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Wm. F. Davis, Water Registrar. Salary $1,300.

Office, City Building, Court square. [Chosen by concurrent vote. Ordinances, p. 571.]


James Slade. Salary $2,800.
N. Henry Crafts, Assistant Engineer. Salary $1,200.

Office 1191 Washington street.
[Chosen by concurrent vote. Ordinances, p. 425.]

The following City Oficers are paid by FEES, and are annu

ally appointed by the City Council. [Ordinances, p. 330, 346.]


George W. Cram. Office 25 Doane street. [Chosen by concurrent vote. City Ordinances, p. 330.] Deputy Surveyors appointed by the Surveyor General.

Surveyors of Pine Lumber. Timothy Abbot,

21 Broadway, South Boston. Francis Allen,

226 Shawmut avenue. Charles Bullard,

14 Fayette street. Martin H. Cross,

122 Lexington street. George Davis,

4 West Brookline street. Erastus J. Fowler,

11 Meridian st., East Boston. Thomas H. Holland,

42 Harvard street. George Hall,

20 Causeway street. William T. Hight,

78 Princeton st., East Boston. William Keith,

4 Lyndeboro' place. John Lefavor,

2 Porter st., East Boston. Josiah Marston,

206 Fourth st., South Boston. Thomas Milliken,

37 Ash street. Bradbury G. Prescott, 122 Lexington street. George Page,

G st., near Broadway, So. Charles W. Smith,

10 Camden st. [Boston.

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Charles H. Simpson,
Edward Willett,
Samuel Waldron,
Shadrach Wade,

61 Fayette street. 35 Porter street. 238 Fourth st., South Boston. 54 Hanson street.

Surveyors of Oak and Ship Stock. Seth Brooks,

Saratoga, near Meridian

street, East Boston. Charles Brooks,

75 Meridian st., E. Boston. Osgood Eaton,

38 Hull street. Henry J. Fowler,

Border st., near People's

Ferry, East Boston. Gad Leavitt,

Franklin House. E. Kirk Sparrell,

159 Border st., East Boston.

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Surveyor of Mahogany and Cedar.

Nathaniel Bryant,

31 Dover street.

Surveyor of Marble.—Thomas J. Bayley.
Inspector of Lime.-Andrew Abbot.
Fence Viewers.-Guy C. Haynes, Melzar Stetson.
Cullers of Dry Fish. Nehemiah P. Mann, Moses Miller.
Cullers of Hoops and Staves.—Lewis Beck, Benjamin Abbot.
Assay Master.--Samuel F. Guild.
Field Drivers and Pound Keepers.—Samuel Stinson, Thomas


Inspectors of Ballast and Weighers of Boats and Lighters.

Abijah R. Tewksbury, Henry Curtis, John Davis, Robert Keith. [Appointed in March or April. Ordinances, p. 48.]

The following are appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen. Weighers of Hay, fc.—North Scales.-John R. Bradford. South Scales.-Joshua B. Hayden. [Ordinances, p. 237.1

Measurers of Upper Leather.-William Bragdon, Benjamin B.

Webster. [Ordinances, p. 321.] Measurers of Wood and Bark.-- Timothy Abbot, B. G. Pres

cott. [Ordinances, p. 598.] Measurer of Grain.-Nymphas Davis. [Stat. 1855, chaps.

232, 422.]

City Crier.-George Hill. [Licensed from time to time,

until the first day of May following. Ordinances, p. 137.] Sealers of Weights and Measures.—Dexter A. Tompkins,

Henry A. Davis. [Ordinances, p. 583, 592.]

Inspectors and Weighers of Bundle Hay.Israel M. Barnes,

Samuel B. Livermore, B. M. Nevers, Caleb W. Hartshorn, Joseph Urann, Henry R. Andrews, Charles S. Kendall. [Ordinances, p. 235.]



[Ord. p. 231.] This Court, established by the Legislature of 1855, in place of the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Suffolk only, holds its terms in Boston on the first Tuesdays of January, March, May, July, September, and November, annually. [Act 1855, chap. 449.] Chief Justice.--Albert H. Nelson, Salary $3,200. Associate Justices.-Charles P. Huntington, Josiah G. Abbott,

Stephen G. Nash. Salary $3,000.
Clerk.-Joseph Willard. Salary $2,000.
Assistant Clerk.-Joseph A. Willard. Salary $1,500.

Crier.-James Boyle.


[Ord. p. 119.]

The duties of Judges of the Municipal Court of the City of

Boston, are performed by the Justices of the Superior Court, or some one of them. [Act 1855, chap. 449, sec. . 16.

George W. Cooley, Attorney.

[Stat. 1856,

Augustus 0. Brewster, Assistant Attorney.

chap. 67.]

Thomas W. Phillips, Clerk.

Henry Homer, Crier and Messenger.


John M. Clark, Sheriff and Jailer.

Deputies. George W. Loud,

Benjamin F. Bayley, William P. Baker,

Erastus W. Sanborn, Alonzo F. Neale,

Francis 0. Irish, Chelsea. William S. Bartlett, Deputy Jailer.

Jabez Pratt, Charles Smith, Edwin Rice, Erastus W. Sanborn,

Jacob Herrick, Charles H. Stedman, William Andrews, William M. Cornell, Jasper H. York, J. S. H. Fogg. Erastus Rugg, Chelsea. Hamlet Bates, N. Chelsea. Edward Floyd, Winthrop, Coroners.

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John Gray Rogers, Abel Cushing, Thomas Russell, Justices of

the Police Court and of the Justices' Court. Salary $2,200 each. [Rev. Stat. ch. 87.]

Thomas Power, Clerk. Salary $1,800. [Ord. pp. 90, 93, 97.]

William Knapp, Assistant Clerk. Salary $1,600. [Rev. Stat.

ch. 87.] Seth Tobey, Second Assistant Clerk. Salary $1,500. Daniel E. Smith, Third Assistant Clerk. Salary $900.

The Judge of Probate and the Justices of the Police Court

are the Inspectors of Prisons. [Revised Statutes, p. 784.

Act 1843, ch. 61, $ 2.]
William Knapp, Secretary to the Inspectors. Salary $150.

The Judge of Probate and the three Justices of the Police

Court, constitute the Board of Accounts for the County. [Revised Statutes, p. 164. Ord. p. 130.] They are allowed $3 for each day's actual service in auditing the

County Accounts. William Knapp, Secretary of the Board. Salary $150. William Easterbrook, Keeper of the County Court House. Sal

ary $700.

Samuel Canning, Assistant Keeper. Salary $700. [Appointed

by Mayor and Aldermen, subject to approval of Supreme

Court.] Silas Warren, Superintendent of the Lock-ups under the Court

House. [Detailed for this duty from the Police Department, by the Chief of Police.]

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