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For Declamation, First Prize. S. H. Virgin.
Second Prizes. E. E. Forest, Sumner Paine.

Third Prizes. W. B. C. Stickney, G. H. Mifflin, F. H. Thomas.

For Exemplary Conduct and Fidelity. William P. Blake, Thomas E. Upham, William C. Rives.

For Exemplary Conduct and Punctuality. Arthur Brooks, Abbott P. Wingate, Matthew Harkins, James B. Ames, James H. Dodge, Charles D. Palmer, George S. B. Sullivan, W. B. C. Stickney, Thomas D. Demond, Henry M. Tate, Joseph Healy, Moorfield Story, Charles H. Swan.

For Excellence in the Classical Department. 1st class, Sumner Paine ; 2d class, Abbott P. Wingate ; 3d class, Arthur Brooks; 4th class, Charles D. Palmer; 5th class, Benjamin L. M. Tower; 6th class, Joseph Healy.

For Excellence in the Modern Department. Ist class, Sumner Paine ; 2d class, Moorfield Story; 3d class, Arthur Brooks; 4th class, Charles D. Palmer; 5th class, Thomas D. Demond; 6th class, Joseph Healy.

For a Latin Poem. Sumner Paine.

For a Latin Ode, a Second Prize. C. J. Ellis.
For a Translation into Latin Verse, a Second Prize. G. A. Goddard.
For a Latin Essay. W. B. C. Stickney.
For a Translation into Greek, a Second Prize. G. H. Mifflin.
For an English Poem, a Second Prize. W. C. Ireland.
For a Poetical Translation from Horace, a Second Prize. E. B. Dickin-


For a Translation from Tacitus, a Second Prize. John H. Oviatt.
For a Translation from Cæsar. F. A. Beck.
For a Translation from Nepos, a Second Prize. B. L. M. Tower.


For Excellence in the Scientific Department. C. W. Perkins, W. G. Farlow, A. Hobart, G. Spencer, W. S. Gunnison, G. F. Williams, Jr., J. E. Prince, C. J. Ladd, C. L. Whitcomb, C. W. Burnett, W. H. Whitcomb, D. R. Child, L. A. Cole, H. J. Toland, C. Roberts, W. E. Simmons, C. H. Davies, C. E. Lowd, W.F. Abbott, H. D. Stanwood, S. Baker.

For Excellence in the Literary Department. C. Davis, L.C. Kimball, C.B. Newcomb, J. H. Beck, F. Brooks, E. T. A. McMannus, F. H. Pattee, F. Goodwin, F. H. Nazro, C. F. Baxter, A. H. Currier, C. A. Swett, C. F. Pidgin, G. W. Simpson, T. C. Raymond, J. L. Wesson, R. W. Smith, W. F. Cook, A. B. Brown, G. P. Dupee.

For Diligence and Excellence in Deportment. G. T. Cruft, J. C. W. Chipman, W. Rogers, W. Bellamy, E. C. Mace, E. A. Montgomery, G. H. Eustis, F. H. Gore, C. H. Ditson, H. Colford, C. E. Galucar, W. B. Youngman, F. Seaverns, Jr., C. N. Alexander.

For Dissertations. C. B. Newcomb, W. H. Whitcomb, J. A. Woodward, A. B. Brown.

For a Poem. A. Hobart.

For Declamation. F. H. Nazro, F. B. Cotton, C. L. Whitcomb, C. T. Aborn, L. C. Kimball, W. F. Gill.

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