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Introduction of new books.

Committee on
School Houses.

such improvements in the course of instruction, and such changes in the books used in the schools as they may deem expedient.

SECT. 6. Whenever any new text-book is adopted by the Board, to the exclusion of another already in use, it shall be on the condition that the publisher will exchange the former without cost to those pupils who may have been provided with the latter; and it shall be the duty of the Committee on Text-Books to see that this condition is fulfilled, and that said Book comes into use at the commencement of the Public Schools, after the August vacation, at which time only shall any new text-book be introduced.

SECT. 7. Whenever any application shall be made for the erection or alteration of a school-house, such application shall be referred to the Committee on School Houses, who shall consider the same and shall consult with the District Committee who may have charge of the school or schools to be accommodated, and shall report to this Board in writing such recommendations in each case as they may deem expedient. It shall also be the duty of the Committee on School Houses to exercise a general supervision over the warming and ventilation of the several school houses throughout the year.

SECT. 8. The Committee of the Latin School, the English High School, and the Girls' High and Normal School, shall have charge of their respective schools. They shall visit and examine them and make report thereof to this Board, and in all matters relating to said schools and the appointment of teachers therein, said Committee shall respectively observe the same rules, and perform the same duties, so far as applicable, as are herein prescribed for the several District Committees in relation to the Grammar Schools under their charge.

Committees on
High Schools.

SECT. 9. Each District Committee shall have charge Duties of Dis

. of the Grammar School and the Primary Schools in the District, and may arrange the studies and classify the pupils in the latter in such a manner as they may consider most advantageous to the schools. Within ten days after its appointment, each District Committee shall divide itself into a suitable number of SubCommittees, for the Primary Schools in its District. Said Committee shall then divide the Primary Schools in the District, into as many divisions as there may be Sub-Committees, and shall assign each division to a Sub-Committee, who shall have the special charge of

Care of Primary the schools in such division; shall visit each of them Schools. as often as once in each month; shall examine them quarterly, and shall report in writing their standing and progress, to the Chairman of the District Committee, some time during the week immediately preceding each quarterly meeting of the Board. Each Sub-Committee shall refer all matters of importance pertaining to the schools under its care, to the District Committee, for consideration and action.

SECT. 10. Whenever any District Committee shall Additional Prideem an additional Primary School necessary for the proper accommodation of the children under their care, they shall state the facts in the case to the Board, in writing, which communication shall be referred to the Committee on School Houses, who shall consider and Report on the same, before the Board shall take final action on the subject.

SECT. 11. The District Committee shall examine Quarterly exthe Grammar Schools in their respective Districts at least once in each quarter; and shall visit them not less than once each month without giving previous notice to the instructors, and shall, at each quarterly meeting of the Board make a Report in writing, giving

mary Schoo's.


Quarterly reports.

the results of their examinations and visits, together with the results of the examination by the Sub-Committees of the several primary schools under their charge; also stating any occurrences affecting the standing and usefulness of the schools, and mentioning the condition of the school houses and yards and outbuildings connected therewith. They shall also state in their reports the names of all children admitted to the schools under their charge, (except the primary schools,) who do not reside in the city, and the reasons for their admission.

SECT. 12. At each quarterly meeting, the chairman of each District Committee, or any member thereof, who may be present, shall be called upon for a report on the condition of the schools in the District; and in case of omission to make it, the Board shall pass a vote, enjoining the delinquent Committee to proceed without delay to the performance of their duty, and shall adjourn to receive their report.

SECT. 13. The District Committee shall determine on the scholars who are to receive the medals and certificates of merit in their respective schools, and return the names to the Secretary, at least four days previous to the annual exhibition. It shall also be their duty, on the day of exhibition, to present the medals and certificates to the pupils to whom they have been awarded. The number of medals and certificates of merit to be awarded, in each school, shall be based upon the number of pupils belonging to the school. Each school shall be entitled to one medal and one of each of the certificates of merit for every sixty scholars upon the School Register. But, in any school where the number of scholars in the first class is comparatively small, the number of medals awarded shall be proportionably less; and it shall never exceed one-third of the number of candidates examined, nor

Medals and certificates.



shall any pupil be promoted for the purpose of increasing the number of candidates. In any school where there are no scholars much advanced in improvement, no medal shall be awarded. General scholarship and more especially good conduct shall be taken into consideration in awarding the medals and certificates; and, in order that a just assignment may be made, the District Committee shall critically examine the candidates, and inspect the school records of their standing.

SECT. 14. No pupil shall be admitted to or retained Transfer of in any school, except that for the Section in which such pupil resides, without the written consent of the District Committee, both of the school to which the pupil belongs, and of that where he seeks to be admitted or retained.

SECT. 15. The District Committee shall nominate Teacher of to the Board, for confirmation, some suitably qualified person as teacher of vocal music, in the Grammar School of which said Committee has charge; and said teacher shall give two lessons of thirty minutes each, every week, to the first and second classes in said schools, and his compensation shall be one hundred and twenty-five dollars per annum for each school; this sum shall include the consideration for the use of a piano-forte, which each teacher shall provide for himself. The time when these lessons shall be given, shall be determined by the master of each Grammar School, acting under the direction of his District Committee. Each teacher of music shall be required to instruct personally, in his school, except when prevented by sickness, or other unavoidable casualty.

SECT. 16. Instruction may be given in Sewing, to Teacher of all the pupils in the fourth class in each of the Grammar Schools for girls, whenever in the judgment of the


Examination of teachers.

District Committee, such a course shall be for the best interest of the school. The District Committee of each school in which such instruction shall be given, shall nominate to this Board, for confirmation, some qualified person as teacher of Sewing, who shall give to each pupil two lessons of not less than one hour each, every week.

SECT. 17. Whenever any new teacher, except a master, is in the opinion of the District Committee, needed for any school under their charge, said Committee shall, before making any appointment, examine the candidates in the manner required by law,* and with especial reference to the place which is then to be filled; and in regard to teachers in the Grammar Schools, they sball consult with the master in whose school such teacher is to be appointed. And the same course shall be pursued in all cases where it is proposed to transfer or to advance a teacher from one grade of school to another. Teachers so appointed shall be nominated by the District Committees, to this Board, for confirmation, and they shall be considered entitled to the established salary from the time of their entering upon their duties.

SECT. 18. In the month of June, annually, the Committee on the Latin School, the English High School, the Girls' High and Normal School, and each District Committee, in a meeting regularly called, shall canvass the list of teachers in their District, and, after consultation with the Master, they shall decide upon the per

Canvassing the lists of teachers.

* The school committee shall require full and satisfactory evidence of the good moral character of all instructors who may be employed in the public schools in their town, and shall ascertain, by personal examination, their literary qualifications and capacity for tlie government of schools. [Rev. Stat. ch. 23, § 13.]

All school teachers shall hereafter be examined in their knowledge of the elementary principles of physiology and hygiene, and their ability to give instructions in the same. [Štat. 1850, ch. 229, $ 2.]

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