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is usually the case, the number of deaths in that month being not much larger than those in September and December. The increased mortality of the year 1856 over that of 1855, occurred principally in November and December. In the former month, the present table shows an increase of 70 deaths, and in the latter of 101, over the number in the corresponding months of the previous year. This great difference is undoubtedly to be attribued to the prevalence of Scarlatina, of which 65 died in November, and 115 in December.


Showing the DEATHS in Boston, on each day of the

Year 1856, as reported by Funeral Undertakers, and others.

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The following table shows the population of each ward, the per centage of the same to that of the whole city, the number of deaths in each ward, and their per centage to the entire mortality. The population is set down as given by the census of 1855, and includes that portion of South Boston known as Washington Village.

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By comparing the above statement with the similar one of the previous year, a considerable difference will be observed. In eight wards,—the first three, the 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 11th,—this year's table shows an increase in the number of deaths, while wards 4, 7, 8, and 12, exhibit a considerable decrease. In ward 3

there is an increase of three deaths, but the percentage is slightly diminished. In ward 4 there are recorded 119 deaths, being 2.79 per cent. only of all the deaths, against 135 deaths, and a percentage of 3.30 of the previous year. Wards 7, 8, and 12, present the most favorable change: the first showing the diminished number of 472 deaths, with a percentage of 11.09 against 513 deaths, and 12.57 per cent., and the latter 465 deaths, and a percentage of 10.93, contrasted with 526 deaths, and 12.89 per cent. Ward 6 has retrograded. The number that died there in 1855 was only 160, making 3.92 per cent. of the whole number of deaths. This year's table gives 215 as the number of deaths, and 5.05 as the percentage. Reference to the statement concerning Scarlatina will show, that the prevalence of that disease does not account for the increase of mortality in that locality. The greatest increase was in ward 6, being 55 deaths; and the greatest decrease in ward 12, a decrease of 61.

It is proper to state, that the deaths allotted to ward 2, comprise 100 that occurred in the State Hospital at Rainsford Island, and 34 that took place at Deer Island. Ward 5 has to bear the burden of 118 deaths that occurred in the Massachusetts General Hospital, and five in the Suffolk Jail; and lastly, South Boston is made to include 31 deaths in the Lunatic Asylum, and 11 in the House of Correction. This explanation will serve to restore wards 2 and 5 somewhat to a level with the sanitary condition of their sister wards ; but no such excuse can be urged in behalf of the north-end ward. Although the population of ward one is the largest of the twelve,--making 11.83 per cent. of the entire

population,—there is no good reason why the deaths there

should amount to near 15 per cent. of the entire mortality.

The aggregate ages of all who died in Boston during the year 1856, amount to 83,743 years,—allowing an average age of 19.69 years. The previous year the average age was 19.88. If the aggregate ages of those who died from casualties, &c., be deducted from the gross amount, the average age will be 19.39 years, a considerable reduction from the result of the preceding year, when the average age was nearly 21 years. If the sum of the whole be divided according to sexes, (excluding casualties, &c.,) the aggregate ages of the males will amount to 36,566 years, giving to them an average age of 17.77 years.

The aggregate ages of 1,970 females, (exclusive of 64 who died from casualties, &c.,) amount to 41,520 years, which give an average of over 21 years. vious year,


average age was over 22 years. The aggregate ages of those who were native born, amount to 37,374 years, allowing an average age of 24.58 years. Native born males number 773, giving 21.53 years to each. Native born females number 747. Their aggregate ages reach 20,724, yielding an average of 27.74 years, being more than six years in their favor over the males.

The number of foreigners who died (thus terming all under 21 years of age born of foreign parents) was 2,733. Their aggregate ages amount to 46,368 years, which allows them an average age of 16.96 years, more than seven years below the average age of the native born population. The aggregate ages of foreign males amount to 24,080, and allow to that sex the average age of 16.65 years.

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