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Another method by which the general physical condition of the population may be greatly promoted, to which I would respectfully ask the attention of the City Council, is by some renewed and efficient action, in relation to the subject of the more complete and practical ventilation of the school houses. The kind of atmos

. phere in which more than twenty thousand children live, during five or six hours a day for the ten or twelve most susceptible years of their lives, must be of vital importance in its effects not only on their health and vigor, but also on that of succeeding generations.

An opportunity, such as will probably never occur again, is, I understand, likely to be afforded, through the liberality of the Trustees of the Lowell Institute, for some most practical information on the subject, from Dr. David B. Reid, of Edinburgh, who proposes in the spring to give a special course of lectures, with tangible experiments in ventilation of one or more halls, to teachers and others who are concerned in the structure and care of school houses.

His eminent abilities and very great experience in this department of sanitary improvement, qualify him above all others to impart the requisite information on this important subject.

In connection with the very great sanitary advantages which the City has, by its location and its abunddant water supply, it is gratifying to find that there is a prospect, at no very distant period, of the establishment of a new City Hospital, to provide for those who, notwithstanding all the care that may be taken to prevent disease, may be overtaken by it without the means to help themselves. The reasons for this measure have been so ably set forth by the Mayor in his Annual Address, that I only allude to it here for the purpose of saying, that the experience of seven years has only confirmed the opinions expressed in 1849, when the subject was first proposed by Dr. Buckingham and myself to a Committee of the City Council.

I have the honor to remain, with great respect, your obedient servant,


City Physician

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In Board of Aldermen, Jan. 19, 1857.

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Laid on the table, and five hundred copies ordered to be printed.


S. F. McCLEARY, City Clerk.

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