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City Hall, January 5, 1857.


In pursuance of the requirements of the fifth section of the ordinance in relation to Streets, the Superintendent of Streets has the honor to submit to the City Council his annual report of the expenditures of the Paving Department, during the year 1856. This period embraces a part of each of the financial years 1855–56,

, and 1856-57.

The amount expended during the three months of the financial year 1855–56, was $33,296.98.

The amount expended during the nine months of the present financial year 1856–57, was $159,161.50.

The total amount expended and charged to the Paving Appropriations, during the municipal year 1856, was $192,458.48.

This amount ($192,458.48) was expended for paving, grading, and repairs of streets, and for grade damages, in detail, as follows:


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Macadamizing streets,

$7,135 41 Repairing unpaved streets,

1,077 69 paved streets,

5,590 62 Sidewalks, Neck lands,

14 88 Union Park, grading, paving granite block gutters, and macadamizing,

3,231 03 Tremont street, from Dover street to the Roxbury line,

grading, paving gutters, building cesspools, constructing crossings and setting edgestone,

8,969 53 Albany street, from Beach to Kneeland street, paving, 1,592 05 Chapman street, from Washington street to Suffolk street, paving gutters and grading,

755 97 Sudbury street, from Court to Portland strect, repaving, 2,339 16 Friend street, (new) grading,

309 62 Fleet strect, repaving,

1,115 05 Common street, repaving,

683 97 Pleasant street, from Tremont street to Park square, repaving, 1,691 60 Harrison avenue, from Brookline to Malden st., grading, 2,984 00 Chauncy street, from Bedford to Summer Street, in part, Nicholson's pavement,

1,841 76 Edgestone setting, Neck lands,

354 24 Village street, grading,

257 27 Mt. Washington avenue, from Federal street to the bridge, paving,

3,797 39 Congress street, from Post Office avenue to Milk street, repaving,

661 93 Beach street, from Washington street to Harrison avenue, repaving,

793 65 Custom House street, repaving,

1,675 99 Broad street, at the head of Custom House street, and from Purchase street to India street, repaving,

2,086 24 India st., from Custom House st. to Broad st., repaving, 2,548 92


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Amount carried forward,

$51,507 97

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Amount brought forward,

$51,507 97 Kilby street, from Doane st. to Central st. repaving,

228 17 Sun Court street, repaving,

344 74 Beach st., from Federal st. to Core st., repaving,

692 33 Laying brick sidewalks and relaying the gutters in Blossom

and Allen streets, around the Mass. General Hospital, 765 95 Parker street, grading and opening,

76 00 Federal street, (late Sea street,) from North Free Bridge to East street, repaving,

3,437 03 Rutland street, from Washington street to Shawmut avenue, paving gutters, .

501 11 Kneeland st., from Federal st. to Cove st., reparing,

542 33 Cotting street, from Leverett street to Wall street, paving, 719 41 Richinond street, from Fulton street to Commercial street, repaving,

428 82 Bowdoin square, repaving part,

463 27 Ohio place, repaving,

149 42 Fruit street and North Grove street, paving gutters and laying sidewalks,

632 07 Popiar street, extending the same, and building sea wall, 261 43 Davis street, paring gutters, .

534 64 Bradford street, paving gutters,

553 39 Marion street, from Pleasant street to Church st., paving, 1,016 88 Louisburg square, paving gutters,

215 77 Perry street, paving gutters, .

337 83 Crossings,

397 67 Leverett street, from Green street to Brighton street, repav

ing, and paving the new part of Leverett street, near the Cragie Bridge, accepted by the City last fall,

5,359 22 Mt. Vernon street, below Charles street, grading,

8 25 Church street, paying,

6,002 45 Change avenue, paving with brick, part,

24 30 Albion street, grading,

107 50 Fayette street, raising the grade between Pleasant street and

Church street, and houses thereon, to the established grade, 8,814 69 Commercial street, from Clinton street to Eastern Packet pier, repaving,

3,406 43 $87,607 09 $6,846 76

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South Boston.

Repairing streets,

$2,789 35 Dorchester 'avenue, from the Old Colony Railroad track to the “Four Corners," grading,

1,061 95 Dorchester avenue, from Sixth street to Boston and N. Y. Central R. R. Bridge, repaving,

791 70 Crossings,

189 32 * First street, from C street to B street, constructing a sea wall, and filling

6,360 81 Dorchester street, grading,

292 50 F street, from Fourth street to Quincy street, paving gutters, 1,395 06 + Ninth street, grading,

2,059 00 G street, paving gutters and grading,

184 08 E street, paving gutters and grading,

136 46 Wooden sidewalk in Mt. Washington avenue and Granite street,

212 66 + L street, grading,

2,660 94 First street, grading at I street,

246 40 Granite street, from First to Second street, grading,

497 07 † Eighth street, from Dorchester st. to Mercer st., grading, 101 60 A street, from Third street to Dorchester Avenue and Third street, from Second street to A street, paving,

8,172 21

$27,151 11


$808 35 316 95

Repairing streets,
Orleans street, grading,
Maverick street, from Maverick square to Bremen street,

Sidewalks, in Paris, Sumner, and Webster streets,
Trenton street, paving gutters and grading,

Amount carried forward,

1,249 88 2,116 40 2,355 18

* Not completed. The sea wall has been built, but the filling will not be done before the end of the present month.

† The grading of the portions of these streets ordered by the Board of Aldermen, has not been completed. The work will be finished the coming spring.

Amount brought forward,
Lexington street, paving gutters and grading,
Orleans street, from Webster st. to Sumner sto, paving,
Marion street, paving gutters and grading,
Repairing Point Shirley road, .
Brooks street, paving gutters and grading,
Eutaw street, paving gutters and grading,
Bremen street, paving gutters and grading,
Chelsea street, paving gutters and grading,
Edgestone setting,
Havre street, grading,
* White street, grading,
Princeton street, grading and paying gutters,
Marginal street, from Orleans st. to the sea wall, paving,
Meridian street, grading,

$6,846 76 1,846 91 1,756 82

373 56 1,183 40

290 12 1,221 19

237 61 477 66 806 46

3 60 2,636 91

87 50 4,228 60 13,776 28

275 00

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* The expense of the grading of White street is small, as the dirt removed from White street was taken to fill up Havre street; and the earth so used is charged to Havre street, at the contract price for filling said Havre street.

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