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States. These make but 24.09 per cent. of all the births, a slight decrease from the previous year's record. The number of instances where only the fathers were native born, was 259, or 4.37 per cent. The number of cases

where only the mother was born here, was 223, or 3.76 per cent. The number of instances where both parents were Irish, was 2881, or 48.64 per cent., a decrease of nearly 2 per cent. from the number of the previous



There were but 2,914 Intentions of Marriage entered during the year 1856,-147 less than were recorded in 1855. The marriages received and entered to the present date, number 2,536, a decrease of 319 from the number recorded at the same time last year. The year just closed having been leap year, it does not appear that ladies have very extensively availed themselves of the privilege generally accorded to them.

Of the males, 1,033, or 40.73 per cent. of the whole number, were born in the United States, almost precisely the same proportion that existed the previous year; 233 of this number only were born in Boston, and 310 in other portions of Massachusetts. Maine furnishes a greater number of Benedicts than any other New England State, being 198. New Hampshire next, 104, leaving their three remaining sisters represented by a totality of 80. States further south and west are represented by 108 happy swains.

The remaining 1,503 males are represented by 960 natives of the Emerald Isle, making 37.85 per cent. of

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the entire number, a slight reduction from the previous year's result, and 64.51 per cent. of the foreigners. Germany and North of Europe contribute 10.14 per cent., British American Provinces 9.87 per cent., while "Merrie England" herself 7.32 per cent., leaving Portuguese, Italians, Frenchmen, &c., to make up the remainder.

Of the females married, 989 or 38.99 per cent. were born in the United States; of these, Boston contributes 341, the rest of the State 348, Maine 192, (very nearly the same number she gives of the males,) the remaining four New England States 145, and the States south and west, 63. As with the males, Maine furnishes more females for wedlock than either of the other States.

The remaining 1,547 comprise 1,080 Irish females, or 72.14 per cent. of all the foreign females, 185 born in the British American Provinces, 126 in Germany and Northern Europe, 79 in England, 21 in Scotland, 6 in other foreign places, while the birthplaces of 50 were unknown.

The following table shows the birthplaces of each couple married. The right hand outside column of totals designates the males, while the females are denoted in the bottom line of totals.

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The above table will be readily understood from the following explanation: The outside right hand column shows that 233 grooms were Boston-born. Of these, 99 married Boston-born females, 40 married the same number of females from other parts of the State, 26 married females from Maine, and so on.

Of the 925 New England males, 750 married New England females, 53 married Irish females, and 55 married females born in the British Provinces. Of the 960 Irish males, 870 married their own countrywomen; 32, females from the Provinces; and 26 married females born in Boston.

A glance at the table will show that the materials which make up a Boston population are of quite a diversified character, the Irish element largely predominating.

IV. Showing the AGES of each Couple at the time of Marriage.

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The explanation of the above table is similar to that of

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the one preceding it. There were married 60 males under 21 years of age,-one less than were married the previous year, making 2.36 per cent. of the number married. Four of these married females between 25 and 30 years of age. 892, or 35.17 per cent. of the males, married between the ages of 21 and 25, and 856, or 33.75 per cent., married between 25 and 30 years. Of the 892 males between the ages of 21 and 25, 229 married females under 20 years of age; 550 took partners who were about the same age; 95 chose wives whose ages were above 25 years; 15 selected partners of females over 30 years; while three took wives who were above 35 years. 27 males over 30 years, 6 over 35, one over 40, and 3 fastidious gentlemen of over 50 years, married females under 20. Fifty-one gentlemen between 50 and 60 were married, 3 to maidens under 20, 4 to females between 25 and 30, 10 between 30 and 35, 9 between 35 and 40, 10 between 40 and 45, 8 between 45 and 50, and 6 between 50 and 60. There were 11 males married who had passed their 60th year, while 3 had left behind their 70th year. There were 76 females married who had passed their 40th year, 13 who had seen their 50th, while but three females over 60 years. became brides.

The favorite matrimonial period for both sexes is between 21 and 25; the next is between 25 and 30.

Among the males married were 60 minors; 43 were 20 years of age; 10 were 19; 5 were 18; one was 17, and one was 16; the latter married a female 19 years of age.

Among the females married, were 206 under 19 years 143 were 18 years of age; 45 of 17; 15 of 16;

of age

2 of 15; and 1 of 14.

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