Annual Report

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Includes annual report of the Board of Trustees of the New Bedford Vocational School ... (occasionally)

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Page 60 - Then personally appeared before me the above-named [name of person signing] , and made oath that the foregoing certificate by [him or her] signed is true to the best of [his or her] knowledge and belief. I hereby approve the foregoing certificate of [name of child...
Page 63 - ... for each subsequent offense by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Page 62 - Truant officers may visit the factories, workshops and mercantile establishments In their several towns and cities and ascertain whether any minors are employed therein contrary to the provisions of this act, and they shall report any cases of such illegal employment to the school committee and to the chief of the district police, or to the Inspector of factories for the district.
Page 62 - ... one week after written notice from such officer or inspector that such prosecution will be brought or if more than one such written notice, whether relating to the same child or to any other child, has been given to such employer by a truant officer or inspector of factories at any time within one year...
Page 63 - SECT. 11. Within one month of the passage of this act the chief of the district police shall cause a printed copy thereof to be transmitted to the school committee of every city and town in the Commonwealth.
Page 58 - ... a city or town in this Commonwealth wherein public evening schools are maintained, and is not a regular attendant of a day school, or has not attained an attendance of seventy per cent.
Page 80 - I would assuredly devote a very large portion of the time of every English child to the careful study of the models of English writing of such varied and wonderful kind as we possess, and, what is still more important and still more neglected, the habit of using that language with precision, with force, and with art.
Page 61 - ... approve such certificate for any child then in or about to enter his own employment, or the employment of a firm or corporation of which he is a member, officer or employee. The...
Page 61 - ... and I hereby certify" through to and including the word "language": "and I hereby certify that [he or she] is a regular attendant at the [name] public evening school " ; but in such case the certificate shall only continue in force for as long a time as attendance of such child at such evening school is endorsed weekly during the session of such evening school, not exceeding the length of the public school year minus twenty weeks, in place of attendance at day school as now provided by law, with...
Page 60 - No child under sixteen years of age shall be employed In any factory, workshop or mercantile establishment...

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