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table, to postpone to a day certain, to commit, to amend, or to postpone indefinitely; which several motions shall have precedence in the order in which they stand arranged; and a motion to strike out the enacting clause of an Ordinance shall be equivalent to a motion to postpone indefinitely.

SECT. 10. The Chair shall consider a motion to. adjourn as always in order, except on an immediate repetition; and that motion, and the motion to lay on the table, or to take up from the table, shall be decided without debate.

SECT. 11. When a vote has passed, it shall be in order for any member to move a reconsideration thereof, at the same or the succeeding regular meeting, but not afterward; and when a motion for reconsideration is decided, that vote shall not be reconsidered.

SECT. 12. Every member when about to speak, shall rise and respectfully address the Chair; shall confine himself to the question under debate, and avoid personalities.

SECT. 13. No member speaking shall be interrupted by another, but by rising to a call to order, or for explanation.

SECT. 14. No member shall be permitted to vote, or serve on any Committee, on any question where his private right is immediately concerned, distinct from the public interest.

SECT. 15. Every member, who shall be present when a question is put, where he is not excluded by interest shall give his vote, unless the Board, for special reasons, shall excuse him; application to be so excused, on any question, must be made before the Board is divided, or

before the calling of the yeas and nays, and such application shall be accompanied by a brief statement of the reasons, and shall be decided without debate.

SECT. 16. Every motion shall be reduced to writing, if the Chair shall so direct.

SECT. 17. Any member may require the division of a question, when the sense will admit of it. A motion to strike out and insert, shall be deemed indivisible; but a motion to strike out, being lost, shall not preclude amendment, or a motion to strike out and insert.

SECT. 18. No motion or proposition, of a subject different from that under consideration, shall be admitted under color of amendment.

SECT. 19. Motions and Reports may be committed or recommitted, at the pleasure of the Board.

SECT. 20. When a vote is doubted, the members for and against the question, when called on by the Chair, shall rise and stand till they are counted.

SECT. 21. All questions relating to priority of business to be acted upon, shall be decided without debate.

SECT. 22. When a motion is made to refer any subject, and different Committees are proposed, the question shall be taken in the following order:

1st. To a Standing Committee of the Board;
2d. To a Select Committee of the Board;
3d. To a Joint Standing Committee;

4th. To a Joint Select Committee.

SECT. 23. The following Standing Committees of the Board, to consist of three members each, shall be appointed by the Mayor:

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Committee on Armories and Military Affairs-Bridges Cemeteries-Common and Public Squares-County

Accounts-Fire Department-Faneuil Hall (to be composed of the Committee on Public Buildings on the part of this Board)- External Health - Internal Health Lamps, Bells, and Clocks - Laying out and Widening Streets-Licenses-Jail-Market-Paving and Repairs of Streets - Police-Sewers and DrainsSteam Engines and Furnaces. All other Committees, unless otherwise provided for, or specially directed by the Board, shall be appointed by the Chair.

SECT. 24. At every regular meeting of the Board, the order of business shall be as follows:

1. Communications from His Honor the Mayor.

2. Presentation of petitions, memorials and remon


3. Papers from the Common Council.

4. Reports of City Officers.

5. Reports of Committees.

6. Motions, orders and resolutions.

And the above order of business shall not be departed from, but by the votes of a majority of the members of the Board present.

SECT. 25. Each Committee elected on the part of this Board shall organize at its first meeting by the choice of a Chairman, and shall report the same to this Board, and in all cases where the Chair appoints a Committee, unless otherwise provided for, the member first named shall be Chairman, and in his absence the member next in order, who shall be present, shall be Chairman pro tempore.

SECT. 26. Committees of the Board, to whom any matter is specially referred, may be required to report within four weeks, or ask for further time.

SECT. 27. The foregoing rules shall not be altered, amended, suspended or repealed at any time except by the vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board present at the time.




SECT. 1. At the commencement of the Municipal Year, the following Joint Standing Committees shall be chosen by ballot, viz:

A Committee on Finance, to consist of the Mayor, the Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, and seven members of the Common Council.

A committee on Accounts, to consist of three Aldermen and five members of the Common Council.

And the following committees shall be appointed, viz :

A committee on Public Lands, to consist of three Aldermen and five members of the Common Council.

A committee on Public Buildings, to consist of three Aldermen and five members of the Common Council.

A committee on Public Instruction, to consist of three Aldermen, and the President and four members of the Common Council.

A committee on Institutions at South Boston and Deer Island, to consist of three Aldermen and five members of the Common Council.


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