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In Board of Aldermen, Jan. 19, 1857. The Committee on the Common and Public Squares, respectfully represent that the appropriation for that Department is nearly exhausted, and that a further sum will be necessary to defray the expenses of the current year.

The amount asked for at the commencement of the present financial year, was $20,000, but only $18,000 was granted. The expenditures of the two previous years amounted to $27,000, and $32,000, respectively. The erection of a greenhouse for the Public Garden was deemed by the late Committee both necessary and expedient. The house is nearly completed, and will soon be ready for occupancy. Your Committee, therefore, recommend a further appropriation of $3,000.

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In Board of Aldermen, Jan. 19, 1857.

The Committee on Cemeteries, respectfully report that the appropriation made at the beginning of the year, for the service of their Department, ($3,500), comes short of the amount required by the sum of $400, and they would respectfully ask for an additional appropriation to that amount.

The cause of this deficiency is the expense of removing the bodies from the free tombs outside of the South Burial Ground, preparatory to the continuation of a street over the territory occupied by them, which expenditure exceeded, by some hundreds, the amount now asked for, and was not contemplated when the appropriation was made.

JAMES NUTE, Chairman.

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