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inspection, signed by the Mayor or Chief of Police; and in all cases where the description of goods in the said book or books is alleged to correspond with any goods lost, the article or thing shall be exhibited when demanded by the person authorized as above to inspect said book or books. And the said pawnbroker shall deliver to the person pawning or pledging the said goods, articles or things, at the time the same are received, a certificate, duplicate or note signed by him, and numbered to correspond with his said book, and which shall contain the substance of the particular entry therein; and every pawnbroker who shall neglect to make the entries herein required, or to deliver the said certificate or note, shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars for each and every neglect; and if any pawnbroker shall neglect or refuse to allow the inspection herein provided for to be made, or to exhibit the article or thing pledged as herein required, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars for each and every refusal.

SECT. 6. No pawnbroker shall ask, demand, or receive a greater rate of interest than six per centum per annum; and, in addition thereto, he is authorized and permitted to demand and receive for storage, and other necessary expenses, a sum not exceeding two per centum per month. And

any pawnbroker who shall demand or receive any higher rate of interest or charges than is herein provided, shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars.

SECT. 7. No pawnbroker shall sell any goods, articles, or thing pawned or pledged, until the same shall have remained in his possession four months for dry goods and clothing of all kinds, and eight months for all other articles; within which times, respectively, such goods, articles, or thing shall be delivered on application made by the owner thereof, or his or her legal representative, provided such applicant shall surrender the duplicate, certificate, or note, and pay the sum originally loaned, with the interest and charges that may have accrued thereon; and such goods, articles, or thing that shall remain unredeemed at the expiration of the time before mentioned, shall be sold at public auction in the City of Boston, and not otherwise or elsewhere, after ten days' notice, of the time and place of sale and the kind of goods, first given in two public and daily newspapers in the said city; and the surplus money, if any, arising from the said sale, after deducting the amount of the loan, the interest, and charges then due on the same, and the expenses of the advertisement and sale, shall be paid over by the pawnbroker to the person who would have been entitled to redeem the pledge in case no such sale had taken place. And if any pawnbroker shall violate any of the provisions of this section, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars for every such violation : Provided, that no goods, articles, or things shall be offered at such sale of forfeited goods, except such as shall have been placed, bona fide, upon pledge, under a penalty of twenty dollars for each and every article so sold.

Sect. 8. Every pawnbroker shall keep a book, to be called "Book No. 2," wherein shall be entered the sales of such goods, articles or things which shall be sold as aforesaid, wherein shall be marked the same, with the date thereof, and before each article shall be inserted the number affixed thereto in “Book No. 1,” hereinbe

fore provided for, and opposite thereto shall be inserted the amount loaned thereon, the charges thereon, the amount for which the same was sold, and the name of the pawner. And if any pawnbroker shall violate any of the provisions of this section, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars for every such violation.

Sect. 9. If any goods, articles or thing which shall be advertised in any public newspaper in the City of Boston as having been lost or stolen, and which goods, articles or thing shall then be or thereafter come into the possession of any pawnbroker, he shall, on actual notice thereof, immediately thereafter give information in writing at the office of the Chief of Police, that certain goods, articles or thing answering to the description of said advertised goods, articles or thing, are in his possession, and shall also state from whom the same was or were received, under the penalty of fifty dollars for every such neglect. [Passed, June 13, 1856.]

An ORDINANCE in addition to an Ordinance in relation to

the Fire Department, passed December 26, 1855. Be it ordained by the Aldermen and Common Council of the

City of Boston in City Council assembled, as follows:

SECTION 1. Strike out the words “month of August," in section twenty-five, of an Ordinance in relation to the Fire Department, passed December 26, 1855, as printed on page 182, of the Revised Ordinances, and in place thereof insert the words “months of July, August or September."

SECT. 2. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage. [Passed Aug. 25, 1856.]

An ORDINANCE concerning the Public Lands. Be it ordained by the Aldermen and Common Council of the

City of Boston, in City Council assembled, as follows:

SECTION 1. In the month of January, in each year, there shall be appointed a Joint Committee of the City Council, to be called the Committee on Public Lands, to consist of such numbers from each Board, as the City Council may from time to time order; and said Committee, together with not more than four persons, to be selected as is hereinafter set forth, shall constitute a Board of Land Commissioners.

SECT. 2. In the month of November or December in each

year, the Committee on Public Lands shall, from their own number, nominate one Alderman and one member of the Common Council, to be members of the Board of Land Commissioners; and the persons so nominated, being confirmed by the City Council, shall hold their offices for two years from and after the commencement of the municipal year then next ensuing.

SECT. 3. The Board of Land Commissioners thus constituted, shall have the care and management of the public lands belonging to the city, so far as relates to the improvement, sale and disposal of the same, subject to the limitations mentioned in this and other ordinances of the city, and to such rules, orders and regulations as the City Council may, from time to time, adopt.

SECT. 4. The said Commissioners are authorized to lay out and make such streets, passage-ways and squares on the public lands, to lay such sewers therein, and to make such alterations in the lots as they may deem expedient, subject to the approval of the Mayor and Aldermen.

SECT. 5. There shall be chosen annually, on the first Monday in January, or within sixty days thereafter, (and whenever a vacancy occurs,) by concurrent vote of the two branches of the City Council, a Superintendent of Public Lands, who shall hold his office until a successor is appointed or he is removed. He shall be removable at the pleasure of the City Council, and shall receive such compensation as the said Council may, from time to time, determine.

Sect. 6. The said Superintendent, before entering on the duties of his office, shall give bond, with one or more sureties, to the approbation of the Mayor, with condition that he will not, while holding said office, directly or indirectly, for himself or others, or by others in trust for him, or on his account, have any interest or concern in any purchase, lease, contract or agreement, to be made in pursuance of this ordinance.

Sect. 7. The said Superintendent shall devote himself to the care, improvement and sale of the public lands, and, under the direction of the said Commissioners, shall cause them to be surveyed and laid out into convenient lots, and contract for the sale, and actually sell or lease the same, at public or private sale.

But this and the fourth section shall not apply to the Common, the land and flats west of Charles Street, the lands connected with the Public Institutions at South Boston, or to any other lands purchased or held for specific purposes, unless by special vote of the City Council.

SECT. 8. The said Superintendent may, under the direction of the said Commissioners, contract and agree for defraying, in part or in whole, the cost or expense incident to or arising out of the performance of any

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