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22 Pick. 122.


son, being an inhabitant of the ward, to be an overseer of the poor, and thereupon the same proceedings shall be had as are before directed in the election of members of the common council. And the persons thus chosen shall together con-Their powstitute the board of overseers for said city, and anties shall continue to have all the powers, and be subject to all the duties, now by law appertaining to the overseers of the poor of the city of Boston, until the same shall be altered or qualified by the legislature.

SECT. 53. The school committee shall consist The school of the mayor of the city, the president of the 1861. ch.309. common council, and of the persons hereinafter mentioned. A majority of the persons duly elected shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business; and at all meetings of the board, the mayor, if present, shall preside.

SECT. 54. At the annual election next after the Same passage of this act, the qualified voters of each ward shall be called upon to give in their ballots for six inhabitants of the ward, to be members of the school committee; and the two persons who receive the highest number of votes, or in case more than two receive an equal number of votes, the two persons who are senior by age, shall hold their office for three years from the second Monday in January next ensuing, and the next two persons who receive the highest number of votes, or who are senior by age in the contingency aforesaid, shall hold their office for two years from said date, and the two other persons shall hold their office for one year from said date; and at


Organization of


dinate officers,

Powers and duties of 1821, 110, $ 19.

every subsequent annual election, two persons shall be chosen in each ward, to be members of the school committee for the term of three years.

Sect. 55. The persons so chosen, as members school com- of the school committee, shall meet and organize

on the second Monday of January, at such hour

as the mayor may appoint. They may choose a and suboy secretary and such subordinate officers as they

may deem expedient, and shall define their duties and fix their respective salaries.

SECT. 56. The said committee shall have the fethed . com- care and management of the public schools, and

may elect all such instructors as they may deem proper, and remove the same whenever they consider it expedient. And generally they shall have all the powers, in relation to the care and management of the public schools, which the selectmen of towns or school committees are authorized by the laws of this commonwealth to exercise.

SECT. 57. Every male citizen of twenty-one their par elec- years of age and upwards, excepting paupers, and 1821, 110, 58. persons under guardianship, who shall have resided

within the commonwealth one year and within the city six months next preceding any meeting of citizens, either in wards, or in general meeting, for municipal purposes, and who shall have paid, by himself or his parent, master, or guardian, any state or county tax, which, within two years next preceding such meeting, shall have been assessed upon him, in any town or district in this commonwealth, and also every citizen who shall be, by law, exempted from taxation, and who shall be in

Qualifications of vo

to every

1821, 110, s


R. S. 3.

all other respects qualified as above mentioned, shall have a right to vote at such meeting, and no other person shall be entitled to vote at such meeting

SECT. 58. It shall be the duty of the board of Mayor and aldermen, prior to every election of city officers, makes ist:of or of any officer or officers under the government election. of the United States or of this commonwealth, to make out lists of all the citizens of each ward qualified to vote in such election, in the manner in which selectmen and assessors of towns are required to make out similar lists of voters, and for that purpose they shall have free access to the assessors' books and lists, and shall be entitled to the aid and assistance of all assessors, assistant assessors, and other officers of said city. And it shall be the duty of the board of aldermen to deliver such list of the voters in each ward, so prepared and corrected, to the clerk of said ward, to be used by the warden and inspectors thereof at such election; and no person shall be entitled to vote at such election, whose name is not borne on such list. And to prevent all frauds and mistakes in such elections, it shall be the duty of the inspector, Inspectorse in each ward, to take care that no person shall vote Whose nate at such election, whose name is not so borne on list

. the list of voters, and to cause a mark to be placed against the name of each voter on such list, at the time of giving in his vote. And the city council shall have authority to establish such rules and regulations, as to making out, publishing, and using such lists of qualified voters, as they shall

is not on the

Elections of
and state
1821, 110, s
R. S.5, $ 11.

R. S. 4, § 12.

6, $ 9, 18. Stat. 1852, 209.

deem proper, not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the commonwealth.

Sect. 59. All elections for governor, lieutenant governor, senators, representatives, representatives

to congress, and all other officers, who are to be 18. * 6, 19, chosen and voted for by the people, shall be held .6 11. at meetings of the citizens qualified to vote in

such elections, in their respective wards, at the time fixed by law for those elections respectively. And at such meetings, all the votes given in, being collected, sorted, counted, and declared by the inspectors of elections, in each ward, it shall be the duty of the clerk of such ward to make a true record of the same, specifying therein the whole number of ballots given in, the name of each person voted for, and the number of votes for each, expressed in words at length. And a transcript of such record, certified by the warden, clerk, and a majority of the inspectors of elections in such ward, shall forthwith be transmitted or delivered by each ward clerk to the clerk of the city. And it shall be the duty of the city clerk forthwith to enter such returns, or a plain and intelligible abstract of them, as they are successively received, in the journals of the proceedings of the board of aldermen, or in some other book kept for that purpose. And it shall be the duty of

the board of aldermen to meet together within Examina, two days after every such election, and examine

and compare all the said returns, and thereupon to Certificate. make out a certificate of the result of such election,

to be signed by a majority of the aldermen, and

tion and return of votes.

lists of votes


tary or to

also by the city clerk, which shall be transmitted, delivered or returned in the same manner as similar returns are by law directed to be made by the selectmen of towns; and such certificates and returns shall have the same force and effect, in all respects, as like returns of similar elections made by the selectmen of towns. At the election of Separate governor, lieutenant governor, and senators, it &c., to be shall be the duty of the board of aldermen to make to the secreand seal up separate lists of persons voted for ask. s. 5, $1. governor, lieutenant governor, and senators of the commonwealth, with the number of votes for each person, written in words at length against his name, and to transmit said lists to the secretary of the commonwealth or to the sheriff of the county. The board of aldermen shall within three days Jetes for next after the day of any election of electors of President, president and vice president of the United States, to be held by virtue of the laws of this commonwealth, fary

1844, 167,81. or of the United States, deliver, or cause to be delivered the list of votes therefor, sealed up, to the sheriff of the county; and the said sheriff shall, within four days after receiving said lists, transmit the same to the office of the secretary of the commonwealth ; or the said aldermen may, and when the office of sheriff is vacant they shall themselves, transmit the said lists to the said officer, within seven days after the election; and all votes not so transmitted shall be rejected. In all elections for Proceedings representatives to the general court, in case the resentatives whole number proposed to be elected shall not be chosen according to law. by the votes-legally re

and when 7 transmitted

to the secre



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