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Aldermen James, Bonney and Peircc.


Aldermen Frost, Dingley and Sumner.


Aldermen Rich, Dingley and Frost.


Aldermen Bonney, Frost and Sumner.


Aldermen Brewster, Rich and Nute.

STEAM ENGINES, ETC. Aldermen Wightman, Nute and Peirce.


Aldermen Dingley, Bonney and Wightman.


[Ord. p. 537.]

Principal Assessors.—George Jackson, Henry Sargent, George

E. Head, John D. Richardson. Salary, $1,400 each; and $3,200 for Assistant Clerks. Per diem Assessors, John G. Davis, Wm. H. Lane, Benjamin Fessenden, with an allowance of $4 for each day's service. [Charter, $ 37.]

Assistant Assessors for 1856, residing in different Wards.

1-Amos W. Cross,

Benj. Dodd. 2-Abraham S. Foss,

Geo. P. Dudley. 3-Edward Sands,

Solomon Carter. 4-Silas P. Meriam,

Joseph West. 5-Geo. W. Chipman,

Chas. Leighton. 6_Chas. Brown,

Thos. P. Rich.

7—Calvin W. Clark,

Joseph W. Merriam. 8—Thos. M, Brewer,

James H. Beal. 9-Jesse Maynard,

Holmes Ammidown. 10_Lemuel A. Cooledge,

Charles B. Darling.
11_Benjamin Smith,

J. W. F. Hobbs.
12~Joseph W. Howard,

Lewis Tucker.

Henry Sargent, Secretary.

[The Assessors and Assistant Assessors are chosen by con

current vote of the City Council, in March. Statutes 1821, 110, $ 15. City Ordinances, p. 18. The Assistant Assessors receive $3 for each day's service.*]

* By an order of the City Council passed February 26, 1856, eight hours consti

a day's work" for street duty, and six hours a day's work" for office duty.



[Ord. p. 77.]

Ebenezer C. Leman, Superintendent of the Boston Free Bridge.

Salary $900, and rent of Shop on Bridge. [Chosen by

concurrent vote.] Abner J. Gáffield, Superintendent of the Boston South Bridge.

Salary $400, and rent of House and Shop on Bridge.

[Chosen by concurrent vote.] Edward T. Stowers, Superintendent of the East Boston and

Chelsea Free Bridge. Salary $200. [Chosen by concur

rent vote. James W. Leatherbee, Jr., Superintendent of the Mount Wash

ington Avenue Bridge. Salary $600. [Chosen by concur. rent vote.]

Abner Knight, Superintendent of the East Boston Free Bridge.

Salary $300. [Chosen by concurrent vote.]


[Ord. p. 175.]

Chief Engineer.

Geo. W. BIRD, Hawthorn Place. Salary $1200.

Assistant Engineers. Salary $250 each.
DIST. 1. Nathaniel W. Pratt, 12 Cotting street.

2. Richard S. Martin, 138 Charles street.
3. David C. Meloon, 58 Lincoln street.
4. David Chamberlain, 41 Albany street.

Dist. 5. Otis N. Marston, 1 Malden Placo.

6. George F. Hibbard, South Boston Hotel.

7. Joseph Dunbar, 4 Bennington street. At large, Zenas E. Smith,

5 Jefferson street. Charles S. Clark, 32 Snowhill street.

[Chosen by concurrent vote.]

Frederick A. Colburn, Secretary. Salary $800.

[Chosen by Board of Engineers.]

Foremen of Engines.

Mazeppa Co. No. 1, Broadway, South Boston.
William H. Cunningham, Gold, near E street.

Perkins Co. No. 2, Broadway, South Boston.
Daniel Weston, Jr., 131 Fourth street, South Boston.

Eagle Co. No. 3, Washington street.
Edward W. Milliken, 46 Oak street.

Cataract Co. No. 4, Foot of Mount Vernon street.

John Prince, 97 West Cedar street.

Extinguisher Co. No. 5, East street.
William A. Rumery, 56 South street.

Melville Co. No. 6, Leverett street.
Calvin C. Wilson, 10 Cotting street.

Howard Co. No. 7, Purchase street.
Charles C. Henry, 201 Washington street.

Boston Co. No. 8, Commercial street.

Benjamin Tarbox, 6 Lathrop Place. Maverick Co. No. 9, Paris strect, East Boston. John P. Somerby, Webster street, East Boston. Old North Co. No. 10, Meridian street, East Boston.

Joseph Baker, Sumner street, East Boston.

Barnicoat Co. No. 11, Court Square.
Henry A. Hunting, 5 Grove street.

Tremont Co. No. 12, Tremont strect.
Oliver R. Robbins, 40 Pleasant street.

Webster Co. No. 13, Chelsea street, East Boston.

Thomas B. Tilton, 226 Princeton street.

Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, Friend street.

Moses Place, 50 Billerica street.

Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2, Paris street, East Boston.

Charles Simmons, Orleans street.

Hook and Ladder Co. No. 3, Harrison Avenue.
George W. Warren, 3 Rochester street.

Hydrant Co. No. 1, Salem street.
Charles E. Dunton, 24 Cooper street.

Hydrant Co. No. 2, Hudson street.
Moses C. Thompson, 31 Tyler street.

Hydrant Co. No. 3, Wall street.
Jerome Nevins, 5 Cushman Place.

Hydrant Co. No. 5, Shawmut Avenue.

Wm. H. Ford, 11 Fabin street.
Hydrant Co. No. 6, Paris street, East Boston.

Joseph Barnes, Liverpool street, East Boston.
Steam Fire Engine, Miles Greenwood, Harrison Avenue, near

city stables.
Henry H. Drayton, 317 Broadway.

There are attached to the department, 17 Foremen of Engine, Hook and Ladder, and Hydrant Companies, at $150 each; 17 Assistant Foremen, at $125 each; 17 Clerks, at $125 each; 17 Stewards, at $125 each; 514 Members, at $100 each; 5 Foremen, at $75 each; 5 Assistant Foremen,

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