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trict Commit

sons whom they will recommend for re-election, and said Committee shall, at the annual meeting in July for the election of teachers, nominate the persons thus ap- teachers for proved, who shall be considered the regular candidates reělection. for their respective offices. And in case any Committee have decided not to nominate any teacher for re-election, such Committee may, if they deem it expedient, give notice of their intention to the individual so situated, before the annual election.

SECT. 19. The District Committee shall give their Duties of Disadvice to the instructors in any emergency; and take tees. cognizance of any difficulty which may have occurred between the instructors and parents of pupils, or between the instructors themselves, relative to the government or instruction of their schools. An appeal, however, to the whole Board, is not hereby denied to any citizen or instructor. In addition to these specific duties of the District Committees, it shall be their duty, generally, to make any temporary arrangement which they may find necessary for their schools, or for the convenience of the instructors, provided that nothing shall be done contrary to the School Regulations.

SECT. 20. Each District Committee shall keep a District Comrecord of its proceedings, and shall elect one of its records. members to perform the duties of Secretary; and all its official acts shall be done in meetings duly called, at not less than twenty-four hours' notice, and shall be expressive of the sense of a majority of said Committee, and, when reported to the Board, shall be submitted in writing.

SECT. 21. Each District Committee may transfer Transfer of Pritheir own Primary School Teachers from one Primary and Teachers. School to another, and may change the location of their Primary Schools from one school room to another, as they may think proper, always giving immediate no

mittees to keep

mary Schools

Annual examinations.

tice of any such transfer or change, to the Secretary of the Board, and reporting the same in their next quarterly report; and any teacher, of any grade, actually in the employ of the city, may be transferred by this Board, without re-examination, to any vacant place of the same grade in the city.

SECT. 22. The Committees on the Latin School, the English High School, the Girls' High and Normal School, and each District Committee shall, during the month of July, make a thorough examination of their respective schools, and shall present their reports at the quarterly meeting in August, stating the results of their examinations, together with such suggestions for the improvement of the schools as they may see fit to offer, and in each instance the report shall be approved by a majority of the Committee who present it. These reports shall be referred to a Special Committee of the Board, who shall make from them such selections as they shall deem important for public information, and shall add thereto such suggestions and re

marks as they shall deem expedient; and their report, Annual reports when accepted by the Board, shall be printed for dis

tribution among the citizens.


Election of Instructors of Public Schools.

School year.

SECTION 1. The School year shall commence on the first day of September, and end on the thirty-first day of August.

SECT. 2. In the month of July, annually, the Board shall elect the instructors of the Public Schools, and

Annual election of teachers.

fix their salaries for the ensuing year. Said instructors shall rank as follows: 1st, Masters; 2d, SubMasters; 3d, Ushers; 4th, Head Assistants; 5th, Assistants; 6th, Primary School Teachers. SECT. 3. The Masters of the several schools having Mode of choos

ing instructors. been duly nominated by their respective District Committees, shall be elected by ballot, and thirty votes at least shall in all cases be necessary to a choice, and the other instructors shall be elected by confirmation on nomination of their respective Committees; but no Teacher, except a Master, shall be elected by this Board, without having served on trial at least three months in the Boston schools.

SECT. 4. Whenever a new Master is to be elected Election of a for any of the Public Schools, the Secretary shall give

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new master.

* The salaries of the instructors in the various Schools have been established as follows, for the present school year, viz:

The salary of the Masters of the Latin, the English High, and the Girls' High and Normal Schools shall be $2,400 for the first year's service, with an increase of $100 for each additional year's service till the salary amounts to $2,800 per annum; and the masters now connected with the Latin and English High Schools shall be paid $2,800.

The salary of the Sub-Masters of the Latin and English High Schools and of the Masters of the Grammar Schools, shall be $1600 for the first year, with an annual increase of $100 till it amounts to $2,000.

The salary of the Ushers of the Latin and English High Schools, and of the Sub-masters of the Grammar Schools shall be $1,200 for the first year, with an annual increase of $100 till it amounts to $1,600.

The salary of the Ushers of the Grammar Schools shall be $800 for the first year, with an annual increase of $100 till it amounts to $1,000.

The salary of the first Head Assistant in the Girls' High and Normal School shall be $600 per annum, and the salary of the other Assistants in this School shall be $500 per annum.

The salary of the Head Assistants in the Grammar Schools shall be $500 per annum; and the salary of the other Assistants in the Grammar Schools and of the Teachers of the Primary Schools shall be $300 for the first year, with an annual increase of $50 till it amounts to $450 per annum.



notice thereof in such newspapers, and for such length of time as the Board may direct, specifying in such notice that all applications for the office must be made in writing, and lodged with the Secretary, together with any written evidence of qualifications which the candidate may wish to present, on or before a day named in such notice.

SECT. 5. In case the vacancy to be filled is in the Latin School, the English High School, or the Girls' High and Normal School, the committees of those Schools shall together constitute a committee for the examination of candidates. But in case of a vacancy in any of the Grammar Schools, the Examining Committee shall be composed of the District Committee of the School in which the vacancy exists, and of the members for the two Wards numerically nearest to the Ward in which such school is situated.

SECT. 6. The Examining Committee shall take from the Secretary's files all the applications and written evidence, and shall have personal interviews with the applicants, and make inquiries as to their qualifications, and at a meeting appointed for the purpose, shall carefully examine the candidates in the manner required by law, [Rev. Stat. ch. 23, § 13. Stat. 1850, ch. 229, $ 2] and always with reference to the office that is then to be filled. And none but said Com. mittee, the members of this Board and the candidates under examination shall be present.

Sect. 7. The Examining Committee shall report to the Board, at some subsequent meeting, the names of all the applicants who have been examined by them, together with such other facts and circumstances respecting the candidates, their recommendations and qualifications, as they may deem necessary for the information of the Board. They shall also designate

Examining Committee's report.

in their report the names of two or more of the candidates whose examinations were most satisfactory, with the opinions of the Examining Committee on their qualifications severally, and the Board shall then proceed to a choice by ballot.

SECT. 8. The instructors elected at the annual meeting, shall hold their offices for one school year, unless sooner removed by vote of the Board.


Duties of the Secretary.



SECTION 1. The Secretary shall have charge of the Records and Records of the Board, and of all papers directed by them to be kept on his files; he shall keep a fair and full record of all the proceedings of the Board.

SECT. 2. He shall notify all stated and special meet- Notices to be ings; he shall notify the Chairman of every Committee appointed, stating the commission, and the names of the members associated with him; he shall notify the meetings of all Sub-Committees, when requested by the Chairman or by any two members thereof; he shall notify the instructors of their appointments, and shall give such other notices as the Board may require. SECT. 3. He shall prepare the annnal report re- Report to Secre

tary of State. quired by the statute of the Commonwealth, and he shall transmit the same, legally signed, to the Secretary of State, on or before the 20th day of April. [Rev. Stat. ch. 23, $ $ 62, 63, 64.7

SECT. 4. At the quarterly meeting, in February and Abstract of semi in August, he shall present to the Board an abstract of the semi-annual returns of the Public Schools, and

annual returns.

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