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the government; monthly returns of the names of the recipients, and amounts allowed, should be made by each ward committee to the City Clerk, or some other person whose duty it shall be made by the rules, to be arranged in suitable form, and preserved on file for reference. When the present amount is exhausted, and another shall be called for, the committee appointed to determine the expediency of continuing the system will have at hand the requisite materials for their report. We recommend the passage of the following orders.

For the Committee,

THOMAS C. AMORY, JR., Chairman.



In Board of Aldermen, June 5, 1861. ORDERED: That the aldermen and four councilmen from each ward be, and hereby are, constituted committees to determine the allowances to be paid under the provisions of the statute recently passed by the Legislature, dated May 23, 1861, to such families or dependents of persons in the public military service as reside within their respective ward limits, and are, in need of relief; and that orders for the amounts allowed, signed by the respective chairmen, be paid upon audit by the treasurer to the applicants, upon their order, or receipts, in books, to be preserved as vouchers; the same to be charged to the appropriation for the Relief of the Families of Soldiers. Alderman Amory is authorized and appointed to act as chairman for Ward Eleven.

ORDERED: That the treasurer be authorized to borrow, under the direction of the Committee on Finance, ten thousand dollars, the same to be, and hereby is, made an appropriation for the Relief of the Families of Soldiers.

ORDERED: That the Joint Special Committee, on the petition of Albert J. Wright and others, prepare such rules as in their judgment shall be necessary to regulate the allowance of contributions authorized under the statute 1861, chapter 222, entitled “An Act in Aid of the Families of Volunteers, and for other purposes,” to those entitled to the same, and to procure any books or clerical service that may be needed to carry the same into effect.

Read twice and passed. Yeas, 11; nays, none.
Sent down for concurrence.

S. PEIRCE, Chairman.

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Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed.

Clerk of the Common Council.

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