Russia in Europe and Asia

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A.C. McClurg & Company, 1912 - 302 pages

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Page 205 - I hold it as a principle that in Asia the duration of peace is in direct proportion to the slaughter you inflict upon the enemy. The harder you hit them the longer they will be quiet afterwards.
Page 254 - Not that which goeth into the mouth, defileth a man : but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.
Page 288 - WHERE THREE EMPIRES MEET: a Narrative of Recent Travel in Kashmir, Western Tibet, Baltistan, Ladak, Gilgit, and the adjoining Countries. With a Map and 54 Illustrations. Cr. 8vo., 3s. 6d. THE ' FALCON' ON THE BALTIC: a Voyage from London to Copenhagen in a Three-Tonner.
Page 70 - Divers not onely that travell abroad, but in the very markets, and streetes of their Townes, are mortally pinched and killed withall: so that you shall see many drop downe in the streetes; many travellers brought into the Townes sitting dead and stiffe in their Sleds. Divers lose their noses, the tips of their eares, and the bals of their cheekes, their toes, feete, &c. Many times (when the Winter is very hard and extreeme) the beares and woolfes issue by troupes out of the woods driven by hunger,...
Page 69 - The whole Countrey differeth very much from it selfe, by reason of the yeere : so that a man would marveile to see the great alteration and difference betwixt the Winter, and the Summer Russia. The whole Countrey in the Winter lieth under snow, which falleth continually, and is sometime of a yard or two thicke, but greater towards the North. The Rivers and other waters are all frosen up a yard or more thicke, how swift or broade so ever they bee.
Page 192 - I possess of holding and increasing the friendship and close relations long established between your Majesty and my predecessors and myself, I have thought it right to send to your Court, in the capacity of ambassador-extraordinary, Leon Ismaloff, captain in my Guards. I beg you will receive him in a manner suitable to the character in which he comes, to have regard and to attach as much faith to what he may say on the subject of our mutual affairs as if I were speaking to you myself, and also to...
Page 70 - ... the sudden) such varietie of flowers, such noyse of birdes (specially of Nightingales, that seeme to be more lowde and of a more variable note then in other Countreys) that a man shall not lightly travell in a more pleasant Countrey.
Page 11 - I hold that the first duty of English statesmen is to render any hostile intentions futile, to see that our own position is secure and our frontier impregnable, and so to guard what is without doubt the noblest trophy of British genius, and the most splendid appanage of the Imperial Crown.
Page 70 - ... bee) your fingers will friese fast unto it, and drawe off the skinne at the parting. When you passe out of a warme roome into a colde, you shall sensibly feele your breath to waxe starke, and even stifeling...
Page 170 - The peasants, descended from the early convicts, are all well off, some of them very rich : they require only industry, good behaviour, and exertion for a few years, to acquire a substantial position. Their whole outward condition is from the first favourable : as soon as they arrive in Siberia, their past life not only lies like a dream behind them, but is legally and politically completely at an end : their crime is forgotten ; no one dares to remind them of it or to term them convicts ; both in...

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