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in case of no

election of

tives to Con

R. S. ch. 6,

§ 3.

turned, the board of aldermen shall forthwith issue their warrant for a new election, agreeably to the constitution and laws of this commonwealth, and the same proceedings shall be had in all respects Proceedings as are hereinbefore directed; and in case of no representa- choice being made of representatives to Congress, in either district of which the city of Boston composes a part, or in case of any vacancy happening in said districts or either of them, the governor shall cause precepts for new elections to be directed to the board of aldermen of said city, as often as occasion shall require; and such new elections shall be held, and all proceedings thereon had, and returns made in conformity with the foregoing provisions.

meetings of the citizens.


General SECT. 60. General meetings of the citizens, 1821, 110, qualified to vote in city affairs, may from time to time be held to consult upon the common good, to give instructions to their representatives, and to take all lawful measures to obtain a redress of any grievances, according to the right secured to the people by the constitution of this commonwealth. And such meetings shall and may be duly warned by the board of aldermen, upon the requisition of fifty qualified voters of said city. The mayor, if present, shall preside, and the city clerk shall act as the clerk of such meetings.

Warrants for meetings to be issued

of alder


SECT. 61. All warrants for the meetings of the by the board citizens, for municipal purposes, to be had either in general meetings or in wards, shall be issued by the board of aldermen, and in such form, and shall be served, executed, and returned at such

1821, 110, § 26.

time and in such manner as the city council may by any by-law or ordinance direct and appoint.

legislature to alter the charter. 1821, 110, §

SECT. 62. Nothing in this act contained shall Power of be so construed as to restrain or prevent the legis lature from amending or altering the same, when-30. ever they shall deem it expedient.


SECT. 63. All acts and parts of acts inconsist-Repeal of ent with this act, are hereby repealed. Provided, Proviso. however, that the repeal of the said acts shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued, or established, or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil case, before the time when such repeal shall take effect. And that no offence committed, and no penalty or forfeiture incurred under the acts hereby repealed, and before the time when such repeal shall take effect, shall be affected by the repeal. And that no suit or prosecution pending at the time of the said repeal, for any offence committed, or for the recovery of any penalty or forfeiture incurred under the acts hereby repealed, shall be affected by such repeal; and provided also, that all persons who, at the time when the said repeal shall take effect, shall hold any office under the said acts, shall continue to hold the same according to the tenure thereof. And provided, also, that all the by-laws and ordinances of the city of Boston, which shall be in force at the time when the said repeal shall take effect, shall continue in force until the same are repealed by the city council. And all officers elected under such by-laws and ordinances, shall continue in office according to the tenure thereof.

Repeal not to revive other acts.

Act to be submitted to the citizens.

SECT. 64. No act which has been heretofore repealed shall be revived by the repeal of the acts mentioned in the preceding section.

SECT. 65. This act shall be void unless the inhabitants of the city of Boston, at a legal meeting called for that purpose, by a written vote, determine to adopt the same; and the qualified voters of the city shall be called upon to give in their votes upon the acceptance of this act, at meetings in the various wards duly warned by the mayor and aldermen, to be held on or before the second Monday of November; and thereupon the same proceedings shall be had respecting the sorting, counting, declaring, recording and returns of said votes as is herein provided at the election of mayor; and the board of mayor and aldermen shall within three days, meet together and compare the returns of the ward officers, and if it appear that the citizens have voted to adopt this act, the mayor shall make proclamation of the fact, and, thereupon, the act shall take effect for the purpose of electing municipal officers at the next annual election, and for all other purposes it shall take effect on and after the first Monday of January



An Ordinance to establish the City Seal.

to establish

2, 1823.


Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Com- Ordinance mon Council of the City of Boston, in City Council the city seal. assembled, That the design hereto annexed, as sketched by John R. Penniman, giving a view of the city, be the device of the city seal; that the motto be as follows, to wit: "Sicut patribus, sit Deus nobis ;" and that the inscription be as follows, to wit: "Bostonia condita, A. D. 1630. Civitatis regimine donata, A. D. 1822."

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An ACT concerning Vacancies in School Committees. Be it enacted, &c., as follows:

SECT. 1. Whenever vacancies occur in the school committee of any town or city in this Commonwealth, or when, from any cause, any member or members of said committee are unable to act, the remaining member or members, together with the selectmen of said town, or the mayor and aldermen of said city, assembled in convention, shall, by joint ballot, fill vacancies in said committee; and the school returns signed by a majority of the committee thus constituted, shall be equally valid as if signed by a majority of the committee originally chosen.

SECT. 2. The convention provided for in section first shall be called by the remaining member or members of the said committee.

SECT. 3. The Act entitled "An Act concerning vacancies in School Committees," approved May twentyfourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, and all other acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this act, are hereby repealed.

SECT. 4. This act shall take effect from and after its passage. [Approved April 8, 1856.]

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