for the purpose of hauling any vessel by the said slip before the vessel shall be within one hundred feet of said slip, if the owners or occupants thereof object, unless the Harbor Master may think it necessary.

SECT. 7. All vessels at anchor in the harbor of Boston, shall keep an anchor watch at all times, and shall keep a clear and distinct light suspended at least six feet above the deck, during the night; and whenever the provisions of this section shall be violated on board any vessel, the master or owners shall be liable to a penalty of not more than twenty dollars, to be recovered in the manner provided in the act to which this is in addition, and shall be held liable to pay all damages that may be occasioned by such violence.

Under no circumstances whatever are vessels permitted to anchor in the track of the ferry boats, or in Fore Point Channel.

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An Act in addition to an Act to establish Regulations concerning the Harbor of Boston.

SECTION 1. The Harbor Master shall have authority to regulate the anchorage of all vessels in the upper harbor of Boston, and when necessary, to order the removal of such vessels, and to cause the same to be removed in obedience to such order, at the expense of the master or owners thereof; and if any person shall obstruct said Harbor Master in the performance of any of his duties, as prescribed by this act, or by the act to which this is in addition, or shall neglect or refuse to obey any lawful order made by said Harbor Master, he shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding fifty dollars for each offence.



John M. Moriarty, Port Physician, resident at Deer Island. Salary $200 and board. [Chosen by concurrent vote. City Ordinances, p. 270.]

George Loring, Captain of the Steamer Henry Morrison, which runs daily from the City to Deer Island. [Pay $250 per month for the boat and crew.]

The Quarantine Boat is in the service of the Port Physician, and the men are paid by the City. She is used as a boarding boat, and visits all vessels coming from foreign ports, to inspect their crews, passengers, and cargoes.


Ezra Forristall, Superintendent of Health. Salary $1,400. [Chosen by concurrent vote.]

Daniel B. Curtis, Assistant Supt. Salary $720. [Appointed by Superintendent, and confirmed by the Board of Aldermen. Ord. p. 275.]

Henry G. Clark, City Physician. Salary $1,000. [Chosen by concurrent vote. Office, City Building, Court Square. City Ordinances, p. 268.]

George Hayward, James Ayer, Jacob Bigelow, John Jeffries, D. H. Storer, Consulting Physicians. [Chosen by concurrent vote. City Ordinances, p. 261.]

Nicholas A. Apollonio, City Registrar. Salary $1,200. [Chosen by concurrent vote of the City Council. City Ordinances, p. 271.]

David W. Foster, Clerk. Salary $850.

George Adams, Assistant Registrar of Births.

The City Registrar has the Superintendence of the Burial Grounds and Funerals. He records the Births, Deaths, and Marriages, and grants Certificates of all Intentions of Marriage.


[Appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen. City Ordinances, p. 272.]

Caleb I. Pratt, 179 Federal strect.
Oren Faxon, 700 Washington street.
Franklin Smith, 2 Seaver place.
Richard Dillon, 2 Avery place.
John Peak, 7 Leverett street.

Constant T. Benson, 82 Prince street.

Harum Merrill, 5 West Brookline street.

John White, 51 Meridian street, East Boston.
Levi Whitcomb, in the rear of Lowell Institute.
William Cooley, 42 Cambridge street.
Charles Cook, 125 Hudson street.

Lewis Jones, rear St. Paul's Church.

David Marden, 3 Revere place.

John W. Pierce, 12 Purchase strect.
Nahum P. Whitney, 128 Brighton street.
James Lynde, 23 Snowhill street.
John D. Ingersoll, 77 Charter street.
Jeremiah Tinkham, 214 Broadway.
Luther L. Tarbell, 14 N. Russell street.
David Gugenheimer, 102 Warren street.
Job T. Cole, 132 Fourth street.
Jacob C. Phelps, 1 Winter place.
George Johnson, Jr., 1 Pitts place.

Thomas Pearce, 145 Fourth street.
Nicholas Roach, 7 Athens street.
Wm. H. Brown, 35 Bennington street.
Francis Lavery, 35 A street.



The Directors, Overseers and Visitors of the different Institutions, and the Master, of the House of Correction, are chosen by concurrent vote of the City Council. The other officers are appointed by the Directors of the different Houses.


Office, City Hall.

Directors.-Wm. Dall, Chairman, John Flint, John Cowdin, David F. McGilvray, John C. Bucknam, Mark Googins, and Timothy C. Kendall. [Chosen by concurrent vote, in May. Ordinances, p. 301.] Clerk of the Directors, William Willett. Salary $1,200. [Appointed by Directors.]

The Board meet the first Thursday at Deer Island; the third Thursday at the House of Reformation; all other Thursdays at their office, City Hall.

John M. Moriarty, Superintendent and Physician. Salary $1,000. [Appointed by Directors.]

There are also paid by the Trustees of the Boylston and Mason Funds, to the Chaplain, $500; Teacher of Boys, $500; Assistant Teacher, $300.


This Institution was established for the Education and Reformation of juvenile offenders, and is under the care of the Directors of the House of Industry.

In the House of Reformation Department, there is paid to the Male Teacher, $700, and to two Assistants $300 cach; and to the Matron, $200. [These officers are appointed by the Directors.]


Office, City Building, Court Square.

Overseers.-Thacher Beal, Chairman; Ezra H. Baker, Bradley N. Cumings, Thomas D. Demond, Otis Norcross, Wm. F. Nichols, Farnham Plummer. [Chosen by concurrent vote, in May. Ordinances, p. 282.]

The Board meet at City Building on Friday afternoons. Master. - Charles Robbins. Salary $1200, and board in House.

Deputy Master.-Silas P. Walker. Salary $600, and board in House.

Clerk to Master.-P. R. Irwin. Salary $450, and board in House.

Clerk to Overseers.-Guy C. Underwood. Salary $800.

Chaplain.-Rev. J. T. Burrill. Salary $1100.

There is also paid to eight Male Assistants, $450 each, and board; two at $350, and four at $300. Two Female Assistants, at $250 each, and two at $200, and one at $300.


Visitors. Stephen Tilton, Chairman; Otis Kimball, Joseph Buckley, Otis Rich, William H. Calrow, William Parkman, John L. Emmons. [Chosen by concurrent vote, in January or February. Ordinances, p. 341.]

The regular Meetings of the Board are held at the Hospital on the second Tuesday of every month, and at the City Hall on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Clement A. Walker, M. D., Superintendent and Physician to

the above Institution and House of Correction. Salary $1500, and board in the House. [Chosen in June, by the Visitors. Ord. p. 341.]

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