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There are also attached to this Institution, one Male and one Female Supervisor. Seven Male Attendants, $180 each; seven female Attendants, $130 each; one Laundress and one Housekeeper, at $156 each; two Cooks, at $2 per week; one Sempstress, at $2.50 per week; House Attendant, at $2 per week.

The Gate Keepers to the enclosures of the Institutions at South Boston receive $600, which amount is shared by the three Institutions.


Office, City Hall.

Charter, (§ 52.)

(Chosen in each Ward where they reside.)

Ward 1-John Pratt, 195 Salem street.
2-Samuel Stinson, 4 New street.

3-Simeon P. Adams, 177 Court street.
4-Silas Durkee, 50 Howard street.

5-John White, 38 Leverett street.

6-Thomas Haviland, 63 Chestnut street.

7-Jacob Todd, 6 Hartford place street.

8-John W. Warren, 49 Harrison Ave. (Chairman.)
9-Seth Hall, 20 South Cedar street.

10-Israel S. Trafton, corner Hudson and Harvard sts.
11-Daniel C. Berry, 154 Shawmut Avenue.
12-Thomas Leavitt, 111 Dorchester Avenue.

James Phillips, Secretary.

The Board meet on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, at 3 P. M., at their office, City Hall.

The Overseers of the Poor are likewise incorporated as a Board of Trustees of John Boylston's and other charitable funds, left for the assistance of persons of good character and advanced age, "who have been reduced by misfortune to indigence and want.”

John W. Warren, Treasurer and Clerk of the Corporation.

The meetings of the Board of Trustees are held in April and October.


Wm. Barnicoat, Superintendent of Lamps. Office, City Building. Salary $1,000 per annum, and $200 for Clerk hire. [Appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen. City Ordinances, p. 317.]

There are 2,022 Gas Lamps in City proper; 252 in East Boston; 215 in South Boston. Total, 2,489.

There are 593 Fluid Lamps in Boston proper; 228 in East Boston; 369 in South Boston; in Washington Village 64. Total, 1,190.


[Ord. p. 399.]

The Public Buildings of the City and County comprise the City Hall, the Registry of Deeds, the Court House, Faneuil Hall, and Faneuil Hall Market House, the new Stone Jail and Dead House, the Institutions at South Boston and Deer Island, the Old State House, the City Building, (so called,) all the Grammar and Primary School Houses, and all the Engine, Hydrant, and Hook and Ladder Houses in the City, besides other buildings used for public purposes.

Samuel C. Nottage, Superintendent of Public Buildings. Of fice, City Hall. Salary $1,500. [Chosen by concurrent vote.]

Henry Taylor, Superintendent of Faneuil Hall. Salary $200. [Appointed by Mayor and Aldermen. Ord. p. 146.]


[Mun. Reg. p. 73.]

The Board of Public Land Commissioners, Benjamin James, Chairman; Samuel Hatch, Otis Rich, Newell A. Thompson, Frederick L. Washburn, Davis B. Roberts, Lewis C. Whiton, Barnet F. Warner, Robert Codman, Francis J. Parker.

Robert W. Hall, Superintendent of Public Lands. Office, City Hall. Salary $1,500. [Chosen by concurrent vote.] The Superintendent has the care and custody of all the Public Lands belonging to the City, "except the Common, the Land and flats west of Charles street, Deer Island, the lands connected with the Public Institutions at South Boston, or any other lands held for specific purposes."

Joseph M. Sherburne, Superintendent of the Common, Malls

and Public Squares. Salary $1,000. [Appointed by the Committee on the Common, &c.]


[Ord. p. 324.]

Instituted A. D. 1852.

Trustees.-Hon. Edward Everett, President, George Ticknor, John P. Bigelow, Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Wm. W. Greenough, Oliver Frost, Frederick L. Washburn. [Chosen by concurrent vote.]

Librarian.-Edward Capen. Salary $1,200. [Chosen by concurrent vote.] Samuel M. Bedlington, Assistant.

The Library is open every day, with the exception of Sundays and the holidays, for the delivery of books for home use, from 3 to 8 o'clock, P. M.; and the Reading Room connected therewith is open from 9 A. M. to 9.30 P. M., both of which privileges are enjoyed freely by all who agree to conform to the regulations of the Public Library.

The Library is, at present, situated in the Adams School House Building, in Mason street. Joshua Bates, Esq., of London, whose early life was passed in Boston, having offered to this City the munificent sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars towards the purchase of Books for the Public Library of the City, if the City would erect a suitable building for that purpose; on the 24th of February, 1853, an order was passed by the City Council, authorizing the Committee on the Library, in conference with the Board of Trustees, to purchase a suitable site for the erection of a building which should be fully adapted to the purpose of Mr. Bates's donation. Accordingly said Committee purchased two estates on Boylston street, opposite the Common.

And the following Board of Commissioners has been appointed by the City Council, to prepare plans, and superintend the erection of a suitable building on said site.

Commissioners on the erection of a Building for the Public

[blocks in formation]

Charles B. Rice, Superintendent of Faneuil Hall Market. Sal ary $1,200. [Appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen.] Amos Dodge, Deputy Superintendent. Salary $800 per annum. Sullivan Sawin, Weigher. Salary $35 per month.

The limits of Faneuil Hall Market include the lower floor, porches and cellars of the building called Faneuil Hall Market, and the streets on each side thereof called North Market street and South Market street, except the northerly sidewalk of North Market street and the southerly sidewalk of South Market street; and also all those parts of Commercial street and the street lying between the Market building and Faneuil Hall, which lie between the inner lines of said sidewalks extended easterly and westerly across said street.


Appointed by Mayor and Aldermen.

[Ord. p. 386.]

This department is under the immediate direction of the Mayor. It is employed in the detection of criminals, and

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