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In Common Council, June 27, 1861. The Committee on Public Buildings, to whom were referred the papers from the City Council of 1860 relative to the construction of a City Stable at the South End, have examined the matter in respect particularly to the sufficiency of the territory set apart for the Internal Health Department, and are satisfied that a larger appropriation of land will be required to answer satisfactorily the demands of that department. They therefore recommend the passage of the accompanying order, which will afford the facilities deemed necessary for the swill-houses connected with the Internal Health Department, by adding ninety feet to the longitudinal extent of the territory on the South Bay Lands set apart for the Paving and Internal Health Departments.

The Committee also recommend the passage of the orders referred to them for the erection of a Stable.

For the Committee,


ORDERED: That in addition to the land on the South Bay set apart for the use of the Paving and Internal Health Departments, south of the Brookline-street Dock and east of Albany Street, a further lot of land extending ninety feet from the southern line of the land previously set apart, is hereby appropriated for the use of said departments, subject to the same control and restrictions as the original lot.

JONATHAN PRESTON, Esq., Chairman, fc.

SIR: The Sub-committee, of the Committee on Public Buildings, appointed to take into consideration the plans and specifications prepared by the Committee on Public Buildings, of the year 1860 for the contemplated South End City Stables, which plans and specifications were referred to the government of 1861, for action, beg leave to



Your Committee have given the most careful thought and attention to the amount of area required for the stable proper, out-buildings, and workshops required in connection therewith, including the area necessary for the swill-house, in its yard and shed room, as the most important part of their duty, before deciding upon the dimensions, accommodation, and position of the stable building, believing that although the subject of the erection of these workshops and out-buildings might not for the present be made the subject of action, the necessity for so locating the stable building upon the site appropriated by the city governments of the three last years, as to set at rest the question of properly accommodating these buildings, whenever their erection should be deemed judicious, seemed paramount to all others, in recommending any specific action, in the matter of plans and specifications for the stable building proper and the swill-house, to the Committee on Public Buildings.

Your Committee have, as an important part of their labors, caused eight different ground-plans of the site, the requisite structures and out-buildings, to be prepared from time to time, during, their extended examination of the subject submitted to them, to meet the suggestions and views of the different members of the Committee, the Superintendent of Internal Health, and the members of the Committee on Internal Health, with which committee, two protracted meetings have been held, and full discussions have taken place. An examination of the present South End Stable buildings, out-buildings, and swillery, by the whole of your Committee, has also been made, and accurate estimates of the capacity and area of the various structures as they exist, together with estimates of the area of the sites and territory upon which these buildings are now located, in order that the absolute wants of the City, in a matter of so much consequence, might be further fully comprehended under the foregoing examinations, in detail. Your Committee recommend and advise, that the length of the territory heretofore set apart by former governments, for the City Stables, out-buildings, and swillery; be increased from four hundred and thirty-eight feet to five hundred and twenty-eight feet; thus forming a total of seven hundred and fifty-three feet in length of frontage, on the South Bay, for the three departments of Paving, Stables, and Swillery, the whole extending from the southeast corner of the Brooklinestreet Dock, to the return wall which forms the southerly end of the “South Bay Platform," so called, with an average width of two hundred and fifty-eight feet, reaching to the east side of Albany Street from the easterly face of the “ Platformaforesaid.

Your Committee further advise and recommend, that the swillery and stables and their out-buildings, be arranged in conformity with the “ground-plan” herewith presented, and numbered Four, as embodying the views of your Committee, and in their belief the views also of a majority of the officers and committee before referred to, as having been advised with on the subject.

Your Committee further advise that the exterior dimensions of the stable building proper, be fixed at two hundred feet in length, by seventy-five feet in width, with a height of two stories, and without a cellar, affording accommodation for one hundred and eight horses, with ample passages and area, in front and rear of each row of stalls ; the whole of the second story being proposed as a hay and grain loft. These recommendations increase the exterior dimensions and accommodation of the plan recommended by the committee of 1860, which your Committee are impressed is of vital importance, under the growing requirements of this section of our city.

The “ground-plan,” before referred to, shows the number, dimensions, location, and purposes of the several out-buildings of the 66

stable department,” which in the judgment of your Committee should be provided for, besides the stable building proper, at the present, or at some future day, after the erection of the stable building

Should the Committee on Public Buildings concur with the views herein set forth, your Committee propose to direct Mr. Bryant to complete the working plans and specifications of the stable building, with the least possible delay, that early action may be taken with reference to the erection of this building the present season. MOSES CLARK,

Sub-committee of THEOPHILUS BURR, JR., Sthe Committee on DANIEL DAVIES,

Public Buildings.

CITY HALL, BOSTON, June 25, 1861.

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In Board of Aldermen, July 1, 1861. Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. Attest:

S. F. McCLEARY, City Clerk.

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